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Fantasy Football League Round-up

Fantasy Football 247 League Updates September

Fantasy Football 247 League Updates September

Fantasy Football 247 leaguesHello everyone and welcome to the September round up of the FF247 leagues. So how did everyone do this month? Injuries were more common than a scouser in a car park and managers were dreading to be the first one to get the bullet, so lets see who managed to steer their teams through the mine field that is fantasy football and top our compliment of leagues. Any successful managers will be added to our Hall of Fame which is coming soon.

FF247 League
Fantasy Football 247 leaguesTop spot in this league has stayed with Tom Farmer, who was also top in August with his team ‘Blame It On Debuchy’. Tom had amassed 394 points up to the end of September and was sitting pretty in 6th overall in the world, keep up the good work Tom. (The pic above includes this weeks scores that include week 1 from October). 2nd spot goes to Gerrie Pistorius, with his team ‘Pick_And_Hope’ on 387pts, and that points haul took him to 27th in the world. A further 6pts back in 3rd with 381 is team ‘Societa Esportive77’ and owner Boblewo-Garutti Brasil, who has also stuck around in the top 5 for 2 months. 4th place goes to Jaye Williams with his team ‘FC Yayunomi’ on 379 pts. In 5th, a further 5pts back with 374,was Hammad Mudassar and his team ‘Fantastic 11’.

FF247 Manager Of The Month
Fantasy Football 247 leaguesTop spot for September goes to A Khan with his team ‘Disneyland’, he managed to achieve 190pts from only 3 gameweeks, this score had also propelled him to 44th in the FF247 league. Ivan Bosnjak with his team ‘Leafs FC’ pushed for top spot all the way but finished just 1pt behind to take 2nd place with 189pts. Konrad Wojtowicz and Richard Prowse came in with 187pts to tie for 3rd spec with their respective teams ‘Gooners FC’ and ‘Tinkerman United’. 5th place went to Richard Jagers team ‘Wolf Pack’ with 185pts.

FF247 Doubles League
Fantasy Football 247 leaguesThe overall positions in this league are changing every gameweek and top spot at the end of September goes to Timmy + Cartman, alias our Colombian friend Mito + his sidekick Suarez, with their team ‘We Will Bite You’ and a respectable haul of 339pts, NZ Alex + Peaky Dave fought tooth and nail to reach 1st place but just failed finishing 2nd by 1pt on a total of 338. 3rd spot went to an unknown entity, Mr + Mrs Facepalm, with their team ‘No Hope Bob Hope’ who since the start of the season have been slowly picking up momentum to achieve 335pts. Last seasons champions Aditupem have dropped from 1st to 4th place with 330pts. In 5th spec are the up + coming FF247 article writers Calvin + Chins, they appear to have dropped off the pace a bit on 319pts with their team ‘Belly + Clyne’ but will probably blame it on their time writing superb articles rather than amassing points.

Well folks that’s it for September, so congratulations to everyone mentioned. Don’t forget there are only 3 gameweeks in October as we have another international break. Good luck to all for the next month, especially young Tom Farmer, keep the flag flying for FF247 with that high overall ranking.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 League Updates September – Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by Elleffcee

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  1. 91
    KI says:

    …and many thanks to nittowinit, Kop Warrior and Cookie, for the break week evaluations…fascinating stuff.

  2. 92
    hazardeden10 says:

    sterling and duff both going up according to fiso..

  3. 93
    lawdogg says:

    hammers – what other 3 sites?
    i know about fiso & total fpl – what am i missing?

  4. 94
    4-point hit says:

    What happened to Mata dropping overnight?? He didn’t even look close to a fall… why hasn’t Ramsey plummeted as he’s losing 20+k every day! Gutted by Mata… can you tell?!

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