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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20 article. Last time we spoke to you, all of about two days ago, we were in a bit of a pickle and quite frankly a bit stumped and very uninspired by our options. It’s funny like that sometimes in FPL because we ended up having our hand forced a little to do two transfers we wouldn’t ordinarily have done had it not been for a combination of injuries, suspensions or obvious rotation. As it was it ended up being a thoroughly inspired bit of business! We sort of reluctantly brought in Phillips and Defoe with most of the transfer committee agreeing it was the right (and probably only) thing to do whilst at the same time shrugging and yawning at the prospect. Well bugger us, they only went and got 20 points between them! Probably just as well though as some of the others may as well have stayed at home for all the good they did us. To be fair we knew our defence was on a hiding to nothing this week and nothing was exactly what 75% of them delivered! Actually ‘nothing’ would have been a bonus for our 3 defenders as they managed to combine for a grand total of -1 between them! Only Cech delivered from the back end with 7 points. In midfield we had the wrong Spurs chap this week, the right West Brom one, Siggy (sighs) and Sanchez who grabbed an assist for one of the goals of the season. We tossed a coin on the captaincy and in all honesty it wasn’t even worth the bother in the end as Costa got us a goal, Ibra an assist. We missed out on 2 points by going Ibra basically. It does beg the question why a goal isn’t worth more really, surely 5 for a striker would better represent the difference between the two achievements? Anyway we digress… Overall we scored 52 which leaves us at 68,370 in the rankings.

Transfer for GW20 – Sold Sigurdsson & Bought Lallana
We’ve resisted the scramble for Aguero this week simply because we have faith in Costa and Ibra and don’t want to lose either just yet. To otherwise accommodate him would probably mean losing Sanchez which we aren’t willing to do either. Whether that is a wise or foolish decision then we shall see tomorrow! For now we are simply fixing a small issue which has bugged us for a while which is the lack of any Liverpool coverage in attack and Mr Lallana is currently looking like one of the hottest properties in the game so we are ditching Siggy for him. Not that we dislike Siggy but in all honesty their respective teams couldn’t be much different right now. One sits dead last, the other in 2nd. Swansea have scored 2 in the last 4 games, and it was a fairly favourable run of games too. And they lost all 4. In contrast Liverpool have scored 9 in their last 4. And won all of them. Siggy got 2 points in each for a total of 8. Lallana got 37. And plays Sunderland this week who, quite frankly, looked dreadful against Burnley.


Our Captain is Zlatan
All of our big hitters (Costa, Sanchez, Ibra and Lallana) play away this week so there was no one stand out candidate really. In terms of their relative stats –

Costa vs Spurs
Spurs have conceded 5 at home (best record in the league)
Chelsea are a bit light on goals away with just 14 in 9.
Costa has scored 66pts in 9 away games. Average of 7.3 per game.

Sanchez vs Bournemouth
Bournemouth have the 2nd best record of the featured teams with 12 conceded at home (12th in the league)
Arsenal do like to score away from home with 20 so far, an average of over 2 per game.
Sanchez has scored 81pts in 9 away games. Average of 9 per game.

Ibra vs West Ham
West ham have conceded 14 at home (the 5th worst in the league)
Man United like Chelsea feel a bit short in this respect with only 13 scored away in 9.
Ibra has scored 61pts in 9 away games. Average of 6.7 per game.

Lallana vs Sunderland
Sunderland have conceded 15 at home (4th worst in the league)
Liverpool have averaged exactly 2 goals per away from home so far, 20 in total.
Lallana has scored 43pts in 9 away games. Average of 4.7 per game.

We have featured the above simply as a handy guide to this weeks captaincy decision really. In terms of points per game Sanchez is the stand out man and Lallana has nearly half of his points. In terms of opposition Lallana has the best, Costa the worst. In terms of team goals scored Liverpool and Arsenal win by a good margin. Zlatan sort of sits in the middle of most stats here but is the man in form at the moment. Costa out-points him but has the toughest opposition. Sanchez does too but scored most of those playing as the main striker, which he won’t do against Bournemouth. In all honesty you could make a valid case for any of them really. We chose Zlatan.

Just for good measure here is how Aguero looks based upon the same criteria –
Aguero vs Burnley
Burnley have conceded 18 away from home (12th overall)
City have scored 17 at home (6th best in the league)
Aguero has 16 points at home in 6 games. Average of 2.6 per game.

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 20

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  1. 49
    zar3uk says:

    Guys – team looking like a dumpster fire atm. I am WC’ing to sort it all out. How does this look?

    sanchez/lallana/stanislas/phillips/de roon


  2. 50
    Beaker says:

    does anyone know why prices didn’t seem to change last night, at least do it seems.
    Mane, Phillips etc were definitely due to change

  3. 51
    Brookyboy says:

    Morning all !! Good to go ??

  4. 52
    McButcher says:

    Hi guys, had a decent few weeks with green arrows and jumped about 300k places

    Thinking of taking a hit this week, my plan was origi to Giroud and Hazard to Alli which leaves 1.0 in the bank

    Anyone think it’s a good move or have other suggestions?

  5. 53
    Neo says:

    How’s this looking lads? Already took a -8 for Kun and Philips. Should I do another -4 for Marshall to Valdes? Have been holding for weeks but not sure what to do.

    Bench: Pickford, Cedric, De Roon, Amat

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