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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 25

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 25

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 25

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 25 article. Last week for most was defined by whether you owned Lukaku or not. We didn’t. Those that did saw a lovely score, those that captained him are probably still out celebrating. Or getting over the shock of a Rom cap actually paying off. Our score of 57 was above average but brought a red arrow, we lost 7k places and now sit in 39,047th place. For once our midfield let us down, no goals, no assists, nothing. Fortunately our defenders and strikers delivered – clean sheets for Walker and Nyom and an assist for Coleman were valuable additions to the goals of Zlatan and new recruit Carroll. The highlight was Defoe’s brace, the ‘fossil’ as one of our number refer to him, continues to reward our faith in the old boy.

Transfer for GW25 – No transfer
After a short discussion it was decided to hold our transfer, thus having 2 free transfers at our disposal for GW26, by which time we will know who blanks and who doesn’t in GW28. There were a couple of transfers suggested early on but they were quickly rebuffed as either being ‘duller than dull’ (Pickford to Jaku was suggested) or ‘pointless and ridiculous’ (Cech to Jaku was suggested!). We were simply beginning to think that someone had mistakenly put a tenner on Jaku as first goalscorer this week! We are relying on West Ham’s medical staff patching up Andy Carroll after Slaven Bilic said his striker has missed training all week after suffering a minor groin injury at Southampton last weekend. So very boring, but there you go – hopefully we will benefit from the extra transfer next week as we build up to GW28. That’s unless Andy is ruled out unexpectedly and definitely on Friday, at which point we may make a late call and will post in the comments if we do but we think it is highly unlikely.


Our Captain is Zlatan Ibrahimovic
This turned into a straight fight between Zlatan (home vs Watford) and Alexis (home to Hull), but not before the committee were flabbergated to here one of our number make probably the most outrageous Captain suggestion ever – Andy Carroll. After much hilarity, disbelief and rib-rubbing Zlatan come out the winner with poor old Andy not even making vice captain – that honour goes to Alexis if Zlatan goes AWOL at the weekend.

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

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  1. 8
    man u man says:

    I can’t decide who to captain between Ibra Sanchez or Jesus. I like the idea of having Kesus left to play on monday night, but if he doesn’t start then I’m screwed. I had the armband on Kun last week so I don’t want that to happen again. What’s the thinking guys? I have it on Ibra at the moment.

  2. 9
    man u man says:

    I hate predictive text.

  3. 10

    Only way I would really consider Jesus is if I felt that 2 games from him and whoever plays the other two (so two from the fifth mid or a 4th or 5th defender) will garner more points than a different striker. Now depending on how 28 turns out, you could be playing with less than 11, which could be what many end up doing, but know that you are possibly cutting your team short down the line by bringing him in now. What could be worse is that you take a hit to get more players with a blank out in 28 and even if you don’t sell Jesus any extra hit can be construed as a direct consequence of having brought him in now.

    So the hope is that he has one or two big games or that City loses in the FA. Unless you are loaded with non-blank players already I probably stay away or you could take a chance and hope you are one of the lucky ones and have players who end up playing in 28 because of an FA exit next weekend.

    Points scenario for Jesus and replacement could be 7,3,7,3 which is not bad, obviously he could score a lot more or could blank. But think that is a fair number to assign him and his replacement. That however takes into account that you will even have a player who plays in 28 for him or that you don’t take an extra hit to get one. Because if you do, the average really starts to drop over the 4 weeks that we are discussing.

    I understand the temptation, I want him also, but I am not set up for it, so I am passing, but it is your team and f**k you should do what the hell you want with it. Give a Middle to logic and all that. smile

    • 10.2
      Kop Warrior says:

      Mito, I dislike your logic particularly when it doesn’t agree with my latest hair brained idea smile which is selling Alexis & Carroll for Siggy & Jesus. This for a 4pt hit.
      Oh and I’ll sell Jesus next week.

  4. 11
  5. 12
    Mitro says:


    Do I stick with Sanchez as cappo and do I take a punt on Jesus for Kane?

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