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Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 26

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 26

Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 26

Welcome to Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 26. First of all, if you had him, congratu-flippin’-lations. If you didn’t, I’m sorry for bringing this up. You’ve probably been peppered with group chat messages from that smug arse in your mini-league that only went and triple captained him. You’ve probably been on Twitter and seen cringey attempts at not gloating about triple-digit scores. And now, you’ve probably come here to turn your attention to Gameweek 26 and forget all about Gameweek 25 only to see Rosco bleating about deciding not to captain him. Me too. I haven’t even mentioned his name yet. I don’t really need to because we all know who I’m on about. What’s most annoying is that every man and his dog told Rosco to captain Aguero and yet he still went for Sane. It’s like telling a kid not to do something and then having to listen to them cry at you when they ignore your considered advice and end up falling over.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these. Gameweek 15 to be precise. Since then, Huddersfield have managed to pick up one measly point in the league and were smashed 5-0 on Saturday by a side supposedly lacking motivation and not good enough for Sarri. Huddersfield have finally signed another striker. I say ‘another’, but that implies that they had strikers at the club before Karlan Grant’s arrival. Mounie has one goal in 21 appearances this season, which is one more than any of the other strikers! That’s enough ‘kicking a man whilst he’s down’ for this article.

Whilst thinking about which teams to include in this week’s instalment, the blank in Gameweek 27 for Manchester City, Chelsea, Brighton and Everton proved to be a bit of a sticking point. Everyone’s position will be slightly different; some of you will have no players from these teams, some will have a couple, and others will have a handful. As such, it makes it quite difficult to produce an article advising you on which teams to look at. A case in point is Manchester City. The games that straddle their blank in Gameweek 27 are both home games, against Chelsea and West Ham. Manchester City have scored 43 in 13 at home, scoring 2+ in every single one of them. Chelsea conceded four against Bournemouth and two against Arsenal the time before that, failing to score against either side. West Ham have lost their last three away games without scoring. If you are able to bench your Manchester City assets and field a strong (okay, maybe half decent) XI in Gameweek 27, then Manchester City do have favourable fixtures over the next three. If you can’t, then they don’t.

Oh dear, I’ve started writing stats in the intro now. As if my articles are not already long enough. It is something to consider when looking at which players to get rid of over the next two weeks in anticipation for the blank though. In short, Manchester City’s players would be the only ones I would be actively trying to find a way to keep. As for Chelsea and brace-scoring Hazard, you will have to read the rest of the article (or just scroll, if you’re already bored). What can I say, I was struggling to find ‘enough’ teams with unfavourable fixtures. At least I’ve given you the take-home point already!

Okay, I’m rambling. Let’s look at some fixtures.

The all important FPL FIXTURE TRACKER itself…

Favourable Fixtures
Arsenal – Huddersfield (A), Southampton (H), Bournemouth (H)
First up for Emery’s men is a trip ‘up north’ to the John Smith’s. As is clear from my opening remarks, Huddersfield are in dire straits at the moment. One point since beating Wolves in Gameweek 13. Yikes. Huddersfield have scored five goals in 13 home matches, and eight of those games were against teams in the bottom nine.

Arsenal have only scored three goals in their last four away games, which is in stark contrast to their other eight away games where they managed to score 2+ in each of them. If Chelsea showed us anything this weekend though, it is that Huddersfield’s opponent’s form pales into insignificance when compared to Huddersfield’s.

Arsenal then have home games against Southampton and Bournemouth. The Gunners have scored 11 in their last four home matches and seem to have found their rhythm again.

Since Hasenhüttl was appointed at Southampton, the Saints have actually been pretty impressive on the road with two wins, two draws and a loss (and the loss came just three days after his appointment). Despite this, they still failed to keep a clean sheet in four of those fixtures, only managing to shut Chelsea out. It is worth mentioning that Southampton did only concede one in each of those four matches, but why let the most accurate representation of the statistics get in the way of the point I am trying to make?

Bournemouth have lost their last seven away games, conceding 2+ in every single one of them and only scoring three. Okay so that does include City, Spurs and ‘new’ United, but it also includes Newcastle (sorry, Rosco), Everton (sorry, Init), and Cardiff (sorry?). Sounds like an easy Arsenal win to me.

Wolves – Newcastle (H), Bournemouth (A), Huddersfield (A)
As someone who got rid of Jimenez for close to his initial price, seeing him soar to £6.7m has been a bitter pill to swallow. I will likely be bringing him back in this week, sheepishly. Gameweek 26 sees Wolves face Newcastle at home. Wolves have scored seven in their last two home matches and won four of the last six (with Liverpool being one of their losses). Newcastle, on the other hand, have won just two games away from home all season, the first against low-lying Burnley and the second against lowest-lying Huddersfield. Bar the game against Liverpool though, where the Reds rolled out 4-0 winners, Newcastle are rarely battered. In fact, that defeat is the only time they have lost by more than a one goal margin away from home, and that includes City, Chelsea and Spurs (and ‘old’ United, but that’s not impressive!).

Next up are two away games. The first of these is not walkover of a fixture. Bournemouth have only lost at home to United, Arsenal and Liverpool. Their last four home matches have seen them amass ten points in which they scored 11 goals and kept three clean sheets. Wolves will likely have more joy against their next opponent though; Huddersfield have lost their last six home games, including ties against Brighton, Newcastle, Southampton and Burnley. In Wolves’ last three away matches, they scored three against both Spurs and Everton. They drew a blank against Manchester City, but I guess that’s forgivable.

Encroaching slightly on next week’s article, Wolves then face Cardiff at home, who have just five points away from home all season. ‘Whoop-de-doo! Ol’ Gil has finally caught a break!’

Liverpool – Bournemouth (H), Manchester United (A), Watford (H)
Liverpool’s fans say they haven’t won the league yet whilst others are trying to jinx it by saying they have. Whatever your view, they are top of the league and the 1-1 draw with Leicester hardly spells crisis. Scratch that. Rip up the script. Liverpool have just drawn again and even needed the help of a linesman this time round. Perhaps Klopp laid down some extra-long turf on the touchline to impair the linesman’s ability to keep up with play.

Liverpool are still undefeated at home though and in the four home ties before Leicester they scored 16, including three against United and five against Arsenal. As you certainly all know already, Liverpool are short of defenders at the moment. Klopp even had to resort to playing Henderson at right-back last week. Their recent results are evidence of these defensive difficulties; one clean sheet (against Newcastle) in their last five at home contrasts sharply with the one goal conceded in the previous seven matches.

At least from an attacking point of view though, the two upcoming home games are a great opportunity for Liverpool to make a real statement of intent to Manchester City. Next week’s opponent, Bournemouth, have been bloody awful away from home since November (discussed above). I dread to think how many managers will deploy Salah as their captain next week. If you don’t have Salah in your team for this one, I’d be frantically searching for a good luck charms shop to purchase a handful of items from. Heck, I’d even consider purchasing the business. Gameweek 27 sees Watford visit Anfield, who are averaging just under two goals conceded per game away from home.

Sandwiched between those fixtures is a trip to Manchester United. I’m not going to bend facts by referring to the stats of Mourinho’s United – United are a totally different outfit now under Ole. The same set of players but imbued with belief and freedom. It’s amazing what not blaming and slagging off your players can do. Promisingly for your Liverpool assets, United’s defence has not really improved, conceding in all four home games under Ole, with three of those opponents populating the bottom half of the table.

Further, given that Liverpool don’t have a blank gameweek all season, their players should prove to be shrewd investments over the coming weeks as we continue to prepare for (blank) Gameweeks 27 and 31.

Manchester United’s fixtures are worthy of a mention, but I figured that it was pointless to go into them in detail because Pogba and Rashford have become as close to must-haves as earplugs when you’re meeting up with a Liverpool fan.

Unfavourable Fixtures
Bournemouth – Liverpool (A), Wolves (H), Arsenal (A)
Bournemouth’s form, both home and away, has already been considered above. In short, they have been pretty good at home all season but don’t travel well. As such, merely having two away games in the next three could have been enough on its own to merit their inclusion here. To make matters worse, those away games are against two of the best teams in the league in front of their home fans. Arsenal haven’t lost at home since the defeat to Manchester City in the first game of the season and Liverpool haven’t lost at home since April 2017 (against Crystal Palace)! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bournemouth come out of this period with nine back-to-back defeats away from home.

Given this, does it really matter who their Gameweek 26 opponents are? Not really, but it is Wolves, who haven’t kept a clean sheet away from home since the beginning of October. However, in six of those eight games they only conceded one (conceding three against City and two against Cardiff), so it’s hardly a fixture worth keeping your Bournemouth assets for.

Furthermore, the longer you keep your Bournemouth players for, the more of your life you waste hating Eddie Howe for how unhelpfully uninformative his press conferences are.

Chelsea – Manchester City (A), NO FIXTURE, Spurs (H)
Fantasy Football Tips Of course, Chelsea don’t have the best fixtures – they only have two of them! I wasn’t going to put them in this article for that reason, but then I thought that if you currently have ‘too many’ blank gameweekers in Gameweek 27, it might be helpful to point out Chelsea’s fixtures either side of the blank; an away trip to Manchester City followed by a visit from Spurs. We are all well aware of how good City are at home, and Spurs seem to have grown accustomed to not playing at ‘home home’ (a phrase that makes no sense but you all know exactly what I mean, like ‘out out’) now, with eight wins at Wembley. The other four games include narrow losses to Manchester City, Liverpool and ‘new’ United. In fact, the 3-1 defeat to Wolves just before New Year was their biggest defeat all season. It is highly unlikely that Harry Kane or Dele Alli will be back for the fixture, which is at least one positive.

In comparison though, Manchester City face Chelsea at home (obviously), and West Ham at home after the blank. I knew I shouldn’t have analysed this in the intro. Now I don’t have much to say. I swear going full circle is supposed to bring a sense of completeness to what you’re writing. Anyway, there it is – City have better fixtures than Chelsea so you should prioritise shipping out Chelsea players over your City boys.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Colin told you to f*ck off, Gary Lineker. laugh

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixture Analysis Gameweek 26. This article was written by AT

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  1. 13
    hammerfan_lm says:

    Ok, my team for the weekend is looking a bit injury hit – 1 fit striker at the moment…lol
    ft x2
    ITB: 0.2m
    Looking at doing: Aguero/Ings/Hazard->Auba/Rashford/Son for a 4ph.
    Thoughts please?

    • 13.1
      EBC says:

      I wouldn’t be taking Aguero out for a hit.

      Ings may be back for the weekend so I’d look at Success if you want to ditch a striker.

      Would say Haz & Sane for Son & Pogba. And maybe even Success to Jimenez/Rashford for a hit.

      Worry about Aguero/Auba next week.

      • hammerfan_lm says:

        I was taking Ings out for a hit….lol
        Ings doesn’t look as though he will be back.
        My concern is whether Pep will play Aguero this weekend.
        Auba has an easier fixture.

        • EBC says:

          Yeah, few unknowns so longer you can wait the better

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Would have thought that, with Auba having the easier fixture, that he would be a better option that Aguero this weekend.
          I intend on waiting till friday before I do my transfers, but I dont think it looks good for Ings.

          Anyone else think my transfers are a good move?

        • Kralin says:

          I’m in my usual sit on my hands mode and so will probably keep Kun for GW26.

          It is however hard to argue against Auba having the better fixture.

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Agreed Kralin.
          And what about Hazard/Ings->Son/Rashford for a 4ph?

        • Kralin says:

          You know how I recoil when I hear the word ‘hit’, Hammerfan.

          In fact my vision went a bit blurry writing that.

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          i agree Kralin, I hate that word too, but I currently have 2 injured strikers….lol
          Unless Ings makes a miraculous recovery, it will have to happen.
          Plus, Rashford is a possible captain choice.

        • Kralin says:

          If you’ve Auba, and Salah, then you have two outstanding captain choices. With Salah edging it I’d say.

          I wouldn’t complicate things.

          Distract yourself with thinking about the DGW/BGW fun and games ahead. On the other hand…

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Thats why you are one of the respected ff’ers on here Kralin.

          You talk sense into people….lol

          Maybe Aguero->Auba, and either Hazard/Sane->Son is all I need to do. Just a case of which one…

          I do have TAA, so can go 4-5-1, hoping that Camarasa plays, if Ings doesnt.

          But will wait till the pressers I suppose

  2. 14
    Kop Warrior says:

    ***Everton v City – Team News***

    Leighton Baines is unavailable which mans Digne will in all probability start. Everton are also without Mina & Jagielka. Gueye is available.

    For City, everyone is available aside from Kompany & Mangala.

  3. 15

    Many thanks AT, great stuff mate.

    Oh wait…I didn’t realise that was just the intro, I still haven’t read the whole article. smile

  4. 16
    AllanBrallan says:

    Was thinking digne out for TAA. But with lfc’s 5 conceded in 3 games has me in doubt…

    What defender at 5,8 or less would you pick at the moment?

    The other defenders are Robertson, wan B, Doherty and Bednarek….

    • 16.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      A United defender? Or a Newcastle defender?

      Newcastle have some decent fixtures over the coming weeks have looked ok at the back.

      • AllanBrallan says:

        Lindelöf or Shaw crossed my mind, but also Pereira who got some nice fixtures….

        Maybe even one of Kolasinac, Koscienly or monreal….

        • JMD says:

          I would favour Kola and Pereira right now although niether defence looks to great at the minute. They have great fixtures coming up and attacking potential.

          Or if you could hold out until after GW27, Duffy could be a differential pick – good fixtures and a threat from set pieces

    • 16.2
      ThePeleOfMissionary says:

      Personally, i like Pereira. I also like TAA, but the injuries to Gomez and Lovren might leave the defence unsettled for a while. Though i believe playing a proper RB and being able to shift Fabinho/Milner as CMs will help a lot.

      Another shout is Duffy/Dunk. Brighton will mos tlikely only keep CS at home, but they both provide decent goal threats.

  5. 17
    Eagle says:

    Hi guys. 2FT £0.5 ITB. Looking at getting rid of my gw27 blankers for a -4point hit (will be my 4th hit all season):

    Kun —> Auba
    Rich —> Son
    Digne —> Bednarek

    The only downside is that my defense will turn weak/cheap. The original plan had been the Auba Kun hockey cockey which is currently been a success. Any suggestions fellas?

  6. 18

    If anyone wants to discuss chip strategy for their team, we can go over some of the pros and cons of these 4 strategies below. I know there is more ways and it also depends if you have used any of the chips already, but I do think however you are going to play it out you should already start leaning in that direction (FA results can change strategy) because the moves you make now will have a positive or adverse effect for the rest of the season. That includes the lead up to 31, the next couple of GWs could see us really score well if we play it right and still be ok for the blanks and doubles ahead.

    • 18.1
    • 18.2
      AllanBrallan says:

      One of those with the fixtures included would be great!!

    • 18.3
      Kop Warrior says:

      I think it will be option 1 for me.

      Admittedly I currently have two players who will feature in BGW31. Added to that I’m possibly taking a hit this week and none of the players I plan on bringing in are currently scheduled for feature in BGW31. This leaves me with 5 FT’s to sort my team out for BGW31.
      If things stay as they currently are and only four games go ahead in BGW31 I’ll be happy enough with 7/8 players.

      • For people who might be short on players I think that is where the other options could come into play. I am for option 1 if Chelsea lose in round 5 or Wolves lose tonight or in round 5 as that automatically gives me some extra players and all of sudden having 9 or 10 won’t be as hard, but if Wolves advance to quarters and I think they will and CFC reach Quarters it gets tricky.

        Think if managers look at their team carefully they might see one of the other options as very viable. The other day I slapped Smash for bringing up another option but looking through it yesterday, there really is many ways to go about it and some very appealing ones.

    • 18.4
      Gear says:

      It’s bloody hard to say right now. Looking at the options you’ve presented, I’ll probably play it something like option 2.

      All I know for certain is I’ll be holding onto those chips for now!

      • @Gear, that I think might be the underground option that will gain some followers in the coming weeks.

        -Team doesn’t have to be weakened in the lead up to 31, which means you try and score as much as possible over the next few weeks without worrying about transferring out certain players.
        – You would definitely be using your TC and BB on DGWs and not hoping you get another DGW.

        – Using arguably your most important chip on a GW that might not allow you to buy a great side. The best players say Salah and possibly 2 other LFC guys would most likely already be in your side. So you could be using the FH to purchase Leicester, Cherries or Hammer players.
        – GW33 would require a bit of luck. Hoping that certain teams are knocked out so you don’t field a very iffy side.

        Transfer strategy: try to score as well as possible for now, but once you know results of the FA fifth round you could start gearing some of your transfers towards having DGW players for 32, the blank before it wouldn’t matter as you would use your FH that week and then recover your team for the DGW. Best part is you most likely be bringing in good players in the lead up to 31 and for 32 so you would have a strong side every GW until 33 which is a bit of lottery.

    • 18.5
      Brookyboy says:

      One thing i’ve learnt,after the first blank gameweek of last year,is i won’t be filling my team with below par players in the lead up to Gw31 just so i have 10 or 11 players !

      • Kop Warrior says:

        Agreed Brooky. That’s why I’m inclined to use the FH on a double rather than a blank.

        In saying that, I haven’t done any forward planning.

        • If you use that FH in 32 that could mean 33 could be a mare though if you don’t have the FA games favour you. Nevertheless, I agree, I would certainly prefer to use a FH in a double than a BGW with weaker teams. Perhaps option 4 should be in play for you Kop. The free hit would be used in a blank but with much stronger teams in play and you would be ok for the big DGW in 32 and probably in decent shape for the DGW in 35.

        • Kop Warrior says:

          Ah here, I need to lie down. My head is starting to hurt!! smile

        • AT says:

          Indeed. Let us know your conclusions shortly, Mito and Brooky 😉

      • Agreed, you sacrifice the 3-4 weeks before that and could easily see yourself lose out on 30-40 points or even more in the lead up just so you can have an extra Cherry or Fox that won’t probably score you much. To some degree we need to plan, but we have to know where the line is, if we guess that right we can come out way ahead by then end of the season over those who didn’t read it right.

        • Frenchie says:

          Another thing to consider is with the blank gameweek in GW27, you might already kind of prepare for BGW31 by getting rid of Chelsea, Man City and Everton assets… so it might not need too much additional work, which is why option 1 is tempting.
          Difficult to assess yet whether you would weaken your team too much in GW28/29/30.

        • @Frenchie, you could be on your way to being ready for 31 because of 27, but at what expense is the thing. City play West Ham and Watford at home and Bournemouth away from 28-30, are we really going to miss out on those fixtures with our fpl teams? Plus CFC might not have a blank as they play United in the FA, so very possible that they don’t even have one. Their fixtures are not as appealing though. But like you said it is difficult to know just yet. A Wolves loss today in the replay would certainly make it easier to navigate, but if you are on this site or any for that matter and spend a lot of time on fpl, I would say that should hope for chaos as you should be more prepared than most and should do better over those rough weeks, so I hope Wolves win and CFC beat United.

        • Frenchie says:

          Fair enough, Mito, it looks like Man City assets could be a key factor in these considerations indeed.
          I’m also hoping for as much chaos as possible, but I might not be the one who’s taking advantage of it, given how the season is going so far smile

    • 18.6
      EBC says:

      Interesting reading/debate.

      I can’t see how I can avoid using my FT in GW31, I currently have no team. Interesting points about using it on a DGW to maximise coverage but I had planned to use TC or BB.

      I’ve never played when free hit was available so certainly a new dynamic (much more interesting than the old All out attack chip)

      • What’s your team looking like right now EBC?

        • EBC says:

          Looking ok for this week but a few questions to be answered after that

        • @EBC, Yeah, I can see why you are thinking that way, you have Salah that plays in 31 but the 14 others don’t as of now. You would certainly receive a ton of help if say Palace lost to Doncaster as that would free up the SPurs players and Wan-bi then you could start to consider not using the FH as you could bring in 3-4 players and tackle 31 with 7-8 players, A Watford loss in the FA would also be helpful for you. I certainly be hoping Wolves and CFC progress if I were you as you want the rest of us being handicapped also.

        • EBC says:

          The thing that is putting me off bringing players with GW31 in mind is that they then won’t have a double in GW32. Would’ve been a lot simpler if I’d just TC’d Aguero this week.

          Draft FH team for GW31:

          Fabianski (Hud H)
          Robertson (Ful A) Pereira (Bur A) Ake (New H)
          Salah (Ful A – cap) Mane (Ful A) Anderson (Hud H) Fraser (New H)
          Wilson (New H – vice) Vardy (Bur A) Arnie (Hud H)

          Could also go for Rondon/Rice instead of Arnie/Ake

        • I suspect that what you have posted will be a sort of template side, you will basically be able to afford anyone playing that GW. Every manager has it a bit different depending on their current team and how fa results help or hurt them. I really don’t want to use my FH on 31 because it leaves me exposed to getting hurt in 33 where there will be much better teams in play on that blank, so I am trying to figure out how to navigate it. The FH in 31 will do wonders for 31, but it won’t be any help for 33.

        • EBC says:

          I’m hoping that there will be enough people knocked out of the cup to give me a team for GW33. The next round draw will hopefully do us a favour.

    • 18.7
      Floydeth says:

      Cheers for this Mito.

      I started looking into it last week but needed to have a couple of days off to recover from ‘non-aguero-itis’. Well, you can imagine…

      I think I’m going for option 3:
      GW30 – WC
      GW31 – Free Hit
      GW32 – BB
      GW35 – TC

      The main reasons for this option were:

      1) Want use use BB within 2GWs of WC. I went earlier with the WC last year, planning for the doubles and by the time they came round 3/4 players had picked up knocks and another 3/4 lost form. This all happened in the space of 4/5 gameweeks!

      2) BGW33 Should be the easier one to navigate than GW31(in theory)

      3) I’m chasing in my ML so I’ll know how much I need to gamble on my TC in GW35. (Hoping a couple of good scores between GW30-GW32 will put less pressure on this!)

      4) Gives me GW36-38 to go for a few differentials / or even block rivals depending on how well the chips went. The latter is very unlikely laugh

      Anyway, thanks again for sharing

      • @CDLS, I like the fact that you definitely use the TC and BB in the doubles.

        1. agree, the longer you wait the harder it is to get a full side or close to use BB effectively.
        2. In theory yes, but you won’t have much time to plan for it only having the FTs from 32 and 33 to work with. And if you played the WC in 30 to use your BB in 32 it probably means that you have a team full of people who will blank in 31 and to a lesser degree in 33, but still could be 7 or 8.
        3. If you are chasing, you can’t catch up by doing what they do, so agreed.
        4. Just play your game in 36-38, if you somehow managed to get ahead by then, I wouldn’t be messing with my form and copying others.

        The big problem/s I see is that the WC would be played with little account for 33, so you will need to be a bit lucky, plus the WC would also be played before FA cup QFs so you won’t know who is going to have two doubles or two blanks until after your team is set. You will only know about the blank in 31 and the double in 32.

        • Floydeth says:

          Thanks for your reply Mito. Hopefully I get a bit of luck in 33 and will be able to field 8/9 without hits if I do go for this option. As you know I change my mind a lot, so nothing is set in stone just yet laugh

          Off to hide behind a sofa now… can feel another bout of non-aguero-itus coming on again tho…

    • 18.8
      Kralin says:

      Very helpful, Mito21. Option 4 is the one that appeals to me – at the moment. One senses a hit or two along the way.

      Makes my head spin like Regan MacNeil’s.

    • 18.9
      elcfc says:

      Used my wildcard already, but going for:

      GW 31 Free Hit
      GW 32 BB
      GW35 Triple Captain

      Think 32 is best for bench boost as more likely to have players with DGWs!

      • @ELCFC, So basically option 3 except you will be missing the WC. Just means that you focus most of your transfers towards GW32. GW33 will be the make or break week for you (assuming you can get a good team in time for 32), if you navigate it without suffering too much you should be ok.

        • elcfc says:

          Made the wildcard with this in mind! Things like triple wolves and Man City with the thought they’d have the double. Also triple United if they get through too, so have the makings of plenty of DGW players for BB!

          After blank GW27 all transfers will be made will at least one eye on the first DGW and the prospect of the second DGW

      • Kralin says:

        I’m hoping that by GW30 we’ll have a much clearer picture.

        Having Wolves in 31 would be very handy indeed but not likely unless they field a weirdo XI v Bristol.

      • mkencon says:

        I think free hit is better used for a double gameweek. You’ll likely have a hard time using up your entire budget for the blank gameweek whereas for a double, you can load up on all the top, nailed players and really rake in the points

    • 18.10
      mkencon says:

      Option 1 is the optimal strategy imo. You can bring in players for the blank gameweeks, use the free hit on a double which has higher points potential than a blank, then use the wildcard after the blanks and into the final double

    • 18.11

      Currently working on “Option 5” 😉 …
      Still a bit chaotic (on paper) but getting there…
      Will try to elaborate once I have something solid…something that makes sense that is…

      p.s. “Option 5″=activating an early WC…

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