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Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek DGW29

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek DGW29

Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek DGW29

With a DGW this week, a blank (ish) one to follow a few weeks later, and now another confirmed, and decently full looking, DGW again in 34, we thought it may be high time to take a closer look at the fixtures of each team. It can be a bit of a numbers game when we get to this stage of the season. Numbers such as Liverpool having 5 games in the next 4 weeks vs Man City having just the 3, or indeed Liverpool having 8 in the next 6. With chips needing to be used up these numbers are all important, as is planning ahead, so let us try to make some simple sense of it all for you.

When we do these articles we normally just concentrate on the immediate, usually about three games in advance. For this one we are going to stretch that out for six GW’s to take in all of the above, from DGW29 to DGW34.

To make matters easier we have grouped the teams according to how many fixtures they actually have over this piece. And then attempted to rate said fixtures (stars out of 5), in relation to their difficulty, the teams current form and just generally whether we would bother with them!

But first up that all important Fixture Tracker itself…

The Full Hand – 8 games in 6.
Only two teams have a double / double, with no blank in-between…

Liverpool – Fixture Rating ****
Top of the class, in terms of numbers. If not actual form. With no CL to concern them, rotation shouldn’t be an issue now. Form probably is though, as will be the actual opposition, as 4 of those games are against Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal ans Spurs. Leeds, Forest and West Ham in the middle of those, with Fulham at the end at home, provide a nice balance. It’s mixed at best but the sheer number of games suggests that some investment is probably wise.

Fantasy Football TipsWest Ham – Fixture Rating **
A decent enough double to begin with, certainly with two home games ticked amyway, but then it’s feast or famine with with Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City punctuated by Fulham, Bournemouth and Palace. If nothing else they have 8 games. Which is about as good a recommendation as we can give them here.

Double and Straight – 7 games in 6
Seven teams have a DGW29 and then a straight run ahead with no blanks or other doubles to concern them…

villa iconAston Villa – Fixture Rating ***
Their DGW29 really just depends on which version of both Chelsea and Leicester turns up on the day. You could easily predict something like 2-0 or 3-1 to any team in any of those games. If you did punt on them for those then the games following look ok. Not brilliant, but certainly ok.

Bournemouth – Fixture Rating **
A home double in 29 (Fulham and Brighton) is followed by a couple of challenging away games (Leicester asnd Spurs) and then a crucial, and probably relegation deciding, treble vs West Ham, Saints and Leeds. We’d stay away unless you are particularly cash strapped.

Brentford – Fixture Rating ***
It’s a challenging double with Brighton away and Man United at home. Although Toney seems to like challenges – see Man City away. We wouldn’t bet against him netting in either. Let’s just hope he doesn’t…..

The rest look ok but could go either way.

Leeds – Fixture Rating ***
Aside from the opener in the double, Arsenal away, Leeds will fancy themselves to take advantage of most of the other games, or at the very least take some points in the majority of them.

Leicester – Fixture Rating ***
If Leicester are going to get out of this mire it wil be between these GW’s. Palace and Villa in the double and then Bournemouth, Wolves Leeds and Everton. With only Man City as the fly in that particulatr ointment in GW31.

Fantasy Football Tips iconNewcastle – Fixture Rating **
The Toons top 4 ambitions will be severly tested in the coming weeks. Neither double game is easy with Man Utd at home and West Ham away, followed by Brentford and Spurs as well as a trip to Villa.

Forest – Fixture Rating **
The DGW is probably as good as it gets for Forest with Wolves and Leeds on the menu. After that it is Villa away, Man Utd, Liverpool, Brighton and then Brentford. Ouch!

The Same, but Different….

Fulham – Fixture Rating ***
No DGW29 for Fulham, but a straight run of 5 games and then a DGW34 instead. The straight 5 actually looks decent too. Until you factor in that there will be no Willian initially, no manager for a bit, and more importantly no Mitrovic for most likely all of it. Oh, and the double in 34 is Man City and Liverpool…

Straight – 6 out of 6 with no blanks or doubles
Six teams have what looks like a normal run of fixtures with no blanks or other doubles…

Arsenal – Fixture Rating ***.5
A crucial little spell on their quest for the title presents a mixed bunch. Leeds at home should be fodder, as should be West Ham and Saints. The others; Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea, will probably define their season, one way or another. We’d keep their attackers.

Palace – Fixture Rating **
Oh Wow. Or at least Oh Woy. We wouldn’t particularly be looking at buying Palace players right now, given what their approach is likely to be, but if you have any then the next 6 games are not easy, but are at least as kind as they could hope.

Everton – Fixture Rating **
Who knows. Spurs and Man Utd up next look difficult, but who knows. The rest are mixed to OK. But who knows. We’d stay away either way. But who knows.

Fantasy Football TipsSaints – Fixture Rating *
If they were a better team we would suggest a hop-on / hop-off approach here as games against West Ham, Palace and Bournemouth are seperated by ones vs Man City, Arsenal and Newcastle. But they aren’t, so don’t even bother.

Spurs – Fixture Rating **.5
Managerless Spurs (that stands regardles of whether mouthy and ‘don’t blame me’ is still in situ) will be tested to the limit here in their pursuit of a top 4 spot. Everton, Brighton, Newcastle, Man Utd and Liverpool. The 6th (albeit in the middle), and only saving grace, is Bournemouth at home. Knowing Spurs though they’ll probably win the rest and lose that one.

Wolves – Fixture Rating ****
This will be a difficult run for Wolves, and will probably define their season. Be that staying up or going down. Eithetr way we would probably give their players a swerve.

Five, a blank and a double
These two have a DGW29, a blank GW32 and then a DGW34. So 7 in 6, but punctuated.

Brighton – Fixture Rating ***
We would stick with them for their DGW29, with Brentford and Bournemouth, but beyond that we would slowly offload, with Spurs, Cheklsea and then a blank. If you can stash any on the bench though it is then Forest and another DGW….

Man United – Fixture Rating ****
If you have Man Utd assets we’d save them. It’s a bit difficult to predict how they will do over this mixed bag of games but expect goals.

The Outliers
6 in 6 but with a double and a blank.

Chelsea – Fixture Rating *.5
If you have any Chelsea already then we would be surprised, given their rotation. It’s a home double, but not an ideal one with Villa and Liverpool coming to town. It doesn’t get much simpler after that with Brighton, Brentford asnd Arsenal on the horizon. We’d leave them be.

Man City – Fixture Rating ****
Can you live without Haaland for Liverpool at home? Maybe. Saints and Leicester? Probably not. Bench him for a blank in GW32? Maybe. The returning game is tough in terms of Arsenal. Live without? Not sure. And then he has a DGW. The Haaland dilemma….

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek DGW29. This article was written by Inittowinit.




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