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Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek GW12


Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek GW12

As we alluded to recently, we have scaled this particular article back a bit in recent times and, rather than waffle on about the same teams each week for a month, we are doing it more periodically and oft when it is more pertinent.

An International Break is usually a good opportunity to re-boot and this one provides the perfect timing as we can now look ahead to a good chunk of five gameweeks from 12-16 and this then takes us nicely into the busy Christmas period which sees another five gameweeks, albeit those ones are squashed into 21 days.

Consider this part one of two then and we shall have the Christmas sequel the week prior to Gameweek 17 to deal with the said mess above.

Rather than just give you a vague idea of three teams with decent fixtures and a couple who blatantly obviously don’t, we have decided to rifle through the entire lot, and to rank them for good measure, in terms of fixture difficulty. So, without further ado, here’s a whistle-stop tour of the fixtures from here until Gameweek 16…

But first up, that all important Fixture Tracker itself…

The Top Tier

Fantasy Football Tips1. Man City – EVE (H) – PSG (H) – WHU (H), AVL (A), WAT (A) – RBL (A) – WOL (H)
They pip top spot here over Spurs, simply because they are Man City and they are… Spurs. Potentially a couple of tricky ones in there but often after City have slipped up that is followed by a period of relentless ruthlessness. A couple of Champions League games to consider here, but that’s nothing new for them.

2. Spurs – LEE (H), – MUR (A) – BUR (A), BRE (H), NOR (H) – REN (A) – BHA (A)

On paper, at least, Conte has a great opportunity here to get his new team up and running properly. If nothing else, there should be goals on offer in this lot and you’d imagine the whole team will have been equally buoyed and relieved to see Kane finally wake up again vs Albania and then San Marino.

3. Liverpool– ARS (H), – PORTO (H) -, SOU (H), EVE (A), WOL (A), – MIL (A) -, AVL (H)

Arsenal looks the only real hurdle here but Liverpool are perfectly capable of making that one into a cake-walk too, should the mood take them. There is a Merseyside derby in there but, right now, that looks about as challenging as Porto at home in the Champions League.

4. Leicester – CHE (H), – LEG (H) -, WAT (H), SOT (A), AVL (A), – NAP (A) – NEW (H)

It’s certainly been a mixed start for Leicester but, if they are ever going to get up and running, it will be now. Well, ok, after that Chelsea game. That said, they often rise to such challenges and that could be the springboard they need to then go and do exactly what they are capable of to the likes of Watford and Southampton.

Fantasy Football Tips icon5. Newcastle– BRE (H), ARS (A), NOR (H), BUR (H), LEI (A)

A somewhat surprising inclusion near the top of this (or any) table, but the fixtures do suggest that if there is going to be any new manager bounce then it could be here. That is to say, taking a Rafa style approach to targeting fixtures, certainly in three of them, Arsenal and Leicester perhaps not so much.

6. Crystal Palace – BUR (A), AVL (H), LEE (A), MUN (A), EVE (H)

Their inclusion here is following form but, a bit like Newcastle, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you go filling your team with any of them.

The ‘on the fence’ ones

7. Brentford – NEW (A), EVE (H), TOT (A), LEE (A), WAT (H)
For a newly promoted side, the first innings has gone OK – they’ve batted slightly above par. They now need to simply keep things ticking over in the middle innings before then deciding whether to accelerate towards the closing hurdle or just play it safe. The fixtures can be viewed one of two ways, and neither would necessarily be wrong. The poster boys of our ‘middle’ section.

8. Chelsea – LEI (A), -JUV (H) -, MUN (H), WAT (A), WHU (A), – ZEN (A) -, LEE (H)
For a team at the top of the table, this is possibly a false position in the fixtures scheme of things, but with Leicester, Man Utd and West Ham in the next few it is testing times for their title credentials. That is not to say that we (don’t) doubt them, as they will probably ace all of this and come out with 12 points from the lot, it’s more just that the road there will be rocky.

Fantasy Football Tips9. West Ham – WOL (A), – RPW (A) -, MCY (A), BHA (H), CHE (H), – DIZ (H) -, BUR (A)
The Ferryman may dare to dream, we shall probably have a better handle on his dreams after this lot as there are three games they should win and two others that will test whether they are ‘Leicester in disguise’ circa 2016 or simply ‘West Ham’ circa… always.

10. Leeds – TOT (A), BHA (A), CRY (H), BRE (H), CHE (A)
We don’t really know what to make of Leeds this season, or indeed what to expect of them. They could just as easily win all of these as lose them and nobody would be surprised either way.

11. Arsenal – LIV (A), NEW (H), MUN (A), EVE (A), SOU (H)
A right mixed bag here for Arsenal that could go either way. They are ‘in form’ but also feel like they are always on the cusp of being ‘Wenger Arteta Out’ -esque.

12. Norwich – SOU (H), WOL (H), NEW (A), TOT (A), MUN (H)
This is probably as high up in a league table as Norwich will get until about Gameweek 2 of next season in the Championship but, if ever they are going to to get anything, then it will be in the next three – beyond that it looks bleak/er.

13. Man Utd – WAT (A) -VIL (A) -, CHE (A), ARS (H), CRY (H), – YBS (H) -. NOR (A)
The current trend seems to be – Disaster!, Ole saves his job, Disaster!, Ole saves his job, Disaster!, Ole saves his job. Which all points to him being sacked after the defeat at Norwich….

The rest…
You can rest assured that anyone from here on below is in trouble for the next few weeks. If you own them then fine but just consider when to play them, but certainly don’t be looking to buy any.

14. Southampton – NOR (A), LIV (A), LEI (H), BHU (H), ARS (A)

15. Everton – MCY (A), BRE (A), LIV (H), ARS (H), CRY (A)

16. Burnley – CRY (H), TOT (H), WOL (A), NEW (A), WHU (H)

17. Aston Villa – BHU (A), CRY (H), MUN (H), LEI (A), LIV (A)

18. Brighton – AVL (A), LEE (H), WHU (A), SOU (A), TOT (H)

19. Wolves – WHU (H), NOR (A), BUR (H), LIV (H), MCY (A)

20. Watford – MUN (H), LEI (A), CHE (H), MCY (H), BRE (A)

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Fixtures Gameweek GW12. This article was written by Adam Alcock.



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  1. 13


    Lovely article mate, well done and thanks.

    Hope everyone is well.

  2. 14
  3. 15
    OddDane says:

    Ah yes, soon time for more fantast games (and very real disappointments), but thanks for this list! I only have TAA and Salah from the top three, this’ll be interesting smile

  4. 16
    hammerfan_lm says:

    hope everyone is doing ok – great article btw. Hammers for the title this year??

    Anyway, back to reality.

    FTx2 – ITB – 0.8m

    Was thinking Vardy->Lukaku (See Smash saying he is training again), and rolling the other FT.
    I know Sanchez is suspended so I only have Foster – but against Man Utd I could get a few points from that game.
    Is there any news on Livramento?

    What are peoples thoughts on the transfer etc?

    Thanks in advance

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 16.1
      inittowinit says:

      Get Kane instead? Those fixtures look pretty good.

      • hammerfan_lm says:

        I would have to ditch Ronnie to get him in. I know Ronnie hasnt been firing that much lately (apart from his goal/assist against Spurs)

        Its a tough one, but as you say, Spurs have the better fixtures going forward.

      • Smash says:

        Also 20th for goal attempts in the league. Yep worse than Norwich and Newcastle that’s Spurs. Fixtures are fairly good if they hit any form all of a sudden, Not sure if Lukaku is back with the group yet for sure but he’s back training

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Smash – is that you vetoing Kane for now then?

          Do you suggest waiting for the pressers to see if lukaku is back and doing the Vardy->Lukaku move?

        • Smash says:

          I’ve got no idea on Kane and Spurs. It’s wild punt territory hoping Conte snd Spurs will hit form out of nothing which they could do. Yeah I’d wait to see if Lukaku is training with all the other players tomorrow.Also on Leeds defence, they have conceded more than 1 goal only once in the last 7 gameweeks

        • hammerfan_lm says:

          Cheers Smash – will do that.

          My concern with Spurs is – they havent really done that much lately under Conte, and Kane hasnt done alot, apart from when he played for England recently. Club form isnt the same. With Ronnie having a must win game for Ole (giving the form he is in), am hoping he bags the goals. Next week I could potentially get Kane in seeing as Man Utd have a tough fixture.

        • inittowinit says:

          “they havent really done that much lately under Conte”…. He’s only had one game…. rofl

        • Smash says:

          Well two technically but my point kind of is he’s not even had a full week with the team training yet as international break and the amount of games. Not much time to implement his ideas of yet

        • Reg83 says:

          i am taking a 2 week punt on kane and vardy out as cr7 has chelsea away in gw13 where i expect nothing.
          its not like vardy gave me any returns last 3 gws. will move on to cr7 soon unless kane performs like he did for england.
          or possibly lukaku if he instead of the chelsea defenders actually starts scoring.

    • 16.2
      Otieno says:

      I’m going Son and Kane double up. Might do Livramento over Hwang if fit

      Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 17
    tiijayz says:

    Another great article! Vardy is my main headache, dropped in value yet again but seems I am holding him for this GW. Good fixtures after Chelsea game is the main reason why, plus I am not sure about Kane yet.

  6. 18


    Does this WC draft look OK without Jota?

    Click on image to enlarge:

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