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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 14

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 14

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 14

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 14. A Tuesday night Live Match Chat… Woohoo! Everyone loves a midweek GW don’t they?! The points come thick and fast, no waiting around for the matches to start, it’s all or nothing and done in the blink of an eyelid, relatively. Tuesday has 4 games with Brighton hosting a resurgent Palace, Leicester looking to further disrupt Spurs’ season, an in-form Watford hoping to capitalise on Jose’s indecision as to whether to attack or stifle and it ends with West Brom and Newcastle staring blankly at each other from their own halves, waiting for the other to blink. And probably not even reacting when the other does.

Wednesday concludes our GW with another quick-fire succession of 6 games. Arsenal should see to Huddersfield comfortably, but then we say say that a lot of the Gunners… Bournemouth and Burnley could be anything from 0-0 to 1-0 either way. Exciting times. Chelsea will probably have far too much for Swansea and a heavy defeat could well see Mr Beleaguered on a park bench by Thursday morning. Moyesie will be looking to put one over on his old club as West Ham host Everton and Man City will be looking for a cricket score at home to the boring Saints before Stoke host Liverpool in the final game.


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW14 from all at FF247!

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  1. 85
    Neo says:

    Understand that the GW just ended but if I could get some advice here then it’d be excellent. How’s this for WC lads? 0.1 left ITB.

  2. 86
    lsd1980s says:

    Hi guys,

    44 points this week (-4 for a hit) and regretting captaining hazard.

    My Mini League pulled further away to almost 85 points ahead of me.
    Need some advice on how to peg him back…if its still possible.

    Attached is the team – keep my transfers for the week? Or should i think of any changes to the upcoming week.

    Thanks guys!

    • 86.1
      Red Robbo says:

      85 points is pretty easy to pull back – there’s a lot of season left and that can be done in a few weeks, especially if you hit the correct captain choice.

      I’d leave the team alone for this week. I also just brought Hazard in this week and plan on captaining him again next GW – shit just happens sometimes!

      • lsd1980s says:

        Thanks for the encouragement Red Robbo…

        I was literally dreaming of a brace by hazard…then i woke up to a nightmare…lol

        Will prob keep the team as you suggested.

    • 86.2
      inittowinit says:

      It can easily be pulled back – mainly by being patient and not doing anything daft. Just doing an article for the FFMag and it seems that I was at 111k rank in GW30 last season. Sounds pretty horrible. I finished in top 5k. Those late used chips have a big bearing on stuff.

  3. 87
    Gavy says:

    This is what my team is looking like for next week. Not going to captain kane, this means he’ll get a brace for sure lol

  4. 88
    highaction says:

    hey folks.. 52 points of pure dumb luck this week and fingers crossed for a little green arrow.. .. but that was quite fun now, wasn’t it? I’m going to drop Valencia this week for either Azpi or Alonso. Do we think that Cesar has had his little rest and is now nailed for the foreseeable future?

    • 88.1
      Gavy says:

      Between the 2 I’d take Alonso all day. On free kicks and his game time is safer

      • highaction says:

        Gavy, it comes down to consistency vs. explosiveness i think.. Azpilicueta hasn’t missed a minute this season until today though Alonso has seen his number on the substitution board a few times. i just do wonder if there were some other reason that Cesar wasn’t in the squad today.

    • 88.2
      Red Robbo says:

      I flipping well hope he is. One of the main deciding factors for me bringing him in ahead of Alonso this week was when the commentator in the game v Liverpool last week mentioned he hadn’t missed a minute of Chelsea’s last 50 PL games.

      If he’s not back next week I’m giving this whole FPL lark up as a bad job :D

  5. 89
    constantine says:

    Hello Initt, what are your views on Rooney? Is he nailed under Sam? Also, what can you say on his form? In short is he considerable for the third forward role?

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