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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22. Possibly too much FPL followed quickly by not enough, it’s feast or famine season is Christmas and early January. After a small break to recharge our batteries we are back this weekend to either try and extend on a successful festive period of points, or repair the damage! Whichever one it is we have a weekend of fun ahead beginning with a bumper Saturday program of seven games…

West Ham and Arsenal kick us off at lunchtime with both sets of fans probably wondering which version of their respective Jekyll and Hyde teams will show up. The five 3pm games are a mis-mash of mid-table much of a muchness. With the exception of Liverpool, who will probably steamroller Brighton. Talking of Jekyll and Hyde, Hazard gets a go at one of his favourite fixtures in the evening game as Chelsea host Newcastle. Depending on which version of Chelsea show up, probably one without a real striker….

Talking of Jekyll and Hyde… Everton and Bournemouth get Sunday under way in the early one, before the real action begins later with the much anticipated clash between Poch-present and Poch-future… perhaps. Let’s see what Ole has to say about that though.

Man City then host Wolves on Monday to see the game-week out.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 22 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 22.




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  1. 7
    • 7.1
      Zed Leppelin says:

      Life is not easy hoping for a Salah blank all the time, yet I can’t seem to end up buying him either, it’s his price that’s one constraint… Will do it soon though!

      • VanDan says:

        Just do it. I was being stubborn last season (as you know) and suffered and suffered and suffered.. I wouldn’t wish that on you smile

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          Haha, yeah I know what you mean! The thing is I have to sell Kane in order to get him, and Kane has some nice fixtures coming up… But I will do it when we get the Carling Cup semi-final results! Spurs might blank in GW27 and in that scenario Kane –> Salah would be a no-brainer!

      • inittowinit says:

        In the nicest possible way I hope he absolutely destroys you this afternoon 😉 I’m expecting them to come roaring back today.

  2. 8
    banjomaker says:

    So everyone who matters in my ML has captained Salah. And every H2H I’m in is against captain Salah. It’s gonna be weird owning a player and hoping he blanks! Hazard is either gonna be a great differential – or yet more fuel in my demise.

    • 8.1
      Zed Leppelin says:

      That’s the weirdness with the captaincy points in FPL, makes it a bit topsy-turvy!

    • 8.2
      Rosco says:

      That was probably the main take out on my article this week, if you don’t go Captain sensible then you need to be able to shake it off when it doesn’t come off. I commend your bravery!! Although it’s conceivable that given the god-awful opposition Hazard has, it’s not a big risk at all!

      • inittowinit says:

        You don’t reckon you can stifle them with 13 men behind the ball?

        • Rosco says:

          Haha it may be our only hope!! It’s funny as I now go into these sort of matches expecting a defeat so it doesn’t actually upset me when it happens, pretty sad but true. I was actually thinking about your comment last week how ‘you’re rather be at home’ I’m kind of getting that may myself, probably keep it on though as it would just be more money for the wife to spend if I didn’t wink

  3. 9
    VanDan says:

    Ivan – Puncheon for noobies hehe

  4. 10
    Rosco says:

    Watching this match is painful, I’d be happy as a pig in the brown stuff if it ended nil nil… cue Aubameyang hatrick and Arnie brace!!

  5. 11
    Pancho says:

    Hello fine folk(s)! Been a crazy week and this is my first time logging on. Potential for a bad week with my squad. Didn’t like my captaincy options so I took a huge risk and went with KDB…

  6. 12
    VanDan says:

    Zed – haha no, and that’s why I C’ed him 😉

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