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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 27

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 27

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 27

Welcome to Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 27. What a way to kick off the game-week – the North London derby. Kane gets the chance to continue his impressive run vs Arsenal, Mkhi and Aubameyang get the opportunity to prove that last week wasn’t beginner’s luck while Dele Alli’s diving may see him appear more on YouTube than his current celeb status on RedTube.

Just four 3pm matches follow as Everton look to bounce back as they host Palace, Brighton are today’s lucky winners as they get to go to Stoke, Swansea and Burnley compete with the previous match for Bore of the Day and West Ham clash with Watford.

The early evening match sees (no doubt) many Kun capo’ers cheer on their love as Riyad Mahrez finally gets the opportunity to play at the Etihad… that’s if his head is in the right place.

Sunday sees three matches – Bournemouth look to continue their great run at Huddersfield before Man United travel to Newcastle. The final match is a scouter’s dream for Klopp and co as they get to have a first hand look at their next generation of players from Southampton.

Monday night sees Chelsea appear again – this time they are at home to West Brom and while another 1-4 loss is surely unthinkable, we should be reminded that ‘The Lord is Great and does Wondrous Things’.


Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for GW27 from all at FF247!

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  1. 97
    AK says:

    Evening lads, new on the site. 6k OR atm, hoping to be a part of the community :)

  2. 98
    MadHatter says:

    Good luck tomorrow Smash, not that you’ll need it. We’re all with you mate, speak to you after Haz scores his 3rd at about 8:15pm tomorrow!

  3. 99
    Bigpopz says:

    All the best Smash
    Get back on here asap
    Need your quality advice :)

  4. 100

    All the best for tomorrow, Smash!

  5. 101

    Morning all :coffee:
    Carlo seems ready to take over…

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 102
    praveen says:

    Guys thinking of something different for bgw and dgw.
    GW 31- Build team with free transfers. Don’t use any chip
    BB- Use it in the biggest DGW
    WC- Use it 1 GW before the biggest DGW
    ***Free hit- Use it in the other DGW
    TC- Use it on Salah in an easy normal GW
    This way we can maximize both DGW’s scores and minimize the risk of failure.

    I feel using TC in a dgw is little risky and my other ML guys will do it. It’s lil risky this way with lesser players in the BGW but you can build the team using FTs.

    Feedback guys?

    • 102.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      There’s no way of knowing the best way to use the chips until the season is over :)

      TCing Salah in a normal GW could very easily work out well for you.

      What’s your plan for GW35?

      • praveen says:

        Kop it will be a maximum of 4 matches (8 teams) missing gw 35. I guess I will have to use fts to build for both 31 and 35. Let’s see. I never waited for fa cup so much with fpl in mind. It will be an awesome next few weeks. :)

    • 102.2
      Vinci says:

      I think that this makes sense. You would have optimal teams for both GWs.
      To me, it largely depends on how good a team you could bring in for GW31 – without sacrificing too much GWs28 to 30 (by using transfers focusing on GW31 only).
      Then of course, you would have to play TC on a single GW. But indeed, my experience in the past was that TC on DGW was not as productive as I initially thought, because the big guns were often rested/poorly motivated as the end of the season arrives.

      • Mr Bean says:

        Kane would beg to differ with his GW37/38 returns last season, 50 something points with 31 in the DGW. De Bruyne, Jesus and Sanchez also all scored 15+ in doubles last season I believe. Think Hazard was the only massive disappointment and i remember that because I captained him.

        • Vinci says:

          I do not remember exactly which choice I made. Must have been Hazard then!

        • praveen says:

          I get this. I myself captained Kun 2 years back on getting 34 when he scored 27 points. I won my ML only because of him. But then there was no free hit chip. I feel free hit chip will be really useful if big teams are playing a dgw. Imagine having Kun, Kane, Salah, hazard, Alonso in a dgw. You can put non-playing cheap players on the bench and put all the big players in.

    • 102.3
      DMC says:

      All fair strategies but you can’t deliberate on the TC on a dgw vs single gw without knowing which teams a given player will be facing on said double.
      For instance, TC Kane on a double with though fixtures could bring you less points than a TC Salah on a given easy single gw, but if Kane has two easy fixtures I don’t think it can/makes sense.
      We need to see the draw for the next round of the FA cup before judging this I think.

      • praveen says:

        Yeah sure. Definitely fa cup will have an impact. But you need to decide what ur strategy would be cos every transfer is important. I just wanted to discuss this strategy as well with others.

    • 102.4
      Rosco77 says:

      Whilst there is no guarantee that any one method will work better than another I do think that the TC still statistically offers better gains when deployed in a DGW. The following is how I currently plan to use my chips:

      Use free’s to build a team for BGW31
      WC in GW32/GW33
      BB IN DGW34
      Free hit in BGW35
      TC in DGW 37

      The above is of course all subject to change.

      We will know who plays in BGW31 next week so that will help define when best to use the Free hit chip. I will then look at who plays in the 2 DGW’s and decide which week is better for the BB and which is better for the TC.

      Often the DGW’s will feature many similar teams so it seems less beneficial to need the FH chip in a DGW. There is likely to be many of the teams who double in 34 then having a blank in 35. Hence the plan to use the FH in 35 and then bounce back to the team you have which should be well set up for DGW37. If you roll a transfer in 36 you can then use your 2FT to tweak your team ahead of DGW37.

    • 102.5
      Mr Bean says:

      The FH chip could be essential for GW35 if 3/4 big teams make the FA Cup Semi Finals – you will want lots of these for GW34 and GW37 but none of them for GW35 when they don’t play.

      If only 1/2 big teams make the FA Cup semi finals, it would be a lot easier to navigate GW35 without a Free Hit and therefore alternative methods could be very effective.

      Disagree with your final point though, TC in a DGW minimises the risk of the chip as much as possible – 180 minutes to perform, double the floor and ‘double’ the ceiling (to some extent). Most played BB in DGW last year but TC Kane would have scored 31 extra points, which is probably more than most bench boosts managed.

      TC Salah could work well if you want to maximise DGW players in 34 and 37 with BB and FH, but most players will be able to field similar teams with a well planned WC in GW32/33, and their TC available to use in one of the doubles as well.

      As msot have said though, hindsight will be wonderful in a couple of months time.

      • praveen says:

        I get triple captaining Kane in a dgw. But if u r playing a free hit, you will mostly have him as captain anyway. So even if he scores 20 points, the difference will be just 20 points which you can make up with all other dgw’ers because you will have 11 of them. You will have the option of spreading your risk in a dgw.

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