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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 32

Live Match Chat Game-week 32 – FPL Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 32The deadline bell has rung, your transfer concerns are over and your agonies over who to captain are no more. Time to sit back and see how your chosen players fare for you this week. Hopefully your players will perform, did you give the armband to the right player this week?……

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for GW32 from all at FF247!

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  1. 133
    Raziel says:

    Hey guys/gays. RMT:
    Mannone – Marshall
    Zab – Azpi – Collins – Olsson – Coleman
    Silva – Yaya – Mata – Sterling – Noone
    Sturridge – Suarez – Lukaku

    What changes would you make? I have 2 FT’s. Collins and Olsson have really hard fixtures coming up, so I’m leaning towards them.

    • 133.1
      theswirly says:

      I’m keeping hold of Olsson for at least this gameweek – home against West Brom is clean sheet potential. Would definitely sell Collins, though. Depending how you feel about doubling up with players from the same team at the back, there’s always Stones from Everton? Or perhaps a Crystal Palace player?

      • Raziel says:

        Yeah, have been considering Ward. But again, if I buy him I’ll just play him for the DGW. After that they have impossible fixtures, I think. They have City and Pool at home, WHU and Fulham away.

        • theswirly says:

          You could probably get away with keeping him until GW36 – of course there’d be other defenders with better games you could bench him in favour for. How about Stones? My only concern about him, the more I think about it, would be Jagielka’s return could put him on the bench.

        • Raziel says:

          Jagielka was placed on the bench today because of match fitness, they want to bring him back slowly. Jagielka > Distin > Stones. Buying Stones now would be crazy I think.

          I can afford Distin, but it’s not like Everton are super at keeping cleansheets. It’s shite Barkley injured himself today, Mirallas also doesn’t seem safe. The crowd calling out his name and chanting does probably help his chances. I can’t stand the guy but he is FPL potential. laugh

        • theswirly says:

          Haha, yeah – definitely!

      • theswirly says:

        Perhaps sell Noone for Delph or Mutch (if he’s affordable) too?

        • Raziel says:

          Hmmm. Noone is my fifth mid, he’s placed as last on my bench. Unsure if there is need to be touching him before this season ends. Would probably just replace him with a player that ends up at my bench anway. All depends on injuries though.

    • 133.2
      EBC says:

      I have a similar team. Mata (not great for price and blank coming up) or Sterling (rotation risk) out is my priority.

      Can you afford Eriksen in for Sterling?

    • 133.3
      The B says:

      Olsson has a strong home game this GW, and Norwich has been picking cleanies at home all the time.

      Cant recommend good changes for the team, but maybe change Collins for now and get AV cover at the back since AV has good fixtures coming up which is followed by a DGW 37. Or maybe Olsson>Ward, but this move is good for next GW.

  2. 134
    theswirly says:

    Evening all,

    How has everyone done so far this gameweek? I’m on 58 points, got Mannone to play yet and so I’d be happy with a 60 pointer. My current team is below – I’ve got 1FT and £0.3m and am unsure what the next best move would be.

    Mannone, Ruddy
    Azpilicueta, M. Olsson, Bertrand, Shaw, Coleman
    Yaya Toure, Mata, Sissoko, Lallana, Hazard
    Sturridge, Suarez, Lukaku

    Ta muchly!

    • 134.1
      Raziel says:

      Looks a lot like my team, and our scores sort of support that. I have 52 points, you have 58. I also have Mannone left to play.

      I’d get some more City and Everton DGW coverage. I already have 5 or 6 I think. I see you only have 3.

      • Raziel says:

        I’m also planning ahead towards GW37, which teams have a DGW there. I think United have the 2 best DGW fixtures this year in that GW: Sunderland (H) and Hull (H).

      • Raziel says:

        Aaah yes, getting City coverage is key. They have 2 DGW’s left. Plus they have rather easy fixtures (apart from Pool away).

    • 134.2
      EBC says:

      No sub this week.

      Mata & Sturridge out, AJ & Aguero in next week.

      • EBC says:

        I’d also want to get Sissoko out to improve defence but it’s not really a priority.

        • theswirly says:

          Cheers, EBC – yeah Sissoko and Mata are looking my most likely candidates for selling next week. Will hold off on any transfers for this GW, I think.

    • 134.3
      The B says:


      I think your team is pretty much set. You have strong team for next GW, and i dont see any better player to introduce.

      You can save transfer right now, and use it to do Mata>Silva for next GW, since Mata has a blank and Silva has a double.

      Downgrade Sissoko as well, since he is of no use and you have a strong 3-4-3 to play.

  3. 135

    Potty, if your about, the lad said it was sherwood on soldado.

  4. 136
    RoLfc1 says:

    50 points with Mannone still to play, hard week for everyone folks yes?

  5. 137
    arka says:

    Anyone around ?

  6. 138
    The B says:

    Anyone benching Coleman/Baines for next GW against Arsenal at home?

    I am playing Olsson, Azpi and Chester at the back, since all have great fixtures. That leaves Coleman out if i use a 3-4-3.

    To play Coleman, i would have to switch to 4-3-3 but that means AJ going to bench, who plays Spurs away.


    • 138.1
      jamesimmo says:

      I’m benching Distin but that’s a little easier. I also have Mirallas, who shall probably now start, but it’s tempting to bench him for Noone…

      • The B says:

        Fair enough. Just afraid to bench Coleman since he is a Goalman. laugh

        • theswirly says:

          I’ve got Coleman and he is set to start as things currently stand. The trouble is, I also have Olsson who is at home to West Brom – however I’m also starting Ruddy and so, if I had both Olsson and Ruddy playing, West Brom would only need to score and there’s two potential clean sheet players wiped out. Think I’ll risk it for a biscuit and keep Coleman in as you just know he’d score if he was on my bench!

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