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Pottys Predictions

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 11

Fantasy Football Pottys Predictions Gameweek 11

Pottys Predictions FPL Champions LeagueHi everyone and how are we all? This article of mine is all about catching up with results on recent competitions and hitting you with a very topical Potty classic masterpiece at the end of it all, so let’s rewind shall we?
International Fun – this was run over the international break and was a simple predict the score format which was a two-parter that ironically had two winners who both had 3 results bang on plus a first goalscorer and you are – INITTOWINIT and KINGMIG.

GW9 The Four MuskCaptaineers – well the title was the clue and all of you never plonked which itself is a bloody achievement, but only one winner here as the said Potty punter amongst his selections named hat-trick hero Sterling who helped him bag 84 points and this was the inform – KINGMIG.


GW10 Tag Team Twist – well, well, well, a few of you so messed up and I will reveal them shortly but firstly in reverse order the contenders and winners of this mayhem are as follows.

3rd – Hanibal Lecter and NiN – 25pts.
2nd – Mr CB and Peetza – 28pts.
1st – JAMESIMMO and THE GALLANT PIONEER – 33pts and the Tag Team Champions.

All above Winner’s e-mail me at

Now here are the Tag Team Plonkers – both did not play the required formation as asked and sabotaged the Tag Team the were in.
YELLOWONKA a plonker.
NICKSDJ a plonker.
As for your partners? They are so upset guys, lol.

So now to warm things up a bit with this week’s Competition.

“Sunday Fireworks”

A – Select 3 players from any outfield position you wish but no goalkeeper.
B – The teams your men must come from are EVERTON / SUNDERLAND / SOUTHAMPTON (all from one team or mix-n-match)
C – Now after each player highlight them with a firework you’ve bought which are one of each out of a ROCKET / BANGER / SPARKLER, so your post will be like this, for example.
Stones – BANGER
Defoe – ROCKET

D – your 3 fireworks carry a secret as in FPL points which are as follows….
BANGER (Half the points)
SPARKLER (Double points)
ROCKET (Treble points)

E – No fireworks purchased means standard points for ALL of your players.

Get predicting my Potty fans.

Big Hugs


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