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FF247 Member Profiles

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 9

Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 9

Here at FF247 towers we’ve often wondered what driving forces hide behind a comment or a rate my team reply, do we really know the mindset and the persona of the people we are conversing with?! To find the answers to these questions we have lured some regulars from out of their caves and got them to endure a simple Q&A session.
Hopefully this will help us to uncover whether each member can be viewed as a ‘fellow sports enthusiast’, ‘colleague’, ‘fantasy friend’, ‘internet troll’ or indeed ‘sociopath’! Let’s take a look inside the minds of our latest two ‘victims’ then and see whether, hiding behind the cute monkey gravatars, lurks a sadistic, megalomaniacal, psychotic keyboard warrior. Or just a normal guy or gal who likes to play fantasy football…
We will add a disclaimer here – we have resolved to not edit what is sent in at all. What you see is what you (we) get.
Next up to the examination table are Photek and RedVT.

Members name:…… Photek (Hugsters in FPL)
Real name:…… John Huggins
Occupation:…… IT
Age…… 39
Country of residence:…… England
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game:……..37k
Current position for the season………. 35,056
Planned finish (at the start of the season) for the FPL game in 2014/2015:…… in the top 25k would be good.
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015…… as long as I’m 1st in my main ML I’ll be happy (currently top)
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words…… jovial, competitive to the end, half French Inter supporter (work that one out), love banter, retired Sunday league footballer, love a beer and a flutter.

Food….. Italian, Sunday roast, also loving pulled pork at the moment
Drink….. Jack Daniels – I highly recommend the single barrel
Band/Type of music….Drum n bass, House music, Chilli peppers, Eminem, Tupac, Emile Sandi, Jamiroquai, Motown classics and many more
TV Programme…….Only Fools and Horses, Game of Thrones, The Black List, Band of Brothers
Films…….Pulp Fiction, City of God, House of the Flying Daggers, Django Unchained, Kung Fu Hustle, Saving Private Ryan and many, many more
Book/Author…….Band of Brothers / Stephen E Ambrose, American Scream: The Bill Hicks story / Cynthia True
Joke…………. 2 of my fav comedians are Bill Hicks and Jimmy Carr, here’s one from each.
Bill Hicks on stage: “I can speak for every guy in this room here tonight. Guys, if you could blow yourselves, ladies, you’d be in this room alone right now. Watching an empty stage.”
Jimmy Carr: I was out with a friend and he came over with a pair of girls. I said to him: “They’re like buses.” He said: “What? Because you wait for ages and then two come along at once?” I said: “No, they are like buses!”
Country visited (and state why!):…….Colombia (no not for that smile my partner at the time was Colombian
Country would most like to visit (and state why!)……… A tough one, I would love to go to Oz, NZ, the far east to see Thailand, Vietnam but I will have to say Italy to see Inter play at the Giuseppe Meazza (or as Milan call it, San Siro)

Sport…… Football, Moto GP
Sporting Team……. Inter Milan
Sporting Personality……. Valentino Rossi
Sporting moment on TV…… Madrid 2010, where Inter sealed the first ever Italian treble
Sporting moment witnessed live……. Hardly a moment but I’ve seen England beat Fiji at Twickers
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit……. Giuseppe Meazza
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about…………I’ve won 2 football cup finals and did the double with my football team, a defender by trade I was top goal scorer for my 5-a-side team.
Won 2 trebles with my snooker team, 10 league titles (5 as captain) and loads of other cups.
Won other trophies at pool, darts, lacrosse, Wii and even crib (I know how to roll J )

Celebrity look-alike………..Tom Cruise only because I’m short and have a dodgy nose
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party:…… Tarantino, Bill Hicks, Angelina Jolie, Elvis, Samuel L Jackson & Javier Zanetti
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!)……..a boat, a Wilson football and an Inter Milan shirt
If you won £100 000 what would u do with it……… have a great time in Vegas
The perfect afternoon would be spent…….. at a bbq in the sun with family and friends
My Epitaph would read:……. Jack of all trades, master of none


Members name:…… RedVT
Real name:……Ben Chioffi
Occupation:…….Computer Operations Technician at the hospital in my city.
Country of residence:…… I live in Vermont (VT), USA
Best finish in The Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football game:……..62,000
Current position for the season……….77,780
Planned finish (at the start of the season)for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015:……Looking to improve on my best season, top 10,000 would be great.
Expected finish for the BPL FF game in 2014/2015:……Top 25,000.
Tell us about yourself in less than 50 words:…… I’ve lived in Vermont for 41 years and I love it here. Been playing football my whole life and have supported LFC since 1988 when my coach showed us some videos of the Reds in their pomp. Pass and move, baby. Pass and move.

Food:…..Asian, Mexican
Band/Type of music:…..Indie/alternative, new wave, 80’s, 90’s, reggae, old school hip hop
TV Programme:……Wire in The Blood, X-Files, Spooks, Millennium, Lost, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire
Films:……I have loads, off the top of my head: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, all the Godfathers (but everyone knows #2 was the best), Goodfellas, Star Wars (the original 3 of course!). I generally gravitate towards crime dramas and Sci-Fi.
Book/Author:……George R. R. Martin, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, Robin Hobb
Joke………….What’s the difference between a whore and a bitch? A whore will sleep with anyone, a bitch will sleep with anyone but you.
Country visited (and state why!):……Jamaica and Canada. Jamaica with my parents when I was 15, and Canada a bazillion times since it’s so close to VT (40 minutes from my house to the border). Proposed to my wife at the Vieux Port in Montreal.
Country would most like to visit (and state why!)………England, because that’s where Anfield is.

Sport:…… Football (the real kind with a round ball)
Sporting Team:…….Liverpool FC
Sporting Personality:…….I’ve been listening to Michael Davies and Roger Bennett’s ‘Men In Blazers’ podcast for years. Funny guys who love their football.
Sporting moment on TV:…… B-Bash already said the CL final in Istanbul during his interview, so I’ll give you my 2nd favorite: Robbie Fowler snorting up the end line after he scored in front of the Everton supporters who had been chanting “crack head, crack head” about him all match. Funniest goal celebration ever.
Sporting moment witnessed live:…….It wasn’t really the game itself that was so special, but my brother and I traveled to NYC and saw the Liverpool vs Man City match this past summer at Yankee Stadium. It was the first time either one of us had been to Yankee Stadium, and his first ever LFC match. We had a great time and it’s something I will always remember.
Sporting venue you’d most like to visit:…….Anfield
Do you have any personal sporting achievements you’d like to boast about………… Division 1 Vermont State Champions my senior year in high school, 1991. Collected a long throw from my keeper, turned it up field and beat a couple of players, then split the last two defenders with a pass and put it on a plate for my friend Chris to slot home the winning goal. Made the local TV news broadcast that night, drank my face off, pierced my own ear in some chick’s bathroom (don’t ask me why!), and banged a cheerleader in the back of my car. Glory days, my friends.

Your celebrity look-alike is/are…………….My wife says I look like Pepe Reina, and she was mad when Liverpool sold him. The upside is that she no longer cares about watching matches since he left, which means I no longer have to answer any questions during the game. Brilliant transfer!
Which 6 celebrities dead or alive would u have at a dinner party:……Bill Shankly, Gillian Anderson (Skully!), Ronald Regan, Ethan Allen, Bill Murray, and the young Elvis Presley before he got all fat and messed up on prescription drugs.
Which 3 items would u take to a desert island (no humans allowed!):…….My laptop, a tent, and fishing gear.
If you won £100 000 what would u do with it:………try to turn it into £200 000.
The perfect afternoon would be spent:……..Three good Premier League matches on the TV, the wife out shopping all day, a Yankee pot roast in the oven, and my Wild Card activated.
My Epitaph would read:…….Here lies Ben Chioffi, a dedicated husband, son, brother, father, and friend.


Many thanks to both Photek and RedVT for being so candid! We hope you know your two fellow ‘fantasy friends’ a little better now.
If you feel that you would like to expose your inner self then please feel free to mail us at and we shall have peakydave interrogate you! If you have already submitted one, which many have, we are publishing them in the order received and hopefully yours will be along soon.

Thanks for reading Who are you? Who are you? Fantasy manager profiles Part 9- Fantasy Premier League 2014-15. This article was written by peakydave

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  1. 7
    NIN says:

    These profiles are great. Cheers photek and RedVT

    Red – You dog 😉

  2. 8
    RedVT says:

    Photek, I love that you’re a Bill Hicks fan. Gallant mentioned yesterday that Hicks had a fairly big following in the UK, and I guess I never really knew that. I’ve loved Hicks since I first saw his stand-up when I was in college in the early nineties, but in the States he’s not all that well known compared to other comedians it seems.

    • 8.1
      photek says:

      yeah Red he did seem to have a bigger following over here than he did stateside, strange how it worked out but imo he was a genius with a microphone in his hand. I’d love to hear what he’d make of the so called pop stars today laugh
      I loved your cheerleader story mate, the good old day glory days.

  3. 9
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Banterbury leagues in association with FF247 : Gamewwek 11 Results/Tables

  4. 10
    inittowinit says:

    Evening / Morning! Brilliant night tonight, we didn’t win as we kind of expected but it was fantastic to meet some of our great team. Top lads one and all. Look away now though if you are easily offended or of a nervous disposition laugh

  5. 11
    Veer says:

    RedTV, I was at the Yankee stadium this summer! I also saw Arsenal in New York smile

    • 11.1
      RedVT says:

      Nice one Veer! The summer tours are really great for those of us in the States. I saw LFC vs Roma at Fenway Park in Boston and a week later was at Yankee Stadium for LFC vs Man City. So cool! Hope you guys had a fun time in NYC!

  6. 12
    chins says:

    Red & Photek, loved that read chaps! Definitely one of my favorites so far.

    Photek – You’ve got to get to the San Siro mate. Amazing experience. Went there once to watch AC vs Juve. Last game of the season and it was the title decided. EPIC. Missed the first 10 mins waiting for the cloud of smoke from the flares to clear. (We were sitting up quite high!). Then spent the rest of the game trying not to be sick (hungover and the gradient of the slope the seats are on is fecking ridiculous) and dodging coins that were being thrown everywhere. Actually. Don’t go. Watch a game on TV instead. San Siro is too fecking scary!

    Red – That perfect afternoon scenario sounds brilliant!! Way better than my mushy day with the kids!! smile

    Got to say, those men in blazers really annoy me. I can see why Americans find them funny, but I think most British people would hate them. Weird how it works like that.

    Anyway…. great read. Thanks!!

    • 12.1
      RedVT says:

      Haha, thanks Chins! I must say, I enjoyed the Men in Blazers show much better when it was just their podcast online and then on the Sirius XM satellite radio for a bit. This new TV show of theirs on NBC isn’t all that great tbh. It’s almost like they’re trying too hard. They did some great bits on TV during this past World Cup, which is why NBC gave them their own show. But I’d be surprised if they get the green light for another season with their own show on TV.

      I think the chemistry worked much better when it was on podcast/radio.

    • 12.2
      photek says:

      thanks Chins,

      Wow your experience of the San Siro sounds great! A proper derby day atmosphere, if not a bit scary.
      Despite the flares and the coins it’s still something I’d like to experience, I’m hoping I’ll be alright as a die hard Inter fan and be surrounded by my fellow fans at home.
      I’ve seen them play over in London twice and have always been in the minority, it’d be nice to see them at home as part of the majority.

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