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Fantasy Premier League £300 Regulars League 2018/19

Fantasy Premier League £300 Regulars League 2018/19

Fantasy Premier League £300 Regulars League 2018/19

Hello everyone and welcome back to the FF247 regulars leagues.

The purpose of this article is so that our Regulars League has a permanent home for reference points throughout the season such as cup draws and the like. It is permanently linked on our Hot Topics just above the latest comments.

As usual we will have a regulars Classic League and we also have H2H leagues with promotion and relegation as well as a Regulars Cup starting in January. (We do have an open FF247 league (the code can be found with an autolink at the foot of this article) and that is open to every man/woman and their dog. The Regulars League is a bit more selective. You have to be a member of FF247 and you have to post comments in the community on site every now and then, and posting is monitored by the way.

Its not hard to join, e-mail me at the address below and leave these details for me.
1- Your site user name.
2- Your real name.
3- Your team name from last season and new team name if it has changed. New members, just your team name.

These leagues are free to join but you do need to mail me. Deadline is midnight on the 6th August for the H2H leagues as I’ll need time to promote people if we have drop-outs. The Classic Regulars League can remain open for longer. Get mailing folks :-

Al we ask is that if you enter the league please keep the league code to yourself and don’t share it with friends and family who don’t frequent the site. It’s a community only league and we would like to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League £300 Regulars League 2018/19. This article was written by Ellefcee


Usually we run an article and ask people to get involved and cover the friendlies with any info they can gather. And it’s usually fun but in all honesty it’s usually also a bit messy and difficult to refer back to. This season we have one link that you will need need for all such info, courtesy of Mito –

FPL Pre-Season Info

Here you will find all the pre-season info you could ever wish for in one place – line-ups, scorers, assists, match info, sarcastic comments…

This is a work in progress as we make our way through pre-season but again Mito is all over it as it’s an invaluable resource and can be found here


(It’s scrollable btw, just swipe left or right)



The League Codes for FF247 for the 2018/19 season are as follows –

The main public FF247 League , which anyone is welcome to join, can be accessed using the following code 1581-751 (auto-link below).

The prize pool for this one will be confirmed in due course.

Join Our League – Quick Link
League Code: 1581-751
View league standings
Our Regulars League* for 2018/19 is now open and has a cash prize pool of £300 paid directly to the winners from the FF247 management team. The first 5 places are paid out in a tiered system.

To enter this one you need to be an active and recognised site member and you need to e-mail us for the league code –

*terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. Management reserve the right to review membership of this league on an ongoing basis. If you enter and win a prize you have to have commented on the site at least 5 times for 8 consecutive months between August 2018 and March 2019 or you will not be considered for a prize. That’s basically 1 comment a week all season, we think that’s a reasonable ask to be considered a ‘regular’.

In your e-mail could you please supply:-

Your name.
Your site username.
Your team name from last season and your new team name if it has changed,

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  1. 1
    Elleffcee says:

    Evening folks, for people that are just tuning into the site after a summer break from fantasy footy, the regulars league is up and running again. At the moment there are 53 people from last seasons H2H leagues that need to mail me, midnight on the 6/8/2018 is the cut off point folks.

  2. 2
    Silvers says:

    Ok heres another? Sane or Mahrez

  3. 3
    aksionstar says:

    Yaaaay we’re back!

  4. 4
    Elleffcee says:

    REGULAR MEMBERS ! ! ! ! !
    I sent out over 80 e-mails yesterday (Wednesday). An awful lot of you have not deleted your team from your original H2H league and re-entered with a new code that was given, some did re-enter but failed to delete their team from the original H2H league, so now you are in 2 leagues. For those that haven’t done anything yet, i will just delete you from the original league at 21-00 (BST) tonight, therefore not being in any league at all. The leagues will just operate with fewer players.
    For those that haven’t joined yet, mail me.

    • 4.1
      banjomaker says:

      Elle, sorry if missed something… Do I need to do anything??

      I sense this whole promotion/relegation thing is proving problematic 😉

      • Elleffcee says:

        Banjo, your sound mate. I gave codes out to newcomers in a 5th + 6th division. Then a shed full of regulars from last season haven’t bothered to re-join. So then everybody in lower leagues had to be moved up with new codes and a deletion of their first league code i had given them. I’ve had some spot on, some who have entered the new league but not left their old one so they are in 2 leagues and some ain’t bothered.

  5. 5
    SherLock says:

    I have sent email to join Regular League.
    Any chance for me?

  6. 6
    specialK says:

    Sanchez and Fernandino or Eriksen and B Silva?

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