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Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20

Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers 2019-20.
Fantasy Premier League Set Piece Takers
Please find below the FF247 Set Piece Takers List for 2019-20. This list is a guide that we hope will help you select players that have the potential to bring in goals and crucial assist points. The table is based on information gathered from last season’s games, Opta stats, pre-season friendlies and FF247 community input.

The article itself is archived under the tab at the top of the page entitled ‘SET-PIECE TAKERS’ so you can refer back to it at any time, as are many of our other articles and helpful tools such as Fixture Tracker and Weekly Tips.

Please be aware that this list is subject to change due to player injuries, drop in form, suspensions, manager whims, etc. The list will be updated throughout the season and as ever we welcome anybody in our community to inform us if you are aware of any updated roles or indeed anything you think we have got wildly inaccurate! You’re not perfect and neither are we 😉


Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier Set Piece Takers – Fantasy Premier League 2019-20. This article was compiled by Mito21

Updated 19/8/2019

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  1. 7
    Loud Atlas says:

    Trippier looks to be on his way to Atletico Madrid:

    Good for him but bad for Spurs – going for only £20m?

    • 7.1
      Kralin says:

      Yes: and Lewis Dunk (apparently) costing 45 million pounds.

      Writing that makes me feel in need of a lie-down and a sense afterwards of it was all a dream.

      • Surely they’d have to take Duffy too? Like splitting up Tom & Jerry, Hale & Pace, Hall & Oates, Laurel & Hardy. Although granted the latter is Jones & Smalling.

        • Kralin says:

          Maybe this is all part of some deep plot of Brighton’s to infiltrate Leicester, become Leicester even – just gradually move all their players over. Nobody’ll notice, or believe it. Same(ish) colour strip. Is but a small step from a seagull to a fox. Or perhaps the plot is being driven by Leicester’s quest to take over Man United? It will be interesting to see if ‘Brighton’ replace their lost players with ones from the same lower-league club.

          On a more sombre note, it must be terrible when a member of an established duo, trio or whatever moves on. An established jazz quartet suddenly losing a member after 25 years. One of The Necks abruptly leaving. Doesn’t bear thinking about. A solid marriage suddenly crumbling. The chair opposite is empty.

      • Terminators says:

        Lewis Dunk (apparently) costing 45 million pounds!

        At least that means he will play 90mins each game if he does move.

        • Kralin says:

          Evening Terminators (if it’s you and not a new Arnie). I know: what’s the world coming to. Are you hinting that you’ll be moving for the Fox to be?

        • Terminator says:

          Hi Kralin,

          Yes I have had a slight profile refresh.

          I already have Dunk as a bench player.

          I have about five team set-ups currently, I have out of these two that I think I will go with but it is a 75%/25% split on which I will go with, of course transfers in to teams and prices will play a part in any additional players.

          I am not revealing any of my teams yet, I am keen on advice for a £4.5m DEF if not Dunk anymore and a £5m MID that will work as a starting XI player.

          I wish the FPL would hurry up and put all the Chelsea players in.

        • Kralin says:

          Five teams eh, blimey. Cover all the angles. I tend not to rate B teams (if I’m aware they’re a B team) so just pretend it’s all your A team whenever you post and I’ll mumble a few words. But perhaps all your B teams are A teams. I think Zwischenzug used to play in a ML against his own numerous teams.

          I have Cathcart as a starter and am punting on Kelly for the bench. We could do with at least one certain 4m starter.

        • Terminator says:

          I don’t have five teams in the actual FPL!

          I have just one, and it is currently set to my 75% one, but I have five line-ups already to go if I change my mind.

          Yes a £4m DEF that gets game time would be a real help for the bench, a very close eye will be needed on Kelly, if he doesn’t get any time on the pitch in GW1 and there is another £4m DEF that does from a promoted team Kelly will be dropped like a hot potato that is so hot it will melt through the earth and will become the first £3.9m DEF in this seasons FPL and the other player that did get time on the pitch will become the first £4.1m DEF this season.

  2. 8
    CityBlues says:

    King is the choice for me, has had a wonderful pre-season for now at least I just hope he will keep it that way.

  3. 9
    mkencon says:

    Looks like Norwood took two pens the other day for Sheffield. At £5M he appears to be a bargain

  4. 10
    Tornado says:

    Hey guys! We all know that Milivojevic is a great set piece taker, but do you think VAR will affect his fpl contribution this season and would you have him over Zaha for 7M?
    Also, one more thing, Aguero is still on penalties for MC and he’ been a great fpl asset to have for years and years (one of my favorites in terms of fpl) but do you reckon his minutes will be reduced this season? He is currently in my team, but it feels like I can invest in midfield and defense a lot more if I ship him away…basically Aguero or not, your thoughts?

  5. 11
    Mr Jazzy says:

    Thinking on what is actually the faith of Harry kane

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