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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat / Fantasy World Cup 2014

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11


Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11

Happy Sunday to you all! Belgium and Russia kick us off at 5pm today with Lukaku hoping to atone for his no show in stage 1. Well ok, he showed up, but he did pretty much bugger all and disappointed many who had him as a last resort captaincy option. Hopefully he can produce in this one and announce himself on the world stage. Either way, and even if he notches a hat trick, we imagine Jose will be sat at home saying ‘meh, bring me Costa’. Hazard and KDB will hold many a hope here also and it will be interesting to see if Belgium can get into their stride as they looked a little burdened in the opener, perhaps with the weight of expectation but if they can it would be thrilling to see a ‘smaller nation’ finally threaten the established teams.

South Korea and Algeria go at 8pm. Little of fantasy interest here we imagine other than the odd cheeky Algerian filler. If you have an under performing star elsewhere then replace and hope by all means but don’t be expecting much. Although a few of us thought that of Greece the other night and woke up with an extra 20 odd points so just never know!

The good old USA are back in action at 11pm as they attempt to tame Ronaldo and 10 other Portugeezers. Given our links with MLS and having a good number of regulars from the USA we may be a tad biased here but we make no excuses for saying ‘Go USA!!!’ in this one. Ronaldo himself is struggling with a persistent knee injury that his medics have warned him he needs to rest but we imagine he will be out there fighting regardless as Portugal look to avoid an early exit from the competition.

Thanks for reading Fantasy World Cup Live Match Chat Day 11 – Good luck everyone!

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  1. 43


    I knew it. Germany vs USA will be to decide who wins the group.

    U S and A! U S and A!! U S and A!!!

  2. 44
    Pippin says:

    What a cross from Ronaldo. Nothing goes right for him all game and then he whips out a beauty of a cross in the dying seconds. Extraordinary finish!

  3. 45
    Jeet T4 says:

    Any Help on My Mirror Team

    RVP out ..!

    Who Should I’ve Bring in Neymar or C.Ronaldo …?

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