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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat / Fantasy World Cup 2014

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 15

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 15

Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 14

It’s hard to believe that the group stages come to an end today! We’ve had a great two weeks of football and those of us under the age of 40 will probably agree that at this stage it is the best World Cup which we remember. We’ve already said goodbye to England, adios to Spain and arrivederci to Italy and today we could conceivably be saying adeus to Portugal…oh and let’s not forget that Luis Suarez has once more upset the holy joes!!

First up today is Group G as the US face Germany while Portugal square up to Ghana. A draw between the Germans and the Yanks will see both qualify for the next round and word on the street is that Angela and Obama have had a natter on the blower and everything has been arranged, this would see the Germans top the group. Should there be a positive result one way or the other in this game then both Portugal and Ghana will hope to take advantage with a victory, but with the Portuguese currently on a goal difference of minus 4, they’ll need a minor miracle…maybe they know a few holy joes?!!!

The final group to come to a conclusion is Group H, with Belgium having already qualified after two workmanlike victories and the Belgians will claim top spot in the should they secure at least a point from their game against South Korea. 2nd spot in the groups is very much up for grabs, although a win for Algeria over the Russians will see them progress, while a draw could possibly be enough.

Thanks for reading Fantasy World Cup Live Match Day 15 – Good luck everyone!

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  1. 49
    full time says:

    So the transfers are open and it looks like you can keep players who are out of the world cup.

    • 49.1
      Anti Top Four says:

      True indeed…and it makes for tough decisions. I have tampered with:

      Cileessen Karnezis ?
      Defenders will vary (blind, gimenez, duarte, arias, bougerra)
      Mids will vary (Oscar, Jrod, Pogba, Lahm, dimaria, KDB)
      Messi Neymar Benzema (w/some punts on RVP, Robben, muller)

      Any suggestions?

  2. 50
    inittowinit says:

    Pottys next round draw will be with us and posted as a new article in around an hours time.

  3. 51
    photek says:

    So the final standings of Potty A were:
    Ninja9iN 318
    TinkerManU 312
    Hugstars 299
    Mozzy86 284
    HHHHanibal 281

    I had a horrible last few days with most of my subs not playing and so my Hugstars are out!
    Well played to NiN who had a stormer to go from 4th to 1st in the last round and also well done to TinkerManU who goes through in 2nd.
    Good luck to all the guys that made it through their groups, let the head to head battles commence!

  4. 52
    Kop Warrior says:

    Morning all…so ahead of the last 16 who do you consider to be ‘must haves’? Obviously Neymar & Messi are the obvious ones, but are there any others?

  5. 53
    Anti Top Four says:

    I think the mids are the most difficult to get right as they’re expensive and quite a few who i wish weren’t listed as forwards. I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts on ranking mids. I’d say:

    – oscar
    – dimaria
    – jrod
    – holland – sneijder / dejong
    – germany – ozil / kroos
    – cheapies

    • 53.1

      ATF, its hard to say as its a different ball game now, these players have to perform on the day in the knockout stages, so some good cheapies from USA, Algeria, Chile etc may get you more points than some of the dearer flops we have seen, eg Lukaku, as they have nothing to lose.

      • Anti Top Four says:

        True, although I hope Lukakau and Belgium get spanked by the USA…my prayers for the quaters:

        Costa Rica
        I can’t remember the 8th

    • 53.2
      photek says:

      I’ve gone for J Rod and Kroos atm out of those, already had Di Maria.
      I’ve also mixed it up with cheaper options from france and costa rica.
      I don’t think the dutch midfield have done a lot imo, i’d look at a dutch forward or Blind has done me quite well and plays in mid but is down as a def.

  6. 54
    MagicStars says:

    Just a heads up, looks like formation changes are doing something weird again.

    So far I am taking to the Round of 16:

    Lloris (Mbohli on the bench)
    Godin, Marquez, Sakho, Hummels (Rojo on the bench)
    Oscar, Vasquez, Tejeda (Matuidi, Bentaleb and Lahm on the bench)
    Neymar, Benzema, Djabou (Messi on the bench)

    Now the reason I have set it up like this is because these players play first in order from left to right, following what we found in the earlier phases of the player furthest to the right swapping out on formation changes. However, when I swap to a 3,4,3 it is now kicking Marquez out, not Hummels. Seems strange. Also, what are your thoughts on my team for Round16?

    • 54.1
      Kop Warrior says:

      Magic – If you first sub Hummels off and then switch to a 3-4-3 what happens?

      Regarding your team, I haven’t done much research yet so I wont comment for fear of sending you in the wrong direction.

      • MagicStars says:


        When I swap Hummels out and turn it to 3-4-3 it actually keeps the right people in, maybe they have finally fixed it?

        Ah right, to be fair I havent made much research besides watching the games so i’ve currently put the main players I saw doing really well for each team in, they all seem to be starters, shame about Schar, i’d have liked to have him in but he seems too much of a risk.

        • MagicStars says:

          Sorry that seemed unclear, swapping hummel out made the defense Godin, Marquez, Sakho. Swapping Sakho out before has the same effect except the defence is Godin, Marquez, Hummels instead

        • NIN says:

          Magic – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the formation changes. Simply scroll over ‘formation’ just above your team and a pop up will give you the low down. They fixed it after round 1/mid round 2.

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