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Fantasy World Cup 2014 / Pottys Predictions

Fantasy World Cup Pottys Perfect 32 and Dodgy 32 Results and Draw

Fantasy World Cup Pottys Perfect 32 and Dodgy 32 Results and Draw

Pottys Perfect 32 and Dodgy 32 draw

Hi Guys and Girls,well after working late into the night here is the article you have all been waiting for and boy it took some work due to the groups in The Perfect 32 and The Dodgy 32 frequently getting updated which ended around 4am.
So below is the following, the Last 16 draw for both competitions, next to your fixture in brackets is your Unique Code for both competing managers to use and create one’s Last 16 tie, use the code in the Join League box.
Lets get cracking on this World Cup day off.

All 32 Managers please make a note of your Final Points score from the Group Phase and do not lose it, I have done this also.
Your Matches will run for the duration of the Last 16 Phase as on the McDonalds game and the manager with the most points goes through.
In the event of a tie, then the team with the most goalscorer’s will be declared the winner.


1=Ninja9in v Alsed Fc (p32game1)
2=Tekno Kun v Josh 721 (p32game2)
3=Samba Bamba v Tinker ManU (p32game3)
4=Quallathon v BillisBob (p32game4)
5=Mito 21 v Craig Mitchell (p32game5)
6=ChinsandBellies v BigBopz (p32game6)
7=Jon Sharpe v Kop Warrior (p32game7)
8=Milk Busquets v ZZkarimzz (p32game8)


1=Midnight Jona v Eddy 65e (d32game1)
2=Mutley v Flingy (d32game2)
3=Fan Footy 247 v Jon 9838 (d32game3)
4=Serendipity v Lewis Griff (d32game4)
5=JaysWest v Anti Top Four (d32game5)
6=Steve Cook v WC Walt 2014 (d32game6)
7=Norbury D V Bench Banter (d32game7)
8=The Dreeamers v Mr Morbid (d32game8)

Ok Lads and Lasses, create your Matches now!

Now onto those of us who never made the dizzy heights of those above.
To keep you competitive and interested i have created something special for you all
So here it is.
Please, Please, join this new League.

The Code = The Nearly Boys (use the code in the Join League box)

The Rules are simple as Nearly Boys need simplicity.
This League will run for the duration of the Last 16 Phase as on the McDonald’s game and the top 8 manager’s will give us the 4 quarter final ties.
Please make a note of your Final Points score from the Group Phase and do not lose it, I have done this also.
So you simple lot, join this league.

Good luck too you all, and let the banter begin.

FOR REFERENCE – Points totals at the end of the qualifying round for all teams involved in the Last 16 in each comp are as follows –

The Perfect 32 (Last 16)

Samba Bamba=345
Craig Mitchell=328
Jon Sharpe=343
Milk Busquets=343

The Dodgy 32

Midnight Jona=297
Eddy 65e=298
Fan Footy 247=315
Lewis Griff=349
Anti Top Four=287
WC Walt=317
Norbury D=332
Bench Banter=285
The Dreamers=357


Thanks for reading Fantasy World Cup Pottys Perfect 32 and Dodgy 32 Results and Draw – Good luck everyone!

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  1. 79
    Potty Procky says:

    The Perfect 32, The Dodgy 32 and The Nearly Ones!!!
    Good morning to every one of you.
    Before we go any further make a note of this Please ok?
    TONIGHT at 9pm is the 3 “LIVE” draws of the Quarter Finals for the above Competitions,tickets are selling fast for this event so grab one now at
    But who made the cut and got through from The Last 16 h2h ties and the Top 8 in The Nearly One’s League well here are the results.
    Managers Teams in Capitals were triumphant.
    Here Goes…..

    The Perfect 32

    veer – 96 v 102 – NINJANIN
    TEKNO -116 v 100 – josh
    tinkermanu – 124 v 126 – SAMBA BAMBA
    QUALLATHON – 113 v 102 – billisbob
    mito – 112 v 121 – CRAIG MITCHELL
    chins – 111 v 116 – BIGPOPZ
    JON SHARPE – 126 v 116 – kop warrior
    milk busquets – 92 v 112 – ZZKARIMZZ

    The Dodgy 32

    midnight jona – 104 v 115 – EDDY
    MUTLEY – 108 v 101 – flingy
    FAN FOOTY (247) – 124 v 100 – jon 9838
    SERENDIPITY – 119 v 102 – lewis griff
    jayswest – 103 v 104 – ANTI TOP FOUR
    STEVE COOK – 123 v 117 – wc walt
    norbury d – 111 v 136 – BENCH BANTER
    THE DREAMERS – 117 v 107 – mr morbid

    The Nearly Ones (17 in this League but its only the top 8 that make the Quarter Finals)

    1 – BESTWOLFPACK = 132
    2 – BANTERBURY = 126
    3 – INITTOWINIT = 120
    4 – PELE POTTY = 116
    5 – MOANY SCOUSER = 115
    6 – ELLEFCEE = 114
    7 – MONKEYS NUTS = 114
    8 – JEET T = 113
    9 – bmccormick = 112
    10 – peaky dave = 111
    11 – ip1963 = 109
    12 – hugstars = 106
    13 – drexl = 100
    14 – bryan c = 87
    15 – alec k = 83
    16 – hutchie glee = 73
    17 = the big din = 71

    So what a Round of Fantasy Football many of us have just gone through,it was nail biting fun,but those who made it,well done.
    The Loser’s in all 3 formats will now go into a League named “Down,Out and Gutted” with this code getting revealed after tonights 3 Quarter Final Draws.
    As you can see by the time of this post…..3.32am I now need to sleep and once I awake I will be polishing 24 Balls for the proceedings later.
    All 3 Draws will be open meaning that you can get anyone of the 8 in your Competition,wooohooo.
    Let the Banter from these results begin.
    Potty x

    • 79.1

      Great work (again!) Potty.
      Now go and get some sleep!!

    • 79.2
      Potty Procky says:

      Finally before I crash.
      The New Losers League will now be called…..
      The Also Rans.
      See you tonight.

    • 79.3
      JimBobJay says:

      I lost by a point! Well played Anti Top Four smile

    • 79.4
      NIN says:

      Woohoooo!! Cheers Pottmeister!! My lot scored 104 though, just saying.
      Bad luck to those who got knocked out, good luck in the next Potty tournament. And a big congrats to everyone who made it through. Keep your fingers crossed you don’t draw my lot as i’ve learned my lesson now and will be on the ball this time, no fudge up’s.

      I think Floydeth deserves a special mention here. To lose with such a massive score is dreadful. Unlucky buddy. Next time.

  2. 80

    Ok, quarter final squad done…

    Tough to make the budget stretch.

    Number of players playing (i hope!) by game is as follows…

    Fra v Ger. 2
    Bra v Col. 4
    Arg v Bel. 7
    Hol v Cos. 4

    Non playing: 6

    It would be interesting to see who’s gone with what. (Obviously we’re all far too competitive to give any more info away than this! smile )

    Good luck to all still in the main comps. I’ll take my place in the down and outs draw…

  3. 81
    JimBobJay says:

    Forgot to change my captain from Benzema (8pts) to De Bruyne who would have finished on 34pts…. Gutted!

  4. 82
    Potty Procky says:

    Those of you who sadly missed out on a Quarter Final Place you must and may join this New League for failing Managers.
    Its a……
    Public League and called…..The Also Rans……PS,Pele Potty is in it now but its for admin purposes only!
    So get Onboard

  5. 83
    Tekno-kun (The 69er, Winner of Potty's 1st ever Twitter Comp; twice CL Comp winner, current profession: mage, formerly: big bad dawg; hallway monitor; tranny; wannabe Nazi commander) says:

    Can anyone tell me what Angel Di Maria scored in the last match? (McD)

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