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FF247 Fantasy Football Team 2019/20

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GWX

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GWX

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GWX

Oh b*llocks, is it?!

Welcome to FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team GWX. No, this isn’t an April Fools Day joke, we are actually publishing a Site Team article! Why? Well, because we meant to do one two weeks ago, and then again last week also, but we didn’t, for reasons which we shall expand on later. Perhaps also it is because we are a bit bored, and simply not used to having a break. But also it is to remind you of a few key FPL related things, which may have slipped your mind, understandably.

We shall however begin with an update of our GW29 performance, at least for some semblence of normality, if nothing else. Looking back at it, into what seems like a lifetime ago now, we evidently got a bit shafted with the DGW postponment having brought in Saka and Aubameyang (as captain) specifically for it, and having held onto KDB too. We’ll spare you the horror story of the rest but other than Salah getting a goal we didn’t have a single other player score above 3 points. And we had some good players, with decent fixtures. When your luck is out and all that… It looks like it meant quite a fall in the rankings too, in fact we managed to double our rank from about 82k to 164,492nd.

Onto the two article titles then..

No, this wasn’t a typo. It’s more because we have no idea when the season will restart, of course, but also less of an idea how. The fact that FPL Towers decided that we could keep making transfers throughout this ‘hiatus’ seemed to be because they presumed it would restart at a later GW. Which now looks less than likely. What is perhaps now more probable is that (if anything) there will be some sort of crammed in mini-tournament style period of about 6 weeks where they will attempt to finish the season. Re-starting at the GW30 cut-off seems the most likely scenario. How FPL deals with that is another matter, given their above stance. Will they simply reset us and ask us to forget all the interim transfers? Anything is possible. But for now we have been asked to crack on regardless, and so we have…

‘Oh, bollocks’, etc
This is a reference to our lack of a recent article. The reality is that we did intend to do one prior to GW31 and we did indeed have a meeting to discuss our phantomtransfers. Only for someone to point out in the midst of said meeting that the deadline had already passed as it was a Friday night one, and not as we all assumed a normal Saturday one! So that was one transfer down the drain. Not that we feel this will matter particularly, as it looks like we will have more than we can possibly use before proceedings get back under way.

And so we sat down in the middle of last week for another meeting… only to discover half way through that one that it was indeed an International Break, as such, and that there was no planned deadline for another week! Pay more attention, we must. Reinstante the Countdown Timer, we have…

Our GW32 Transfer(s)
Crack on regardles, we do. And we have formulated something of a mini-plan. So we thought we would share this with you, for a lack of anything else to actually say at this moment in time!

Bruno Fernandes seems to be our main missing jigsaw piece right now and so we have decided to prioritise him, along with a whole other raft of minor surgeries which we hope shall put our squad in better shape, should this be required as and when To accommodate Bruno this week we have decided to do away with our double Liverpool defence, an idea that was beginning to be in vogue around about GW29…

Beyond this we are looking at something like Saka to Mount and possibly Ings to DCL, but we shall see.

To confirm then we have SOLD Andy Robertson & James Maddison and BOUGHT Aaron Wan-Bissaka & Bruno Fernandes

Captain – Boris Johnson

Our GWX team in full…

A message from FF247 and the NHS
We hope you are all well, or at least coping. We thank you for your continued support and it is great to see so many regular ‘faces’ every day, continue to drop in as and when you can, your community is here for you.

Please do what what you can to help though, even if that is simply staying at home and doing f*ck all!

For those in the UK, if you feel like you need serious help, or simply more info on Covid-19 please click here:

Should you wish to follow the FF247 Site Team’s progress you can do so here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football GWX




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  1. 242
    Tornado says:

    No surprise there but I can only envision all these substitutions around 58-59 min…

  2. 243
    Jamie Mc says:

    I think the game has been updated to allow unlimited transfers with no minus points.


    • 243.1
    • 243.2
      Bigpopz says:

      It does look a bit weird?
      There’s no My Team Tab anymore
      and when you do go to transfer players it doesn’t seem to indicate if you’re using ft or hits?


      • This is why I said I was chilling for a week and not doing anything official until they update it properly. It looks about half done, in all honesty they should just take it down until it’s ready, to avoid any confusion.

        The fixtures aren’t even on there yet. I’ve just seen a rough draft of them so that’s obviously coming in the next few days.

    • 243.3
      Smash says:

      If it’s this think I will just go double GW players and TAA and then wildcard after

      • Stone Frog says:

        TV could be an issue though. Think I prefer free hit as my team is ok and then I still have a wildcard which is probably more valuable.

      • Stone Frog says:

        Although it could be the best option for BB, with the expected rotation loading up with DGW players and going for the 1st week could be sensible.

        • Smash says:

          Yeah that’s a good shout if it’s free transfers I think I’ll bench boost. Wildcard after. I don’t have much value in that many players

        • Kralin says:

          Yes – if the whispering about free transfers is true then BB would be perfect. Would be very handy to gorge on DGW players and then shed them immediately afterwards with a cathartic wildcard.

        • KI says:

          Not to be a dissident, but those of us who have carefully managed our FTs through the “non-games” will feel a little hard done by if it’s to start with open FTs.

        • Ki, I’d say that always became the likely scenario after a while. It’s why we stopped posting weekly updates on the Site Team. I stopped doing them on mine a good while back.

        • Smash says:

          Yeah I did transfers but looking at it now I’d prob do things differently anyway. Something like this was always likely.

        • Smash says:

          I just had a play. Struggling to find three Arsenal players

        • Kralin says:

          Yes with Arsenal it seems that it’ll be Auba and a couple of punts; maybe their goalie will be one of these if BB. I don’t think I have the moral courage to go for one of their defenders.

          Given that Kun is likely to be up front as well, with KdB and maybe Sterling in there somehow, perhaps Arsenal will seem but a detail, as the sea is a detail compared to the land.

        • Kralin says:

          Someone somewhere is always a little hard done to. Enduring and battling through the pain will see you emerge all the stronger, Ki.

          It seems to me something of a blessing that we’re getting going at all this side of Xmas.

        • Zed Leppelin says:

          You can’t expect people to “play the game” carefully managing transfers during this break though, I’d feel equally hard done by if there were no FTs and they expected me to manage my team for two months when there’s nothing on, and for the most part no one even knew what would happen…

        • Kralin says:

          Open FTs actually favour the more experienced manager I would say, in particular those with chips still to play. While on one hand all managers can load up on obvious City assets etc, the less experienced ones will then be lumbered thereafter and hopefully won’t have a second wildcard to bail them out.

          This is assuming we get unlimted transfers, of course.

  3. 244
    Tornado says:

    It’s not officially confirmed but according to the sports presenter Max Rushden, this is the TV schedule for the next few weeks.

  4. 245
    Smash says:

    If there’s free transfers think my team will look like this and BB. Would just wildcard after. Could be a free hit side but would not need so many playing players

  5. 246




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