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Fantasy Football League Round-up

FF247 final league tables

FF247 final league tables- FPL Fantasy Football Premier League

Photo 30-10-2013 14 53 04Welcome to the final overall, monthly, UFPL and doubles leagues round up. Well folks as the old Kenneth Wolstenholme saying from the 1966 world cup goes “there’s some people on the pitch, they think its all over, it is now”.

FF247 Overall League :-
The champion of the FF247 season 2013/2014 is Steve Faulkner and his team ‘Barntons Bashers’ with a grand total of 2537 points and an overall rank of 82. B Bash as he is known on the boards is a worthy winner as he led for most of the season and managed to hang on until the end, because team ‘Serendipity United’ in 2nd place for owner + regular poster Sarah Gowan were having a great end of season run and closing the gap all the time, finishing only 38 behind on 2499 points and finished 402nd overall. 3rd spot went to Joseph Townend on 2496 points and his team ‘JTFC’ who came 451st overall. 4th place was a tie between Chris Morris and our very own ‘Blue fur ball’ Steve Cook on 2490 points with their respective teams ‘Untouchables’ and ‘Cookies Monsters’. Their overall rankings were split at 549 and 555. Congratulations to you all! Here are the top 20 in all their glory –


Monthly table  
May only consisted of 2 game-weeks, but was still contested fiercely by all, top of the pile was Peter Stratigakis with his team ‘Barca footy’ on a very respectable points tally of 180, D’alessandro Rodriguez with his team ‘Alex F C’ was 2nd with 151 points, Peter Jolakoski + Mark Greaves came joint 3rd on 144 points with their respective teams ‘Jolak F C’ and ‘S + S’, 5th place went to Fynn J P on 142 points with his team ‘F C Cech Urself’, team ‘Laskar Kota Angin’ on 141 points were 6th for Isep Burhanudin with 141points, another tie occurred for 7th spot with Mick Kirk and Aaron Coombes attaining 140 points with their teams ‘Real Unsociabledad’ and ‘How i met your mata’. Peter gaskin sat in 9th place on 139 points with ‘Gascos athletic’, and finally in 10th was team ‘Beat bully FC’ on 136 points for Douglas Phillips.
Here is final table for the top 20 in May as displayed on FPL. You may notice a slight difference in a few of the rankings and points awarded as in the write-up, this is because the monthly charts that are generated by FPL don’t take the 1st week of the months hits into consideration, but we do as we think these hits should be factored in, to show which person is performing the best.


FF247 Doubles league 
There were only 11 teams in this league, in which 2 people ran their respective teams, but was still hotly contested by all who entered. In 1st spot was team ‘Aditupem’ owned by ‘The Boss’ Inittowinit and my good self Elleffcee, ‘fixed’ I hear you say, but I can assure you that it wasn’t, with 2389 points, Monty and Norfolk took up 2nd place with their team ‘$porting Lesbian$’ with 2390 points, 2335 points were attained by Gasco and bench for 3rd place with their team ‘Team GB’. 4th came our north east representatives Gallow and Leases with team ‘Looney Tunes’ on 2311 points, and 5th spot was team ‘Skint but tax free’ on 2310 for owners Skint and Cookie.


FF247 Ulimate (UFPL) League

Whilst the game itself became a bit of a martmite situation for managers for those that stuck it through to the end this was highly competitive league as you will see from the overall rankings. Ultimately our victor was Andrew Adwards and his team ‘STRONG LIKE WOOD’ with a final totoal of 1084 and an overall rank of 6. 2nd was Leo Williams with ‘Sharknado II’ with 1032 and an overall rank of 56. Darren Bunce and his ‘Butt Scratchers’ came 3rd on 1020 points and just missed out on the top 100, finishing 101st. In 4th was John Smith with ‘smokin aces’ on 1014 and a rank of 118. Making up the top 5 was Adam Alcock with ‘Inittowinit’ on 1004 and a rank of 159. Here is the full top 20 –



Photo 13-05-2014 10 16 48Well sadly boys and girls it is the end of another premier league season, with all its ups & downs. I hope all our members enjoyed the ride with FF247 and managed to achieve their goals. The World Cup is next on our hit list so stick around boys & girls. Have a great summer folks and thanks to all the people who run the site, write the articles, but most of all to you lot out there around the world, who post on the boards, as this makes this site the best there is, well that really is the end, so as another well known saying goes ‘Its goodnight from me and its goodnight from him’.


Thanks for reading FF247 final league tables this article was written by elleffcee

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