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Fantasy Football League Round-up

FF247 League Manager of the Month April

FF247 League Manager of the Month April – FPL Fantasy Football Premier League


Welcome to the FF247 round up for the month of April. Well we all had a Good Friday but who had a good fantasy football month? I’m pleased to announce, given all his hard work for FF247, Bench has come out on top with his team ‘Park Bench Exports’, with a total of 306 pts. Fantastic work Bench, well done! In 2nd place and just 1pt behind on 305 came Robbie Reilly with his team ‘DivingWorthyOfAnOscar’. A remarkable turmaround for Robbie and we are sure he will be on site to talk us through it all very soon! In 3rd spot was Mark Jervis with his team ‘Manchester is red’. They were the only players who managed to reach the 300’s but 1pt away was Jon Sharpe with his team ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ on 299pts to take 4th spot, 5th spot went to Mahmoud Samir on 298 pts with his team ‘Underdogs’, 6th place went to Thomas Conibere on 294 pts with his team ‘Inter Ma’nan’. ‘Creative Team Name’ + Mohib Rizvi were 7th with 287 pts. In joint 8th were our very own MLS article writer Bryan Cooper + Tod Modisette on 286 pts with their respective teams ‘BRYAN MUNICH FC’ + Boycott elsea. Finally in 10th spot on 285 pts was our very own ‘chicken’ Adam Alcock with his team ‘inittowinit***’ .

I would just like to add and I think we all should give a round of applause to the legend that is our very own Potty, who with all his troubles over the last few months still managed to attain 287 pts + a creditable 16th place.

Here is final table as displayed on FPL. You may notice a slight difference in a few of the rankings, this is because the monthly charts that are generated by FPL don’t take the 1st week of the months hits into consideration, but we do as we think these hits should be factored in, to show which person is performing the best.


FF247 Overall League

Just a quick note on the FF247 overall standings for the season, in 1st place is still Steve Faulkner with his team ‘Barntons Bashers’ with a high score of 2423 pts, this score has also got Steve to an outstanding 44th in the world. I know you have been very much higher Steve and in the top 10 overall for a good while but your position is not to be sniffed at, brilliant work! In 2nd is Sarah Gowan with her team ‘Serendipity United’ on 2375 pts, another fantastic achievement by one of our regular posters. Team ‘JTFC’ with owner Joseph Townend comes in 3rd with a total of 2374 pts, well done Joseph! Close behind are Chris Morris and his team ‘Untouchables’ and in 5th is Steve Cook with ‘Cookie’s Monsters’.

So whilst the title race looks over, the battle for second looks like it will go to the wire with 5 points separating 2nd to 5th. Whatever happens they have all done brilliantly this season and are a credit to FF247.


Don’t forget there are only 2 game-weeks in May and that’s it for the season, so good luck to everyone in their pursuit of glory.

Thanks for reading FF247 League Manager of the Month April this article was written by Elleffcee

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  1. 13
    Calvin Clyne says:

    Morning all! Nice write-up Elle, and nice to have my first mention, albeit right at the end of the season!

    A quick question though, and not trying to be pernickety. Apparently I finished 1 shy of 300 on 299 points, but in the screenshot above I have 302. I know the first week’s hits are taken into account, but how did I lose just 3 points? Thanks smile

  2. 14
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Morning everyone, got to say i was a little surprised Monday morning to see me sitting 2nd with Koscielny to play, i be cursing my luck all month will my players left on the bench , just worked it out had a massive 78 points wasted on bench in 4 game-weeks, so i guessing we all had this problem this month smile

  3. 15
    Calvin Clyne says:

    Now then, thought I’d carry on where Elle left off. This is a classic question but the numbers vary from year to year what with promotions, relegations and name-changes, so I have gone through all four main leagues and made sure the number is right.

    There are 23 unique last names for teams that have more than one word in their name across the top 4 leagues in England. You may proceed laugh

    P.S. full names only!

  4. 16
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Have we had this one ? Which 12 players have missed in a penalty shoot-out at a major tournament for England?

  5. 17

    First of all, congratulations bench!!!
    Great work there! smile

    And secondly, boy was I close!
    Who’d have thought a yellow card for Ramsey could have lost it for me!!
    Nearly captained Rooney but oh we’ll live and learn, eh?

    Shame I’m out of a chance to get into the banterbery leagues, but my co semi-finalist inter ma’nan found a way to get a great score of 68(!!) on a week when a vast magority of us got around 50!! So for that, a big congrats to him too! :thumbup:
    So I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed about that, but there’s always next year and I can say I went out against the best!

    So yeah, nevertheless,feels good to get my first mention in an article! I’m still extremely proud of coming a close second and importantly, extending my lead at the top of my mini league. That will go down to the wire though!!!
    Oh and can’t complain with top 6000 😉

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