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FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 12

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 12

FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 12

Welcome to FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 12
Ten games this week, squeezed into an unusually thin two days.

In fact, eight of them are on Saturday…

We begin with the Ranieri derby, sans Claudio, as Leicester host Chelsea at 12.30pm.

As if by way of an apology / olive branch Jeff and co. then get a bumper six games to peruse over at 3pm. Albeit all the crap ones. Villa host Brighton, Palace go to Burnley, Newcastle welcome Brentford, Saints travel along the coast to Norwich (sort of…), Claudio himself welcomes Ole and West Ham go up to Wolves.

Liverpool and Arsenal see us out in the 5.30pm game at Anfield.

Just the two left on Sunday and we begin with Rafa trying to thwart Pep at 2pm. That is to say trying to restrict them to just 4 or 5 goals.

And then, almost as quick as it began, the GW leaves us with Spurs vs Leeds at 4.30pm.

And there it was gone.

The games in full…

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to absolutely everyone for Gameweek 12 from all at FF247!

Thanks for reading FPL Live Match Chat Gameweek 12.




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  1. 73
    man u man says:

    I’m thinking James Jota and benteke/Toney in for Christiansen Norman and Vardy for – 4, what do ye reckon?

  2. 74
  3. 75
    KI says:

    Perhaps a naive question, but has anyone studied the intermediate term of -4s?

    • 75.1
      KI says:

      “intermediate term impact”

      • Kralin says:

        I wrote a novel about it. The sort of novel that gets hidden away in the attic, along with all the mad things of one’s life.

        Aside from that I think a strategic -4 is fine, as long as one doesn’t panic and do the same the following week, and then again. If you do that things just slip away and you’ll find yourself playing the game one step removed from reality.

        • Smash says:

          Mine amazingly paid off this week

        • Kralin says:

          Am thinking of one myself in an attempt to flog some life into my moribund front line.

          The only way I’m going to save it is to destroy it.

        • KI says:

          Thanks very much for the wisdom, and the humour. I found the Margetts/Buttice book on FPL strategy, and it has a useful section on hits. For me, the important consideration is that one should be looking at intermediate, or longterm, changes to justify limited hits.
          The problem that’s got me concerned is the performance of the wingbacks at Chelsea, City, Liverpool, and potentially, Spurs. Save for A-A, I’ve initially gone conservative with Rudiger and Dias-possibly not a good strategy.
          Although my front line is also doing little, I have different reasons for wanting to hold all three: Kane and Toney for their run of games; Antonio for the worldie he scored against the U. S. on the IB-he can score against anyone.

        • Smash says:

          I’m generally ok with them if it were my team up early. Is getting ahead of the curve. You can wait too long, The issue arises if you bring a player in for a hit and then you find wanting to get rid of them a couple of weeks later

        • Now you tell me.

          I havnt used my wildcard yet, but I just realised I’ve already taken five -4 hits….. hmmmm

        • Reg83 says:

          i have taken 4 -4s and 1 -8.
          Mostly it paid off and was required.

    • 75.2
      Leprechaun says:

      Nothing wrong with a strategic -4 once in a while…..just don’t do it too frequently

  4. 76
    Smash says:

    Liverpool. Jota trains

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