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Live Match Chat Gameweek 22 The Sunday Edition FPL Fantasy Premier League

Photo 23-11-2013 11 44 40 Happy Sunday to you all! While there are just the two games today there will be fantasy interest aplenty as Swansea host Spurs at 1.30pm and then at 4pm Man Utd visit Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea.

Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck for GW22 from all at FF247!

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  1. 73
    jamesimmo says:

    Very rough week for me. Should I WC this week or save it as planned?

    • 73.1
      smithy says:

      I’ve had a shocker so I activated!!

      • jamesimmo says:

        Sorry to hear smithy. Join the club.. would you activate if me?

        De Gea / Moore

        Dawson / Sagna / Kompany / Ward / Faye

        Oscar / Silva / Eriksen / Brunt / Mutch

        Aguero / Suarez / Lukaku

        It’s not too bad, however, Spurs v City means tough fixtures….

        • smithy says:

          Well team looks solid. Who do you want to bring in?

        • jamesimmo says:

          Cheers. On my ‘to buy’ list is Boruc & Mannone, Baines, Ramsey…

          …but not sure is Ramsey / Boruc are fit? Also Baines plays Liverpool…

        • Bigpopz says:


          See your in the same boat as me..
          Not a great week eh’..
          Your team looks ok..
          But if you fancy activating your WC then I’d do..
          Lukaku > Ade
          Kompany > Kolarov
          Brunt / Mitch > Cabaye / Ramsey if fit..?

        • Bigpopz says:


          Also lose De Gea…?

        • jamesimmo says:

          Bigpopz… hey, yeah, not the best of weeks…

          Interesting, Ade looks good but that’d just add to my problem with the whole Spurs v City situation! Plus I wanted Baines in for Kompany..

          Thanks though, Cabaye looks a prospect, might get him for a hit?

          Or just sod it and WC the whole lot…

        • Evening Jamesimmo,
          I’m also on 40 with 2 to play. Although 1 of those is lukaku, so a 60 point week isn’t out of the question if yours and pottys prediction comes true! Ha.

          I’m also tempted to activate now. 10 days of tinkering seems so much more appealing than a 3 day scamble if i play it next gw instead.

          I think you’ve got a decent balanced team as is, but the wc has to be played at some point so why not now.

          Have you got a provisional team in mind?

        • jamesimmo says:

          Hey mate, thanks, haha yes hopefully! I’d be lucky…

          I know what you mean, it would be a luxury to have a 10 day period of free transfers, whereas pre GW 24 it will be a rush.

          That said, I do have a plan, and it works best starting at GW 24…

        • peakydave* says:

          James mate,the thing with Jan wcs is u use it in the first week or the last!! In between is no mans land u have a good team,i myself have Oscar and if it wasn’t for playing west ham at home next week he’d be out,very poor display today again!!You have Aguero as city coverage what about silva to Hazard to exploit the fixtures next week then use ur wildcard?!?!?!?! Or what about Lukaku to Welbeck for one week??? smile

        • jamesimmo says:

          peakydave – hey man, cheers, you may be right there! I was going to use my WC in the last week… …so yeah, should probably wait!

          Thing is: Negredo ? Aguero was my FT so any others would be for a hit!

        • peakydave* says:

          Just remember mate uv had a bad week this week!! Put it behind you but don’t try to make up the loss in one week,ur feeling sorry for yourself but don’t waste ur wildcard!!!Start afresh this week and common sense says u got a good side,but if ur using ur wildcard next week it doesn’t matter if u even take a 4 point hit to create an unbalanced side but to exploit the fixtures!!The following week u just recalibrate your side by using ur wildcard for maximum points over the long haul rather than short term!!! smile

        • jamesimmo says:

          But do you think Silva to Hazard would be a) worth the hit and b) worth the 0.1m extra it’ll cost me just to buy back Silva?

        • peakydave* says:

          Stick with plan James!! and don’t worry about the 0.1 its peanuts,its all about the points!!! If u try and predict the Chelsea v westham score and Spurs v City score and try and work out whether Hazard will score +4 more points than silva then its a go-er!! I don’t think city will pulverize spurs by any means(personally im trying to hold out on Aguero purchase as I think there are better value ie points per million players over next 2 weeks!!) but potentially Chelsea v west Ham………its ur call mate its a gamble but for me id risk it but I’m a chancer!!! 😉

        • peakydave* says:

          oh and James in the cup I basically need Baines to outscore Lukaku by 2 points and im in so it could go either way mate!!!On that note the wife is giving me the ‘look’ and I will see all you guys tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    • 73.2

      I was going to save it, but I got trigger happy and now it’s all on smile

  2. 74
    Bigpopz says:

    Evening fellas…

    Shocking week with 45 & Coleman to play..
    Played WC last week & it backfired..

    Boruc – Davis
    Coleman – Sagna – Azpil – (Chester – Marriappa)
    Navas – Lallana – Hazard – Ozil – (Lucas)
    Negrado – Suarez – Aguero

    Plan to take 4 point hit to bring in..
    Adebayor > Negrado
    Yaya > Navas

    Please help me, desperate…!!!

    • 74.1

      I think your team looks good! Just a rough week. Ive ended with a very disappointing 33 points. I do like the way Yaya is bossing the games for City on all areas of the pitch. and Ive got Ade in my WC team at the moment

  3. 75
    Potty Procky says:

    I see some new Folk on here tonight?
    So goto Pottys Predictions Mwk 22.
    And enter The Lucky 4’s.
    It aint to late.
    Pottys Mwk was poor.
    44pts with Baines left to play.
    Oh well…..

  4. 76
    Drexl says:

    52 (with Coleman to play – thats kind of a stock phrase on here eh), which ordinarily would be, well, ordinary.
    But has got me through pretty much all of my H2H’s (4 W’s & a draw) which gives me much smileage. So I would put this down as a successful week. Only real mistake was gambling on Gibbs rather Monreal, which was a coin toss that fell the wrong way up for me, but heh….
    Happy with WC and the set up I have going forward. Was forced to cash it in early purely to get Aguero in prior to his inevitable price inflation.
    So happy punter, and onward & upward in every sense I hope.

    • 76.1
      jamesimmo says:

      Not bad Drexl, better luck H2H wise than myself, which isn’t hard haha

      Quick Q: I bought Silva at 9.1 so he sells for 9.2 – would it be worth *just* scrapping my spare cash to go Silva ? Hazard for a 4pt hit – before buying Silva back with my WC for 0.1 more than I sold him for at 9.3?

      • Drexl says:

        Hey JS….def not mate, imo….4pts is an expensive way of getting such a marginal return, so personally wouldnt contemplate it. And thats from someone who has done more transfers than most.

    • 76.2
      Drexl says:

      Meant 58 (+…). …..Was the extra 6 that made all the difference (3rd sub can be so important!)

    • 76.3
      Potty Procky says:

      Who off your bench comes in for Gibbs????

  5. 77
    Drexl says:

    The wonderful and blessed perfomer that is Parr of Palace…this week has been agonising watching games tick by…praying on a CS to win your week (or in todays case a united goal) is just a painful way of going about business!!. I live a few streets from Selhurst Park so them boys done me proud. Another couple of big scalps this weekend methinks if my calculator is working properly smile

  6. 78
    Drexl says:


    Potts the truth is the WC had nothing to do with this weeks match up… at all….had no intention of playing it til after GW23 and was gonna take a -4, but was forced into by needing to bring Aguero in…you can see I have £0 on the bank so even then it was a murderous squeeze (hence gibbs and not Kos)….

    So no dirty dealings here and a clean conscience…and to be fair I posted it earlier this week….but heh why am I apologising

    How did you get on

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