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Fantasy Football Live Match Chat

Monday night Live Match Chat Game-week 33

Monday night Live Match Chat Game-week 33 – FPL Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Football Live Match Chat Gameweek 33Keep track of Monday nights action right here at FF247 Live Match Chat.

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  1. 31
    The B says:

    2M and 1FT.




    (Already got YYT and Silva.)

    • 31.1
      jamesimmo says:

      I wouldn’t move in for Aguero, not yet, will surely get limited minutes.

      • The B says:

        Damn! He’s so tempting! Cant see any other better DGW player except Dzeko, but i fear Sturridge>Dzeko is just a downgrade.

        • jamesimmo says:

          I wouldn’t touch Dzeko for the same reason… coupled with the fact he’s usually shit aha! If either was guaranteed 90 minutes it’d be a green light from me…

          Hm, by the way, what defense would you pick from this lot?

          Mannone | Boruc
          Zaba | Vlaar | Distin | Ward |

        • jamesimmo says:

          …and Ivanovic? I could just play all the DGWers but…

        • The B says:

          Its a tough one james. But id pick DGW defenders over Ivan. It could backfire though, since Chelsea is so fond of keeping cleanies.

        • jamesimmo says:

          Yeah.. Distin is a must, and really, so is Zaba! So, it boils down to Ward vs Ivanovic, and I’ve got Ward playing as it stands.

        • SAFs_hairdryer says:

          You could use the Dzeko cash to get Silva/Nasri for Noone

  2. 32
    maple says:

    Thinking of taking a hit to get in a palace player.

    Speroni (boruc)
    Kolarov chambers Coleman ( baker Chester)
    Silva yyt miralles hazard (colback)
    Suarez Sturridge lukaku

    3.5 in the kitty
    So thinking of chambers, baker or Chester out for ward, or colback out for puncheon
    Was saving $ for the lukaku>Aguero move but doesn’t seem so necessary at the moment. Is either move worth a hit for the double game week and sit Sturridge?

  3. 33
    arka says:

    81pts this gw so pretty happy !
    I have already done a 4pt hit ,transferring out Eriksen and Ivanovic for Silva and Dann.
    Could I get a RMT ?
    0.1 itb.
    Should I bring in 1 more dgw player ? Have only 6 of them.Or do I stick with what I have ?

    • 33.1
      serendipity says:

      I am in a similar situation- we have 9 players the same. I think you have the key attacking players that will start, others are risky. The other player I am considering is Coleman but I don’t think a defender justifies a 4pt hit (IMO).

  4. 34
    Geoffreys says:

    finally a differential that payed off!!! Eriksen as captain dunno how he only got 2 BPS though, thinking of keeping Kolarov for DGW was going to transfer for another city defender more nailed on but he does seem to play the home games and there games are mostly at home, hmmmm descisions

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