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Pottys Predictions

Pottys Comp Rules


Lads, lasses and OAP’s.

You have now entered the ‘World of Potty’. Within this world many things go on but I know why you’re here. Its because you wish to enter Potty’s Score Predictions Competition. Now before you do, listen in, OK?

Potty’s Competition will run twice a week.

The weekend matches I select will be posted every Friday at 9pm (GMT).

The midweek matches I select will be posted every Monday at 9pm (GMT).

Now you “Potty Punters” these prediction competitions will be run in a League format.

You will receive 3 points if you win the weekly competition outright and 1 point if your predictions are tied with any other fellow competitors.

The League leader after Gwk 38 will be awarded a wonderful Potty Prize.

I now am off to buy a goldfish, because if Paul the Octopus can predict scores then my Goldie will help me loads!

Enjoy the ride Punters.


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