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Pottys Predictions

Potty’s Prediction’s Gameweek 13

Pottys Punters Weekly Review!!!

And what a week it was!
Saturday morning saw 62 punters in my bookies clutching their Score Predictions slips and after all 4 matches were completed we have 12 of you who got 1 prediction correct and each now have 3 points to their name and are up and running with a slot on the Potty’s Predictions League Table (this will be published on Thursday 5th December which will include GW13 results).

The Dirty Dozen are = Bigpopz, Drexl, Chopper, Jasprit, Sharmagisms, Desmo, Floydeth, Andy, Sanchez, NIN, Ronaldo and Bunnies.

The Pottys Bookies opening Launch Party went well. With DJ Raz on the Decks and Bench on bar duty it was always going to end up messy, but the highlight of it all was Mito dancing in his Potted Ankle to that dancefloor filler “I’m Jake the Peg, diddlediddlediddledum”.

The overall winner of the prize for GW12 was decided by a tie-breaker that was played on Wednesday night and I am delighted to announce that the winner was ……. NIN………..

Congratulations NIN!

To redeem your free £10 bet with Ladbrokes please e-mail the team at and they will be in touch with details of how you do this. Be sure to tell us how you spent it and if you won!

Now listen in….a weekly award is now to run called “Pottys Plonker Punter of the Week” and the 1st winner of this is…….

With his first set of prediction’s containing 2 correct results and a would be outright winning card he only went and cancelled these for a revised set of predictions and lost his chance of being the free £10 bet Ladbrokes winner.

Pottys Plonker Punter of the Week this week is…….FLOYDETH.

This weeks competition…

So my fellow Potty Punters I know why you’re here so let’s cut straight to the chase and talk….Money.

The powers that be have informed Potty’s Bookies that each weekend that involves “Premier League Score Prediction’s” we must have a winner of the very generous “Free £10 Bet” from Ladbrokes. So, from now on I have incorporated a Weekly “time of the 1st Goal” tie-breaker that you must highlight in your Predictions like so…(15mins)..Simple isn’t it??

So onto the Weekends Matches..

Cardiff City v Arsenal (Saturday 30th)
Norwich City v Crystal Palace (Saturday 30th)
Hull City v Liverpool (Sunday 1st) and also “Time of the 1st Goal”
Chelsea v Southampton (Sunday 1st)

Good luck to you all.

Thank you all for tuning in and see you next Thursday.
Pottys World is your World too smile

Now post your Predictions below please.


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  1. 133
    Bench@BanterburyLeagues says:

    Right potty

    Cardiff to 2 win 2 -0 whittingham & campell with the goals

    Begovic (Capt)

    You can keep them chickens and wot ever else you want to send me in the post you nutter smile

  2. 134
    Josh721 says:

    Begovic (c)

  3. 135
    Colriles says:

    Odemwingie (C)

  4. 136
    Potty Procky says:

    Tonight’s Potty Competition is underway!!!!
    All that entered, I salute you.

  5. 137
    Potty Procky says:

    We have another Potty Winner…
    The “NAME 4 & POINTS GALORE ” Compitition…..
    Was won by a mighty 29 points and he owes his 4 picks a pat on the back!
    I give to you…..Drum Roll,dddrrrrrr
    The Winner is…..
    Well done mate,
    e-mail me at..

  6. 138
    Sharmaisms says:

    Crap I missed the Competition. When’s the next one Potty?

    • 138.1
      Potty Procky says:

      Watch this space…
      Like tomorrow smile

      • Sharmaisms says:

        Will surely. Will need your expert advice on my three week “plan” as well. This week though would just be happy to know which one of Dawson and Coleman should start. Might be pivotal in my H2H.

        Sadly my defense this GW scored a combined total of 5 points from 4 players with Coleman (8) sitting on the bench.

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