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Fantasy Football Gameweek Review / Fantasy Football Sunday Review

Sunday Review – Gameweek 12

Manchester City 6-0 Tottenham

imagesManchester City might have their troubles when on the road, however when they play at the Etihad, they certainly turn it on. The Spurs defence has been very tight of late and so no one would have predicted the massacre that was to occur. After only 14 seconds City had their first as Jesus Navas started the rot and it was all downhill from then on for Spurs. Alvaro Negredo got involved in the action as he got City’s second and then Sergio Aguero got the goal he deserved to make it 3 after converting a pass from Navas. A neat interchange between Negredo and Yaya Toure allowed the powerful Ivorian to power his way through the Spurs defence and his pass across goal gave Aguero his second of the game and justified all fantasy managers that captained the prolific striker. Negredo then showed his class again as he made a fool of Michael Dawson. A clever ball through the middle of the park from Fernandinho was directed at Negredo who collected and spun past Dawson and cooly finished past Lloris. There was still time for another as the man who started everything then finished it off. A long pass from James Milner was misjudged by Jan Vertonghen which then allowed Navas through on goal and he neatly nestled the ball in the back of the net as Spurs suffered a humiliating defeat. To be fair, not many would have been able to handle Navas, Aguero and company but the Spurs defence was also very poor.

Bonus Points: Navas (3); Aguero (2); Negredo (1)

Cardiff 2-2 Manchester United

rooney-kickOn the face of it this was a fantastic opportunity for United to carry on from their victory over the league leaders Arsenal last time out, but in the end this would seem more like a victory for Cardiff and 2 more points dropped for United. Wayne Rooney carried on with his impressive form after he opened the scoring for United with Javier Hernandez providing the assist. This may well have left Cardiff fans with a sour taste in their mouth though as Rooney was a touch lucky that he wasn’t already back in the dressing room for an early shower. After kicking Jordon Mutch off the ball, he was fortunate to escape with only a yellow card. It was Mutch who provided the assist for Fraizer Campbell to equalise for Cardiff but just short of half-time a Rooney cross was headed in superbly by Patrice Evra to give United a vital lead at half time. The drama was not to end there though as Cardiff carried on fighting valiantly and were rewarded deep into injury time. A free kick from Pete Whittingham was turned in by Kim Bo-Kyung to send the Cardiff fans crazy and bring despair to David Moyes’s side.

Bonus Points: Rooney (3); Evra (2); Whittingham (2) Campbell (2)

This article was written by Migs

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  1. 31
    Potty Procky says:

    To Veer…Killer Instincts……and Colin Clyne…
    That code i gave Veer earlier was wrong as what do the numbers add upto in the codes smile
    Anyone…new or old e-mail me at…
    And Potty will invite you into his FF League World.

  2. 32
    Veer says:

    The B gave me the right one, 1370482-660623

  3. 33
    Veer says:

    Don’t make fun of me too much. This is my wildcard I played in Game Week 2, when there was nothing wrong with my team. I hadn’t discovered FFC at that time, and me and my friend had just played our wildcards the morning before the matches. My team was:
    Hart (Kelvin Davis)
    Whittaker Shaw Zabaleta Coleman (Briggs)
    Walcott Nolan Barkley (Kasami) (Joe Cole)
    Benteke v.Persie (c) Giroud
    That team got me 36 points, which was ranked 2,250,000 that Gameweek!

    • 33.1
      Raziel says:

      Dude, I see you linked your team. A thank you should be in order. 😉

    • 33.2
      Raziel says:

      Anyway, you’re doing great mate. We all make mistakes and learn from them. This is only my second season. I did much better the first. This season I’ve already had 4 or 5 bad gameweeks, which is a killer. Now I make more points in 2 weeks than I did in 4 GW’s before. Part of it is luck and part of it is learning curve (I think). I sort of trusted too much on the guys that were fantastic last season. So I keept Mirallas, Hazard, RvP.Coutinho, Snodgrass for weeks and weeks. Only to watch them kill my team. Sighs. Anyway, changed BPS system also took a lot of points away from me the first weeks. Central defenders are a must now where it was backs last year. Anyhooooooooooo. Got to go. Take care.

      Sayonara bitches.

    • 33.3
      James101 says:

      I had a 22pt week early this season. Life goes on

  4. 34
    Milk and Busquets says:

    With the upcoming fixtures, who would you replace Townsend with? Mutch? Bacuna? Ravel? If I could save money it would be a bonus but not a must.

  5. 35
    Veer says:




  6. 36
    James101 says:

    So. What is my next transfer gents?

    Boruc. Davis

    Davies. Clyne. Baker. Dawson. Gabbidon.

    Hazard. Gerrard. Ramsey. Toure. Johnson

    Aguero. Rooney. Suarez

    Boruc out?

    Or Dawson?

    Or one of my front 7?



    • 36.1
      Veer says:

      James 101,
      You definetly need another keeper, you cant have only soton keepers with all their hard fixtures. Your Midfield and Attack looks sound, just your defence and more importantly goalkeepers.

    • 36.2
      Eddy says:

      James, i wouldnt do anything with that line up mate. Boruc has always had a habit of the occasional spectacular cock up, did the same at celtic

    • 36.3

      I’m probably the worst person to give advice atm…
      however – there is only thing I would advise : don’t touch your front 7, mate …

    • 36.4
      NIN says:

      James – Front 7 is potent,i’d leave it or maybe make a change at the back,Dawson could well be good for some regular points again in the near future so maybe ditch Clyne if you want to make a defensive change,seeing as you already have Boruc between the sticks.

      • James101 says:

        Hadn’t considered dropping clyne.

        He’s been good value for spend. I thought worth keeping him and using him on favourable game weeks.

        But keeper (given my 1 keeper strategy) is not benchable, so considering swapping for someone with better form / fixtures…

        • NIN says:

          James – Hmm,your options may be limited if you change Boruc,my thinking was that you may have more of a selection by losing Clyne instead,GW’s 13,15 and 20 are the ones that bother me the most for Southampton defenders,possibly GW19 too,Boruc could well pick up 3 or 4 points in some of these games from saves,whereas Clyne will likely be just a 1 or 2 pointer so personally i’d ditch Clyne before Boruc.

        • James101 says:

          This is why I post on here. Totally different way of looking at it.

          Thanks for your comment mate. I’ll think on it..

        • NIN says:

          No problem James.

    • 36.5
      Andy says:

      I’d actually save my FT this week if I was you, Rooneys only 1 yellow away from a suspension and when it happens you could possibly downgrade him and upgrade your 2nd keeper at the same time.

      • James101 says:

        That’s also an option – I mean keeping the FT.

        Btw. What did I tell you about benching Suarez mate?!

        • Andy says:

          Like that is it Jimbo, in the end I bottled it and took a -4 hit on Coleman so overall Luis’s return wasn’t that great for me. I was bang on the money with Fonte and Johnson not scoring points and Rooney outscoring Suarez but trust you to remember that. smile

        • James101 says:


          Mate, I remembered! Nah, I like the fact you backed up the idea with facts. Some of which I wasn’t aware of. Your analysis supported my idea of not giving Suarez the armband.

    • 36.6
      Milk and Busquets says:

      Ok cool Jimbo: A new keeper is a must. Krul is a good bet. But I’d look at West Brom / West Ham also because they have very good defensive coaches. Might as well keep Dawson, fairly cheap and he’s in a strong team. They’ll be alright after the next few GWs.

    • 36.7
      billisBob says:

      James 101 – i owe you a big thanks for your advice this week, thanks to your tips, i got a clean sheet form terry, 13 points from oscar and didnt get the 1 point from walcott

      so thanks a lot for that!

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