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The most gambling footballers

The most gambling footballers

The most gambling footballers

Real and new casinos not using gamstop, a variety of gambling, and betting on sports have now become a very popular pastime, and for some, a means of making money. Not only soccer fans like to play, but also the soccer players themselves. Some of them hide their passion for gambling, and some, on the contrary, talk about it themselves. Some of them are sometimes lucky, but still many of them became victims of gambling and lost a fortune. We will tell you about popular soccer players who gamble.

Paul Merson

The footballer, who began his stellar career at Arsenal, suffered from various addictions: drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Merson, fortunately, managed to overcome these addictions, but the most difficult for him to fight was a game addiction. According to the footballer’s calculations, he lost about 7 million pounds on gambling alone. After Paul Merson retired from soccer, he began to advertise a popular British bookmaker.

Gary Neville

Former Manchester United footballer Gary Neville talks in his book about how a widespread obsession with gambling once gripped many England players. Gary shared that he used to bet on everything, and they were large amounts of money – hundreds of pounds at a time. Neville calls gambling addiction the scourge of the team. He was able to recognize the detrimental effects of gambling on his life and was able to stop.

Tony Adams

Arsenal London star of the second half of the 80s and 90s Tony Adams also suffered from various addictions, most notably alcohol and gambling. He gambled a lot and lost a lot. Quit with soccer, Adams founded the clinic for players, addicted to alcohol and gambling. Knowing firsthand the problem, he was eager to help other soccer players suffering from gambling addiction.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton once had a good career in the Premier League, playing for Burnley. But his unbridled passion for betting put his career in danger. The footballer was disqualified for a year and a half because of his involvement in illegal betting. He admitted that he made more than a thousand bets on soccer matches between 2006 and 2013, even though footballers are not allowed to bet on matches they play in.

Keith Gillespie

Keith Gillespie is a famous footballer who played for Newcastle United and Manchester United. Keith had various achievements on the pitch but had no way of curbing his passion for slots not on gamestop and was finally declared bankrupt in 2010 after losing a shocking seven million pounds.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, known as the leader of the Manchester United team, often left crazy money in casinos. Journalists wrote that he once lost 65,000 pounds in one night in a Manchester casino. He was often seen in gambling establishments and betting shops. Over time, Rooney did manage to settle down.

Roy Carroll

Roy Carroll played for Manchester United, where he moved in 2001 from Wigan. The footballer showed great promise, but faced with the competition Fabien Barthez, Carroll somewhat lost. Perhaps that’s why he started gambling. Betting on horse races, sporting events, and lottery – so the footballer entertained and relieved stress. However, Roy could not boast any luck, he often lost, and quite large sums.

Dominic Matteo

Dominic Matteo, who began his soccer career at Liverpool and finished it playing for Stoke City, also had an unpleasant experience related to gambling. Sometimes Dominic was lucky. The footballer once bet a huge amount – 200,000 pounds on one race and won! But despite this success, Matteo was losing more than he was winning and ended up with a huge debt of millions because of gambling. Those debts led to him going bankrupt in 2015.

Didi Hamann

Dietmar Hamann has worn the jersey of the German national team 57 times in his career as an active professional and was under contract with the best clubs in the world. He also won several titles in his long career. As an active player, he never did anything wrong – and yet he still has a right to exist on this list.

After all, Didi Hamann has had a difficult time. Hamann fell into a life crisis after leaving Liverpool (2006) and the end of his marriage. His former wife took their two daughters back to Germany. Hamann saw no way out and tried to compensate for his loneliness with excessive alcohol consumption. He also became addicted to betting. The negative highlights were undoubtedly February 2010, when his driver’s license was revoked for 16 months due to alcohol consumption, and when he gambled away no less than the equivalent of 346,000 euros in one night at a cricket match. However, this night was the wake-up call for Hamann – and in the meantime, he has also overcome this difficult situation thanks to his book “The Didi Man” (which is free of any self-pity).


Gambling enthusiasts come from all walks of life. Even celebrities visit casinos to have a little fun. Some famous soccer players can boast of big winnings in gambling clubs. Surely, among the famous stars and famous athletes, some like to have fun in the company of casinos. It is not surprising, because at the heart of any sport is a competitive spirit, which gives a lot of new emotions and charges new energy. That is why players like to have fun in gambling clubs and casinos.

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