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The Very Hard FF247 Quiz #1

The Very Hard FF247 Quiz #1

The Very Hard FF247 Quiz #1

Okay Ladies, Gents and the Inbetweenies, it is our pleasure to offer you the first of an occasional series of quizzes to entertain you during the International breaks or when I’m bored and have nothing better to do. Usual format is for 10 questions ranging from the child’s play for folks like Elle and Init, to the bloody ridiculous to keep the likes of Ivan and Cookie awake at night!

Now here’s the thing, we need you to post your answers in the same order as the questions; we know it’s bleedin’ obvious but we’ve seen you handle Harry & Lloyd’s……..

Any questions that you have no idea about you can either leave blank or use italics for a wild guess. As we slowly get the correct answers I might start giving out some clues for the tricky ones, or maybe not.
Also, please, please DO NOT post answers that you have Googled, because that just ruins the fun for everybody else. Kindly don’t spoil it for the others, ok? There is a question that I am sure that is impossible to know or guess, so we’ll know. There is the odd bonus point available too. Don’t ask for clarifications, the questions are what they are so just go for it.

So for our first, of hopefully many quizzes, your topic is ENGLISH managers as in Nationality. Questions cover the birth of the FA up to the present day. Football really did exist prior to Sky TV and Jim White!

Eyes down, game on!
Q1. Who was the last English manager to win a European trophy, guess the year to give yourself a bonus point?

Q2. Easy one, who was the last English manager to win the top-flight league in England?

Q3. Who is the English manager that is generally accepted as ‘the father’ of the modern game? Which was the first club he managed for a bonus point?

Q4. Who is the most successful English manager in top-flight football in England?

Q5. Who is the longest current serving English manager in League football?

Q6. Who is the longest serving English manager ever in League football?

Q7. Who was the 1st English manager to win back-to-back FA Cups? Correctly name the team for a bonus point.

Q8. Who was the 1st English manager to win the FA Cup with different clubs?

Q9. Who is the English manager with the most FA Cup wins? Which club for a bonus point?

Q10. England has the most FA Cup winning managers with 51, but how many titles?

Thanks for entering The Very Hard FF247 Quiz #1. This article was written by Secret Zorro

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  1. 37
    Doggo says:

    Sterling or David Silva? I think City will score at least 10 goals in the following 3 matches. Sterling got injured but I hope he will be back for the next match.

  2. 38
    djemba says:

    FF247 friends, need some help! I activated my WC early because of the wild price changes happening daily, which I am struggling to keep up with (is it just me or is it just madness this year?) Thoughts on this Salah-less WC team? Any major issues?

    1.3 ITB in case I need to get Salah back instead of Hazard + premium defender.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 39
    secretzorro says:

    Q3. The only answer that nobody got was Herbert Chapman, his first club was Northampton town. He modernized and professionalized the English game during his time at Huddersfield and Arsenal. He tragically died just as his dreams were coming to fruition.
    “Not only credited with turning round the fortunes of both Huddersfield Town and Arsenal, he is regarded as one of the game’s first modernisers. He introduced new tactics and training techniques into the English game, as well as championing innovations such as floodlighting, European club competitions and numbered shirts, and has received many posthumous honours in recognition.”
    “we recall arguably English football’s most influential manager – referred to as the ‘maker of champions”
    Next quiz coming soon…

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