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World Cup 2nd Group Phase Live Match Chat

World Cup 2nd Group Phase Live Match Chat

World Cup 2nd Group Phase Live Match Chat

Welcome to World Cup 2nd Group Phase Live Match Chat. We now enter into the second round of games and some of us will have got off to a flying start. Others not so much, but however you are doing we still encourage you to partake in the chat. We are sure there will be plenty to discuss that doesn’t always involve whether you should get assist points for a shot that was blocked or your striker really did touch the ball a la Kane before it went in. Predictor games, brackets, bets on the golden boot are all welcomed here. And yeah, even old school footy chat for those that who are just watching the games for fun and just want to talk about the Joga Bonito.

So that you have them to hand, we will post a screenshot of the substitution rules, transfer allotment, wildcard, boosters and of course we will have times and dates for all matches in this, the first of three group phases/rounds/fixtures or whatever you want to call it.


Tuesday June 19th
Russia vs Egypt 7pm (Group A)

Wednesday June 20th
Portugal vs Morocco 1pm (Group B)
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia 4pm (Group A)
Iran vs Spain 7pm (Group B)

Thursday June 21st
France vs Peru 1pm (Group C)
Denmark vs Australia 4pm (Group C)
Argentina vs Croatia 7pm (Group D)

Friday June 22nd
Brazil vs Costa Rica 1pm (Group E)
Nigeria vs Iceland 4pm (Group D)
Serbia vs Switzerland 7pm (Group E)

Saturday June 23rd
Belgium vs Tunisia 1pm (Group G)
Germany vs Sweden 4pm (Group F)
South Korea vs Mexico 7pm (Group F)

Sunday June 24th
England vs Panama 1pm (Group G)
Japan vs Senegal 4pm (Group H)
Poland vs Colombia 7pm (Group H)



Keep track of all the action, the goals, the talking points, right here at FF247 Live Match Chat, an interactive chat which encourages you to keep involved and share your thoughts and emotions as the matches take place.

Good luck to most of you, but not all of you for this 2nd phase of fantasy World Cup!

Thanks for reading World Cup 2nd Group Phase Live Match Chat

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  1. 1
    duthers says:

    is this team bad enough to wildcard or should i just do a simple move or two? kind of tempting to go cr7- cavani- costa in a wildcard

    Click on image to enlarge:

  2. 2
    DMC says:

    Rússia vs Salah
    Cheryshev and Dzyuba in the XI.

    Click on image to enlarge:

  3. 3
    IvanTheTerrible says:

    Maybe final decision.
    Good or bad?

  4. 4
    DMC says:

    I’ve just wildcarded to this. Any glaring improvements I missed? Thanks

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 4.1
      Silvers says:

      Why would you wc DMC after 71 points is there something I don’t know ??

      I must admit I do like team two

      • DMC says:

        Silvers, it’s done now anyway but the reasoning is that I didn’t like that much my 71 pts team for gw2 and 3. Also, there are a few players that have tourney form and that’s very important in short competitions. For example, Werner, James, Griez (despite scoring a penalty) don’t look good and others like Ronnie, Costa, Eriksen are looking much more promising. Then there’s Cavani who plays Saudi Arabia and the Swiss and the Mexicans who have successfully played vs the strongest team in their group meaning I can use them all in gw2 and gw3. Overall I get a better team on paper without hits. The only caveat here is that it’s weaker in terms of gambling captain possibilities (all my forwards play in the same day) but if Ronnie hits two or something like that I’ll be fine.

        • secretzorro says:

          Ronnie plays 6 hours before Diego, just saying

        • Silvers says:

          Yes here what your saying , thought Mexico looked good & Ronnie certainly took the bull by the horns

          Some logic in this so why not , just thought it’s not like you , not to think ahead when you set your team up but as you say form matters be interesting to know if your first team outscores your new one

        • DMC says:

          SZ – and?

        • DMC says:

          Silvers – yeah I did think ahead (I wasn’t planning to WC in gw2 – actualy I hadn’t a clear idea on when to) and I could live with that same team for one more round but with others banging in the points I thought I’d jump on them instead of ‘trusting’ the ones that’ve fail in gw1. There’s not much room for ‘wait and see’ in a short comp. Lukaku is the one I miss but it was him vs Tunisia/England or Cavani vs Saudi Arabia/Russia. Thx for your time looking at it.

        • Silvers says:

          No problem DMC & good luck for round two

  5. 5
    IvanTheTerrible says:

    That’s it, no going back. Now, let’s watch Golovin scoring a brace while we are discussing Ronaldo, Costa and Coutinho :lol:

  6. 6
    IvanTheTerrible says:

    I left Max Cpt for the round of 16. It will be tough to select who is going to score more in the battle for the quarterfinals.

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