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A Look at the Transfer Market Game-week 21

A Look at the Transfer Market Game-week 21

buy_hold_sell07_boWhat does FF247 do when they have too many days between game-weeks? Well, they trot me out, usually it is with a Grab, Avoid or Bore off, but seeing as there was one last week, we decided to take a different road. Has Mito gone serious? Hell no! Just a one time thing, I hope. So the next time you see me, I will be back asking the uncomfortable questions of them Three Amigos. So just bare with me on this article, pretend you liked it and I will pretend I liked writing it. Well let’s get to it and give me your honest opinion, unless it is negative, in that case just lie.

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Not Buying Butland: Knowing when to sell, is just as important as knowing when to buy in. Many of us keep a player past his expiration date. Obviously I like his next fixture, after that it looks like a horror show. As they face Arsenal, Leicester, United and Everton in 4 consecutive weeks. I know that Leicester is in a bit of a funk and United has not been smashing it, but I would still not feel good about these fixtures, particularly because both are away.

Waiting/Holding on Cech: Hard to criticize buying the AFC keeper. So I would say not yet if you don’t have him and just see through the interesting next couple of fixtures if possible, if you own him. Playing Liverpool away, followed by Stoke away and Chelsea at home are not exactly ideal conditions. I know what you are thinking, why be scared of LFC and Stoke, possibly even CFC. Liverpool for all their struggles have only been blanked at home once this season, so buyer beware. Stoke are not exactly a great attacking side, but legend has it they are a mare at home. *Quickly checks schedule* To discover why not fantastic at home this season, they did manage to draw to Leicester and beat City, United and Chelsea, so buyer beware. Chelsea has been terrible 90% of the season, problem is that the other 10% has been lately. But even at their worse this season, they still managed to beat Arsenal 2-0.

Buying LLoris: I have forever critiqued Spurs for their lack of, how do I put this? Guevos! Which is just another way of saying that they lack some toughness in big moments be it an individual game against a beatable team or a game versus any top rival in general. Hard to argue that this season though. They have lost only one game after a GW1 gift to Rooney and United. They are grinding out results and even if clean sheets have not come in abundance, if they are going to come, the next stretch of games might be it. Facing a weakened Leicester side this upcoming GW, they then have the fortune of facing Sunderland, Palace, Norwich and Watford in the next four. If clean sheets are consistently possible for them, this could be it.



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Not Buying Sagna: Everyone is buying, what am I doing selling? Well, Zabaleta is now fit finally and with Sagna playing every game except one, I do think rotation is probably in order. Many would argue that Pablo is a better player and that it is only a matter of time before he takes the job anyway, making him more than just a rotation threat. I do love City’s upcoming fixtures; I just don’t like the idea of investing in a 5.5 defender who may lose his spot or might be likely to at the very least get rotated. Yes, I am aware that Bacary has been playing at a high level, but remember that Pellegrini is a Zaba guy, as he was a Demi guy, when many thought Demichellis should not be playing in the past. I warned that Demi had an advantage because of his past with the manager and while Zabaleta didn’t play for the Engineer in the past, he did come from the same club where the City manager had his record breaking season in Argentina. Pelligrini would have known a very young Zabaleta a year or two away from breaking into the first team. If you have Sagna, you could take the wait and see approach and see what comes about the RB spot.

Waiting/Holding on Dann: Being brought in by over 20K and sold by over 10K, he almost seems like the perfect candidate for this category. My inclination would be that if you have him, you keep him and just bench him for the tougher fixtures as the surrounding fixtures are very juicy and hopefully very forthcoming of points for Palace defenders. However, because some of the tougher ones are right after they play Villa, I would think holding off on buying him is actually a sound strategy for now, at least until he gets by City and Spurs. Another thought is, if you don’t own Dann, buying Ward or Souare down the line is a wiser investment because of the money saved. In particular if you already have plans on grabbing Sanchez, Kun, etc..

Buying Cresswell: Am I really buying him or am I saying that he could be a decent punt? Kinda saying both things, that is one of covering your arse. To be honest if he was a bit cheaper he would have attracted a lot more attention and having said that, at the time of writing he was the 2nd most transferred in. The price tag makes him a punt, his last couple of games and the upcoming fixtures make him a buy. Besides City in GW23, there is a lot of possible good outcomes for The Hammers there. Assuming that West Ham will be going forward in a lot of these games, makes me think that Aaron has good potential for more assists or perhaps even another goal. He got a set piece attempt last game and was seen getting plenty of crosses in. If Carroll can stay healthy (big if) his best buddy could become Cresswell and those crosses searching that big melon head of his.


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Not buying Willian: With so many managers happy buying up Willian at the current moment, I am sure this one will not go over well. Hear me out though before you burn me at the stake. Willian has participated in 19 EPL games this season, in 10 of them he scored 2 points or less. In the rest (the other 9) he averaged less than 7 PPG. Close to seven is not bad, but it is not great when someone is ruling someone’s ten worse games. For instance, if we ruled out Payet’s six worse games and only counted his other seven of the 13 he has played, he would average 8.7 PPG. If I did it for Alli and wiped out his 10 worse games and only averaged the rest, he would stand at 8.5 PPG. We could do the same for Arnautovic, Ozil, KDB, Mahrez and on and on. In several cases like Ozil and Mahrez they would still average more even when all the low scoring games are included. So what does this prove? In my eyes, it’s that he is not explosive nor terribly consistent. Only 2 double figure games all season is further proof. I know he is in ‘form’ but check the last time he was, GW7-9. Then check what he did the next seven weeks, you guessed it, nothing. His lack of shot taking is a concern and a dependence on free kicks to get FPL points is never a good idea. Having someone take pens or set pieces should be the cream on top to how a FPL player gathers points, not the main reason.

Waiting/Holding KdB: Why are you selling?! At least wait out the home fixtures and the Sunderland game on the horizon. Our boy has started 7 games at home and just barely missed out on averaging double figures. His next two are at home and at the very least you could give him the courtesy of seeing out his stint until then. Sell if you must, but seller beware of the possible danger it poses. City are a different animal at home and KdB has had some monster games at the Etihad, even if no one was there to watch him do it. So I would at least hold onto him for now, if you don’t have him, I would consider buying him but the price tag and the need for a certain Chilean or the need of money to buy Kun could provide a reason to wait. It is your choice, but I am not going to be a victim of Chucky.

Buying Payet: Yep, it is a bit early, but if you wait to buy everyone, then you will never see the benefit. The problem with waiting too long on buying someone is that by the time you get them, just about everyone will already own him. Therefore, negating any real gain by owning him. Seeing that most of us are on a template and whoever is not, quickly adjusts to be on it, if one wants to gain any advantage of having someone they must go a bit early if possible. Could it be too early and come back to haunt you? Sure, but if you only care about staying with the crowd then just make sure you stay on the highest owned players and you will be fine. Moving a little bit up and dropping a little and repeating the cycle week after week. We all know of Payet’s prowess and also know that he will quickly be snapped up the first moment he does anything of consequence. So we got about two game-weeks after his first good performance for the bandwagon to overtake the feeling of having at least a slight differential.


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Not Buying Costa: Originally I thought I would place Martial here, would be easy to make an argument on that one. For some reason over 20K have bought him up. However, I decided to go with one I know will be controversial, but also one that I do feel doesn’t merit his price or possibly buying. Frankly if he was 8-9 million I probably would consider him a lot more. Part of my problem with him stems from a problem he had last season, that I think still exists, bonus points. He seems to require fantastic outings to garner any at all, and sometimes even then he is passed over or only given one. He had two games with a goal and an assist and still only received one bonus point. Only games he got the three bonus was when he was involved in all the goals be it through goals or assists and only when there was more than one. History tells us that when he scores one goal he is all but ignored. Last season he scored one goal and had no assists on eleven occasions, he got a grand total of 4 bonus points for it and he probably only got those because Chelsea conceded in said games, so their defenders were out of contention. So unless he starts coming up with more than six points consistently, I would probably ignore him for now.

Waiting/Holding Lukaku: The third most transferred out forward this week so far. What does a man have to do to earn your loyalty? What a fickle bunch you truly are. I hope you bristled when he scored again in the cup against Man City. A look at the fixtures probably leads one to think that this is the main reason, I will admit City and CFC away are not the most appealing opponents. But this is the new Lukaku, isn’t it? In his last 14 he has racked up 13 goals and 4 assists along with 19 bonus points. Besides, this Everton team can score on anyone and that is a good thing, because they can’t stop anyone from scoring on them. However, if you don’t own him, you might be able to get away with it in these two upcoming GW’s and possibly play others with better fixtures. Plainly said I wouldn’t sell if I had him, the loss of value and his consistent nature make it too hard, but if I didn’t have him, I probably risk it for the next two games and hope for the best.

Buying Aguero: Well, he is Aguero, need I say more? Kun plays his next two at home against a defensively challenged Everton and a Palace side that just allowed CFC to score 3 on them. So with City having 4 of their next 6 at home, I would be armed with the Argentinian. We all know that many are making plans to bring him in and scoring in his last game will certainly help that along. Now that he is getting 90 minutes, this bandwagon will gain major steam, as frankly we are all just a touch scared of the damage he can do when he is ticking. We all look at his season and feel disappointed to a degree, but is there a more explosive force in FPL? Many a FPL season was lost on that 5 goal game against Newcastle. If you didn’t captain him or worse didn’t have him, you felt like just deleting your team and taking up knitting. Take a chance and don’t buy him if you wish, but one good week from Kun could undo weeks of pulling back your rank to respectable and send you plummeting to where the FF247 site team lays.


Thanks for reading A Look at the Transfer Market – Fantasy Premier League 2015-16. This article was written by Mito21

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  1. 37
    Pancho says:

    Also, Mito, great little read here! Very helpful at this point in the season! Great thoughts as I consider how to try to fit Kun/KDB/Payet/Ozil/Kane and eventually Sanchez into my squad! Hopefully Mahrez can fit too :/

  2. 38
    James101 says:

    My hill De gea

    Dier Dann Smalling Monreal Simpson

    Mahrez KDB Ozil Arnautovic Alli

    Lukaku Kane Ighalo

    £4.5m in the bank.


    A. Lukaku to KUN?
    B. Kane to KUN?
    C. Something else
    D. Save the ft.


  3. 39
    colonial says:

    I need to find a 5th midfielder who is cheap but will bring in the 2pts if required. Who do you think at this stage – many thanks

  4. 40
    PeterPan says:

    Interesting read… I think you looked at my squad while writing this ;)
    CECH MCarthy
    Ward Smalling CRESSWELL Wollscheid J.Evans
    Ozil KDB Mahrez PAYET Westwood

    Which 2 though should join McCarthy and Westwood on my Bench? (Provided no injuries this weekend)

    Happy New Years!

  5. 41
    chillywilly_007 says:

    Happy New Year to you all my friends. Can someone have a look at my potential WC team please? I’ve born Mito’s ideas in mind!

    • 41.1
      inittowinit says:

      Happy New Year chilly! Not sure anyone’s ever muttered the phrase “I’ve born Mitos ideas in mind” before :D

      Ighalo over Deeney for me. Depends on cash though I guess. Rest looks sweet. Just wanted to say Happy New Year really!

  6. 42
    DMC says:

    Mito – haven’t been around enough to write but always lurking. Great peace of an article mate. If anything, I think you made the best words per comment ratio ever with it! Absolutely commited and valuable comments from everyone! What a Fantasy (but real) Community!! This will probably get lost In the site, since capos is live, but I’ll leave it here anyway, where it belongs. Cheers

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