Fantasy Football Tips

The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 16

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 16 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 16. This is the first Tips article by my good self in some months due to me hoodwinking the FF247 lot into thinking that I’ve been busy this autumn! I jest, this is the first proper chance I’ve had to sit and focus solely on fantasy matters for any reasonable amount of time. And right in time for the busy Christmas period. Stars align I guess. And why do I have to follow Bry’s article? I don’t know how to put this across but that’s like someone really poor following someone really brilliant (See? I can’t even example right!) Goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois and David de Gea are the premium picks and unsurprisingly are the two highest point-scoring goalkeepers in the game, although the Spaniard has an almost 20 point le...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 13. After the boredom the international break brings, here we are at the start of what is going to be a busy time for Premier League teams – and therefore FPL players alike – as the fixtures are crammed together in the run up to Christmas and New Year. First, of course, are the Champions League games that will see Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Man United all playing – along with Arsenal and Everton in the Europa League – and so it may be wise to hold off on your purchase until you know the player you want is still fit. And not fainting or being in car crashes. Yes, I’m looking at you, Sergio. Anyway, it turns out Asmir Begovic is heavily into his FPL, believe it or not. It must be ...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 12. Before we proceed I must warn you that I’m in a foul mood. What’s new? Well I’ve got a good reason this time. As I write this Ireland are currently playing Denmark in a crucial World Cup play-off and the score is 3-1 to Denmark. Yet the score-line isn’t actually the issue! The problem is that I’m not watching it. Instead I’m listening to it on the radio. Why? I’m in Wales! The hotel I’m staying in does not have Sky and their internet is terrible, meaning I can’t even watch it online. So, as you can see I’ve got good reason to be in a mood. Bank to FPL. Hmmm… this is unlikely to improve my mood. I’ll be honest, I love FPL but this season is really testing my patience so I desperately need a good score this week ...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 11. The game-week before an international break is always a tricky one for FPL managers. For some it will be chasing lost points from the week before while for others it may to build on a good week. It’s not really the ideal time to wildcard as many of the players will be travelling near and far over the next fortnight, whilst the most experienced and wise managers will look, if possible, to hold their free transfer this week in order to have two to utilise when the inevitable injuries, rest or rotation occurs when the players arrive back late from international duty. So to write your Tips article is tricky this week – but of course when the chips are down and the difficult questions need answering, FF247 turn to m...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 10. Well, that was a rubbish gameweek, wasn’t it?! With my phone usually buzzing away each gameweek with goal and FPL-related alerts, I wondered if there was something wrong with it on the Saturday as nothing happened! You then hear stories of people who had forgotten to change their team, meaning they hadn’t brought in the likes of Jesus or Morata, kept the captain armband on Kane – having placed it on him before the Bournemouth game – and not done what I did and benched Monreal either. Those are the few managers who will be looking at some serious green arrows right now! Anyway, it’s already a quarter of the way through the season and so let’s see if we can banish the ghouls ahead of the gameweek near...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 8. I’m sure you’ll all agree that the Tips article written by GP ahead of GW7 was nothing short of excellent, after all he included the legend that is Oumar Niasse. However, I must admit that I was a little jealous having read said article. Why? Well GP is in the process of moving house which is always exciting. He was off on his jollies to the principality of Monaco where he was to be wined & dined by royalty! Surely you were also jealous? Well I’m not jealous anymore. You mean you haven’t heard? Scottish people are genetically inferior to the rest of us. In other words, they’re short. So Gordon Strachan says so and who am I to question Gordon? So Scotland won’t be going to Russia and neither will the Dutch but...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 7 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 7. Hello and welcome to a shorter than normal Tips article for week seven. The reasons for my time being a bit tight right now are plenty. I have childcare issues – mainly that the schools are currently on holiday! I move house in three weeks and the hassles and general ball-achery which accompanies. I am swamped a bit at work with general silly season and long hours in the office. Also, having borne witness first hand that my Rangers are about as far away from big rivals Celtic as I am from my gym locker and membership card, then you kind of get the picture that I’m scrambling a bit. On top of all this I have to consider how I’m going to live up to the legend that is Lord Pardew as I’m scheduled for a meeting with ...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 6

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 6 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 6. As the nights start to draw in and it gets colder – in the UK at least – it feels like we’re starting to get the proper conditions for football now. You’re sat in a stand, freezing your bits off as the wind howls around you, while the soaked-through footballers look miserable on the pitch – that’s much more the kind of football experience we are used to. Another thing we are also beginning to find all too familiar from previous seasons is the realisation after a couple of weeks that the wildcard needs to be used as plans haven’t gone to, well, plan! After a lot of people used their wildcard in the international break, I thought I’d see it through and, with events at Vicarage Road on Saturday, I am now on sa...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 5

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 5 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 5. Kop quite expertly used last week’s Tips article to promote the qualities of the most popular FPL options. Now, following a Tips article by Kop is a bit like being asked to enter the bullring just as the bull is fully charged up. Hence management approached me, preferring not to ask one of their better writers to put himself in the line of fire! I am not used to writing Tips, my usual job is of course writing up press conference news on a Friday. So bear with me, join me along what may be a fun ride and will hopefully prove of some use to someone. Somewhere. To complement Kop’s article, I have decided to focus on those players who have flown under the radar for whatever reason so far this season – it may be they ...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 4

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 4 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 4. Since GW3 we’ve had to deal with Deadline Day and the first international break of the season. As much as we moan about international football it doesn’t come anywhere close to Deadline Day in the tedium stakes. I’ll refrain from a Guy type rant on the subject of Deadline Day, suffice to say it’s an awful waste of time. In terms of the overall transfer window it would appear to have been a success for United while all the other sides with title aspirations are likely to be somewhat disappointed. That’s enough about the transfer window we’re here to discuss FPL. Has the two week break proved to be a success for you? This week I’ve decided to take a look at FPL’s most popular players and whether or not they deserve...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 3

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 3 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 3. Back in 1998, The Propellerheads teamed up with Shirley Bassey for a song called ‘History Repeating’. Why am I dropping this random fact into my first article of the season, I hear you ask… Well, game-weeks one and two of the new FPL campaign have well and truly got the tune in my head with how they have shown some things just never change! Harry Kane is, once again, slow off the mark, leaving managers scratching their heads on whether they should get rid of him, Arsenal are having a mixed time of it with no clean sheet yet meaning a proportion of their fans are going into meltdown on Twitter and we’re starting to see a couple of surprise packages in teams that many had written off before a ball had even be...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 2

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 2 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 2. Hello and welcome to the Tips article for Gameweek Two and my maiden one for the FPL 2017/18 season. Now hopefully with everyone present and correct after Gameweek 1 and no fallers, let’s look to the second obstacle in this thirty eight fence steeplechase. ‘On we go’. That’s both an instruction and a mantra for this love-to-hate game of ours. Itchy trigger fingers need to be soothed in balm, not scratched. Our mile-a-minute FPL minds need rest and contemplation and not further torture. And I would like to win the lottery and retire from pen-pushing. Seeing as none of these things are going to happen let’s get begin with a question. Who needs new players? Wow . . . that many? Anyway, I was quite fortunate enough t...Read More

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