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The Tips article, which will be released on Thursdays, is where we take a look at which players should be considered for your team, both on a short-term and longer-term basis. While the more obvious selections will, naturally, be included, we will also endeavour to find those hidden bargains and differentials that could set you apart from your rivals and help your performance in your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 36. Well, how was it for you then? I am, of course, talking about fantasy football – what else?! – and, in particular, Gameweek 35, where lots of managers no doubt looked in horror at their team as they realised they had three players starting. Others who had picked the right personnel within their free hit chip had contrasting emotions however! With so few teams playing – and so some of the season’s favourites like Kane, De Gea, Azpilicueta, Eriksen and Vardy not starting – it gave a good chance to mix things up a bit with the free hit chip, with players like Lacazette, both of Man City’s Silvas and even Livermore bringing the points in. Just 0.1 per cent of managers have Livermore, by the way, and honestly, would...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips DGW34

Fantasy Football Tips DGW34 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips DGW34. Into DGW34 we go as last week’s disaster is well and truly pushed to the back of our minds. With the likes of Salah and Firmino not even starting and then players like Lukaku, Kane, Willian and Mahrez proving to be massive flops, an average as low as just 32 points was inevitable. Even the top team with 102 points still had a zero next to Hector Bellerin – if that’s any consolation! Suffice to say, with writing on two consecutive gameweeks, I feel the need to evaluate my tips article from last week. Well, the best goalkeeper suggestion turned out to be either Lloris, Pope or Ryan who each scored three points. Looking at the defenders, Tarkowski was embarrassingly the best tip as he collected two points, with Monreal ...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 33. Into the business end of the season we go and this round is very much the calm before the storm, with what is widely thought to be two double game-weeks on the horizon – 34 and, most likely, 37 – with the shortened Game-week 35 in-between, presenting great opportunities for the chips you have left. This Tips article will focus on the more long-term players to have in your team, whilst next week’s will look to the best options for that specific double game-week. Many FPL managers – myself included – used their wildcard the last round, with tactics in place for the usage of the chips and then additional transfers. I’m not ashamed to say it’s all been planned out on an Excel spreadsheet! These strategies, however,...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 32. I’ve been off the grid for the past week or so due to a few reasons – mainly that work has been extremely busy with ‘year-end’ stuff. The usual shenanigans, it’s either ‘we need to pull money out of our backsides to fund what’s already been spent’ or finding some ‘must spend now!’ money down the back of the council sofa. “Mad March” it has always been termed and I understood why as the 1st April, the new financial year loomed. But perhaps now this same moniker could be applied each season to FPL (it’s around this time the DGWs are announced). Because even before last Thursday’s announcement of the DGWs in GW 34 and (probably) 37...Read More

You can lead a Horse to water…

You can lead a Horse to water… But can he lead himself to victory?! Maybe, just maybe… By way of introduction (he probably needs none but here goes anyway…) Horse has been with us for years and years, dating back to our old FFC days in fact. And he’s leading our FF247 Regulars League for good measure too. And last season was definitely his last! He all but quit and it took a community intervention for him to even be here today. And we’re bet he’s glad he is as this season he’s absolutely flying! And he’s very kindly taken some time out for us to reflect on what he has changed in his approach to FPL this season and tells us how he thinks that has helped him to rise in the ranks to his current lofty position. And as a helpful (and ever so perti...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips and Captain Picks Gameweek 31

Fantasy Football Tips and Captain Picks Gameweek 31 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips and Captain Picks Gameweek 31. We may be masochist’s in many respects but we don’t (normally!) treat our writers in the same fashion. In a week with just four fixtures, asking our Tips writer to do anything other than name the bleeding obvious seemed cruel. Asking this week’s Captain writer to knock out an article to justify anyone but a Liverpool player, and in particular one named Mo, seemed… absurd. And painful. Instead… we’ve asked them all to do both! Sort of. We’ve expanded the thought process a bit though and have asked them all a series of questions about not only BGW31 but also about their plans for the weeks ahead and also their chip strategy. And their c...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 30

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 30 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 30. What is it about blank game-weeks and double game-weeks that drive FPL managers into a frenzy? And it’s certainly not a good frenzy. Is there such a thing as a good frenzy? Probably not. I don’t know. Who cares? Apologies, I’m just rambling incoherently here. I’m only just recovering having been snowed in for four days at the end of last week. Back to my original question. We’ve all been burned by blanks & doubles in the past. Whether choosing to chase them or not chase them. And the forthcoming blank in GW31 is no different. Hands up if you were one of those who drafted in the likes of Walcott & Wilson in recent weeks? You can’t see me but I’m sat here in my office with my hand up. I look rather silly!...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29. Tips at this stage of the season can be tricky and there’s my excuse straight away for this article. BOOM! I only half joke as many FPL teams look similar with five or six names being prevalent in many active teams. There are of course those looking for the differential, but again they are few and far between particularly because we have most of the top clubs blanking in GW31 leaving just a few names that will be popular for that unique week. There are of course two rounds of fixtures before we get to GW31 and they should far from be ignored – every point gained at this stage of the season is precious and results in a decent rise in the rankings. So allow me to look through each position and attempt to find som...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 28

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 28 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 28. So, here we are then, the storm as a result of the FA Cup fifth round is upon us and we’re already seeing games taken out in Gameweek 31, with another postponement possible once Spurs undertake the replay against Rochdale. On the basis that the north London team makes it past the League 1 side – like Man City didn’t on Monday night – to Round 6, their game against Newcastle becomes the sixth fixture out of a possible 10 that will be a big fat blank for that week. Looking at that week in March, you may want to use your free hit chip, however do bear in mind Gameweek 35 then carries with it blank gameweek possibilities as well. It clashes with Round 7 of the same tournament with Man City v Swansea, Br...Read More

Navigating upcoming GWs to field a strong team in BGW31

Welcome to Navigating upcoming GWs to field a strong team in BGW31 It’s been a tough FPL season for many of us. The bad news is that it’s about to get even tougher with a number of blank and double GWs to navigate as we slowly reach its final stages. There is good news too though: there is a huge opportunity in those trickier upcoming weeks and those of us who’ll take advantage of it will be the ones who may still find pride in their OR once the dust of this FPL season has finally settled. The first stage of this opportunity has begun already and will end with a very tough BGW31. The purpose of this article is to provide some thoughts on how to manage our FPL teams throughout this stage. Or in other words, to answer the following question: How can we field 10 players in BGW31 without sacri...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 27

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 27 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 27. Those of us who write for the site have a WhatsApp chat which is primarily used to ensure that everyone knows who’s writing what and when. From time to time there is some conversation and on Monday night it went a little like this, (abridged version)… Rosco: Fixtures sent, off to shoot myself in the face. Init: Good luck with that, you’ll probably miss. Init: Oh dear. Kop has a rival misery guts judging by the first paragraph. AT: Ahh shite Rosco: What’s up hun? AT: I might have to rewrite mine to be more upbeat. Can’t have the whole site plunged into a state of misery all week hahaha. Rosco it was an excellent intro, I share your pain mate. It has however got me thinking. Perhaps I should try being posit...Read More

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 25

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 25 Welcome to Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 25. Hello and welcome to your Tips article for Gameweek 25. This particular week falls midweek and will be played out across next coming Tuesday and Wednesday and I must admit, midweek FPL is one of my favourites. Whether it is the condensed gameweek of just two nights covering all your players or whether it is the rush of tension and panic regarding so much breaking team news at the same time or the fact that the evening games and I get peace to watch football from first kick to last, I don’t know. I just love it. Jurgen Klopp may not, of all the teams playing in the FA Cup this weekend, Liverpool are the only ones who play their Gameweek 25 fixture within 72 hours of their cup tie ending. This ironically is due t...Read More

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