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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 14

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 14

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 14

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 14 article. Having fared poorly the previous week, as many did, we needed to bounce back this week and we did just that with a decent 68 points which saw us rise over 45,000 places and back up to a respectable overall rank of 34,512. Captaining Sanchez helped us massively, as did hanging onto Kun, which in itself feels like a feat given that 4/5 of the committee actually now admit that they sold him on their own teams! Other than those two, Austin got us 9 and Pieters brought a clean sheet and 6 but the rest were left wanting, it does go to show that you can still post a decent score if just a few of your troops turn up. Our big disappointment was of course our actual transfer as we had planned meticulously to finally bring in Coutinho but he unfortunately suffered a bad injury this week. To add insult to that Firmino also limped off too to leave us with a grand total of 4 points between them. Best laid plans and all that. Let’s take a look at how we plan to deal with the situation this week…

Transfer – Sold Coutinho & Lukaku and bought Pedro & Kane
We bring you the site team early this week and that is simply because we have decided to jump in and make our transfers now rather than wait to suffer the inevitable price drops of Coutinho and Lukaku. It would be remiss of us to post this on Friday and only tell you then that we made our moves on Tuesday. Yes we know the dangers of this of course, but it was a small risk we felt willing to take, especially given that had we waited we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford the guys we wanted, in particular our chosen captain.

Like so many other managers our transfer this week, or at least one of them, has been dictated to us as a result of the injury suffered by Philippe Coutinho. With Romelu Lukaku failing to register any returns for three consecutive games the decision was made to cut him adrift and in the process incur a 4pt hit, our first of the season.
So, having decided who we were selling we now had the task of identifying their replacements. Given the fixtures over the coming game-weeks it came down to a straight choice between Harry Kane and Diego Costa to fill the void left by Lukaku. While Chelsea are in great form, Spurs’ next three home games are against Swansea, Hull & Burnley and we simply couldn’t ignore the potential Harry Kane offers. Granted Spurs are struggling somewhat in front of goal but as we’ve seen in the past Kane only needs one chance. The fact that he features in slightly over 8% of teams is an added bonus.

With £7.5m to spend we turned our attentions to the midfield. Had we made the choice to go with Costa up top we would in all likelihood have went with Gylfi Sigurdsson. It was however felt that the lack of Chelsea cover could have dire consequences in the weeks ahead and with that in mind the decision to add Pedro to our squad was a relatively easy one.



The team picks itself really and there are no surprises, maybe we could have considered Pickford ahead of Cech but Arsenal have only conceded 4 away and West Ham only average a goal a game at home (6 in 6). We hope Bobby (as Klopp calls him) makes it of course but even if he doesn’t we won’t be rushing to take more hits for him, we will let a 1 / 2 pointer come off the bench. As we said in the intro, it’s not always about a perfect 11 sometimes, it just needs the key elements in place, and we feel we have prepared ourselves correctly in that respect this week.

Our Captain is Harry Kane
The decision to appoint Kane as our captain this week was a unanimous one. After all Swansea have shipped 12 in their last four games and even Crystal Palace managed to put four past them in GW13. End of story with that one really!

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 14

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  1. Hello, done with two early transfers. Lukaku and Fuchs to Kane and Tymon. Phelan was praising a lot about this guy and has started last two games for hull.cant find a better 4m option than him frankly. Attached is my team. What say friends?

  2. Which pair is better to have right now?

    1) Sanchez and Austin
    2) Walcott and Kane

    • Sanchez and Austin

      • Mitro – I see you want Sanchez so bad. I myself want Kane in my team but the only way to do that is if i downgrade Sanchez to Walcott and i’m not sure if that is a good idea. Was even thinking Kun to Kane for 4 weeks then swap back. Am i insane?

        • Seriously considering Aguero to Kane as well. Surely he’ll get more points against Swansea, United, Burnley and Hull than Aguero will versus City, Leicester, Watford and Arsenal?

        • Captain Kingpin – exactly my point! I believe Kane will outscore Aguero during these 4 games so was toying with that idea all this week. Kane’s 3 home matches are mouthwatering and he could very well be the captain for these games.

  3. Guys,

    I have 1 FT & 1.2 ITB – what would you do?

    All week I’ve been planning to do hazard to Sanchez – is this the right move?

    • Hazard to Sanchez this week (no hit) then Walcott to Pedro next week if you want to keep your Chelsea midfield coverage since you will have 2 arsenal mids.

      • Eagle – I actually never thought about that – thank you

        • :ok:

    • To me, it would look weird to dump Hazard one GW before the great run of fixtures that Chelsea has.
      The team looks well set for the coming weeks, even if it is not optimal for the next GW. I think that I would keep the FT…

    • This has changed! I thought we had a foolproof plan to get Sanchez which didn’t involve losing Hazard? I feel betrayed :)

      • Init – it’s done!

        • Apart from I’ve lost hazard!!

        • :say-what:

        • Fingers crossed it doesn’t backfire

    • Mitro do not lose Hazhard fixtures to good I would change Costa to Kane ;)

  4. Hey guys how would you improve my team. Already did Coutinho to Siggy so I have 1FT remaining and £2.0 ITB. Was finding a way to bring in Kane but then I would have to take out Sanchez and Austin and bring in Walcott and Kane but still not sure. My killer forwards would be Kun, Kane and Costa though quite expensive. Any thoughts guys?

    • My team in full:

      • Hey Egle this is one of the best teams I’ve seen Spurs cover up front would be the only thing but without sacrificing one of you premium def not sure how you would do this or possibly a Sou def really good team ;)

        • Thanks Silvers. Yes a Sou defender is on my watch list. I was thinking Kelly to Cedric or take out my non-playing GK Jakupovic to Forster. Any of these moves would help me have a solid squad for the busy festive period.

        • Eagle I would say Sanchez is a season keeper not sure if you were even thinking of losing him but hold TF & yes that would be a good move Kelly to Sou def .

    • To me, the team is great as is.
      I would not loose Sanchez before West Ham and Stoke. I would hold the transfer and wait for after the Spurs-ManU game to swap Sanchez and Kane.
      So I would keep the FT!

  5. I don’t like doing it, but I’ve taken a hit to do Friend -> Cedric. Here’s my reasoning:
    1. It keeps me from playing Stones against Chelsea or Amat against Spurs.
    2. Friend is injured for 3 weeks and I need a fully fit squad moving into the festive period.
    3. Cedric has a great run and is in great form.
    So here is my squad for the weekend on a -4

    • Ok, Pancho, I have studied your file, and my conclusion is that you have a valid case for taking a hit for a defender!

      • Hahah thanks Vinci! Youve helped me to almost believe I did the right thing. Still not fully convinced, but I’m on the way! :)

    • Good move Pancho. A Southampton defender is a good pick. They have a good run of fixtures so sit back and enjoy the points. Next week address your other city players (Gundogan and Stones).

      • Eagle, I was going to do Stones to Cedric but felt I needed to keep ahold of him because he actually plays. If Friend were fit I would have done Stones instead. And indeed, one of them out next week!

    • Hey Pancho, how are you? Just thought I’d update you – the beards coming along nicely, so much so I’ve just ordered a beard trimmer!

      • Innit, great to hear the beard news! :) I’d also recommend a beard oil. Helps with the itch and keeps it softer.

        • I’m currently using Oil of Olay!

    • Pancho not I bad move I would thk this is a good GW to take a hit as I thk most will because of injuries;)

  6. And Zealand scores again.

    • Is that what we’re calling him now?!

      • Lol Init, no! Autocorrection. I will call him this from now on though. It is perfect. :D

        • New Zealander surely :D

  7. Any news on Heaton and Boruc?

  8. Evening all,

    Have I set my r team up up correctly?
    I have double West Bromwich at the back so should I:
    A. Leave as Is
    B. Play Pickford rather than Forster
    C. Play Morgan rather than Madley

    Mcauley, Cedric, Pieters
    Hazard, Firmino, Matic, Sanchez
    Aguero, Costa, Austin

    Pickford, Morgan, Holebas, Barry
    1ft, 0.1 itb
    Transfer this week was Stones to Cedric

  9. Guys i need help here. Who to get for gundogan for about 6m or should i keep hom for another week. Thanks guys.

    • * him lol.

    • Zaha, Chadli or Philips

    • I went Phillips in the cheap slot I had available this week. I still have Gun but I’ll also be replacing him with Zaha next week, assuming nothing else goes wrong in the meantime.

      • Talking of Zaha, I see he’s switched his allegiance to Ivory Coast and will be off to the ACON.

        • I was about to say I’m sure Pardew is delighted to be losing his only productive player but it won’t matter a fat lot to him by then!

    • Matic would be another and I see he’s been popular on here. Maybe not so much this week though but for their run he looks decent. I’m still sceptical on his continued assist rate though!

      • Thanks guys for that, some great options there.

  10. Bit of a mental blockade here guys but is it the League Cup semi finals that start effecting FPL and set up DGWs or is it the FA Cup replays??

    • It’s generally the FA Cup Matt, the semis are midweek over 2 legs. The final itself usually clashes though with an FPL weekend so that gets the ball rolling. Means a blank to plan for before the DGW’s start. It’s the 26th Feb for the record, or GW26 to us.

    • It’s neither Matt :)

      Assuming no games are called off due to adverse weather conditions the first PL games to be postponed will be as a result of the league cup final.

      • The games which could be postponed in GW26 are

        Hull v Burnley
        Leicester v Liverpool
        City v United
        Southampton v Arsenal

        Obviously two of those games will be postponed.

        • I have a crystal ball if any one wants to borrow it ;)

      • GW28 is the first clash in that respect as the quarters land on an FPL day.

      • Looking at those Kop you could be finally vindicated in dropping Kun. Albeit for one week, in Feb :D

        • I’ve begun my preparation early this season ;)

        • :D

      • Ah cheers fellas. I just couldn’t bloody remember which it was. Wouldn’t mind Liverpool,Leicester, United and City on Doubles ;)

  11. ´Night everyone. Has anyone considered Origi and is he nailed for the time being?

    • I don’t think he’s nailed on DMC. Sturridge will likely get some game time throughout December.

    • Not with Sturridge and Lallana coming back he’s not.

      • Yeah I see Studge is on 75% in FPL but Ben Dinnery has him on “No Return Date”, thus the hint Origi might stay around for the next few games at least, but if you guys don’t think so maybe I’ll look elsewhere. Thx.

  12. And how about the lad Sims from Southampton, is he the ultimate £ 4.5/5th mid in a 3-4-3 formation?

    • He looked great the other day and I believe he didn’t start tonight so that’s a good indication. I did actually consider him instead of Phillips but I wanted to see him start more and be sure he did first.

      • Yeah, he did on the 66th, for Boufal. He looks lively and in form. What worries me about his game time is the xmas period we’re getting into now. We’ll need the bench for sure. Otherwise he could be a great enabler in a 3-4-3. Is he doing Tadic’s role?

        • He played on the right on Sunday. Right of a front 3 as such with Redmond on the left of it. They were slightly behind Austin but I guess for the purposes of a formation chart it was a front 3 essentially.

        • Thx init. I like the Philips pick. I’m downgrading someone in the midfield this week, to get kane, and if I need the funds then him and Zaha are shortlisted. Zaha has a much better ICT Index but he also has Afcon now so he’d be a ney right now.

        • I think Mito said the ACON is about 7 GW’s away yet so I wouldn’t worry too much about that yet unless you have more than just him going.

        • Indeed, but we all know how squads are affected by the xmas period so I’m sure other pressing issues will come up come January so my transfers in and out from now to January do have in consideration the exodus of African players. For example (and I may regret this), Sadio Mane will be saying farewell this week. Granted that’s to fund Kane, but others could make way and in the end that was the decisive issue, so it wouldn’t make sense, to me, to then bring another African player. Especially a budget one that would then be difficult to sub.

        • That sounds far too sensible! You’d never fit in on the site committee with that attitude ;)

        • Lol I would if there were enough pints though!

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