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FPL Team Gameweek 9

FPL Team Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 9 I’d start Mickey Mouse over Shaw So is the assessment of one of our members who is the only one of us left who actually owns him himself*! It made us chuckle and so it was to be the article title decided earlier in the week, when things were simple and we had an open-and-closed case of bringing in Lukaku with our free transfer and we were only concerned whether we would captian him or Salah and whether we trusted that Rudiger would feature. Ahhh, simpler times …. *At least of time of print. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Gameweek 8 is to be reviewed. For “Gameweek 8” read “Liverpool” Thanks to captain Salah (26) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (6) we limped to an overall score of 46 which was thr...[Read More]

FF247 Site FPL Team GW8

FF247 Site FPL Team GW8 A damp squib Last week we lamented ‘only our second captaincy fail of the season’ and here we are again lamenting our third captaincy fail. We weren’t alone. With many going for Ronaldo and Lukaku (who scored 2pts and 4pts respectively) we went into Sunday feeling a little smug with our ‘differential’ Antonio (C), only to watch in dismay as he returned a paltry 4pts, thus rendering all our pre-deadline decision making a moot point. In a game-week where the average was a lowly 38pts, we limped over the line with 40pts and still ended up on a red arrow. Albeit a small one, with a rank drop of just over 50k (221,616 – 273, 191). In a week that saw many suffer worse, we’ll take it and soldier on. New signing Antonio Rüdiger lost his ‘guaranteed clean sheet’, and e...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 7

FPL Team Gameweek 7 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 7 Above average/below expectation So we have suffered only our second captaincy fail of the season with CR7 bringing us – and many – the miserable 4 points. Ugh. Probably explains why we just about snuck over the average line by three points when in most other weeks so far we’ve been miles ahead of the average. Proof, if it were ever needed, that captaincy is critical. We scored 46 points in Gameweek 6 to take us to 221,616 via the dreaded RED arrow. Not panicking yet but we have some questions requiring answering soon, if not very soon. Raphinha, Antonio and our new signing Saint-Maximin brought us (8) points a piece and Salah just behind on seven. The rest (including said captain) doesn’t merit the bashing of the ke...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 6

FPL Team Gameweek 6 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 6 Sticky plaster Well Gameweek 5 is in the books and the lads at FF247 have secured yet another green arrow (easy this lark) as we score 19 points above the average score and a weekly total of 74 points, which we are obviously delighted with. We have a few mentions here but it goes without saying that first up is Captain Fantastic Salah with 24 points. Lit! Said Benrahma (10), Raphinha (8), Ben White (7), Ronaldo (6) and Patrick Bamford (5) all pulled their weight to varying degrees. Our next best scorer was The Greek Scouser Tsimikas who climbed off the bench – ONE OF THREE AUTOSUBS – to provide us 5 points. Legend in the making him. The rest were just 2s and 3s but the three autosubs thing, whilst unusual and humourous, is prob...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 5

FPL Team Gameweek 5 Welcome to the FF247 FPL Site Team for Gameweek 5 Another week/Another Green Arrow Easy this game – OK so we are only spitting difference away from the weekly average but those +9 points have brought us up to 392,480 and only two points away from the 300-point mark for the season. We captained Ronaldo at home to Newcastle and stole a march on the two people in total who didnt and he landed us 26 points. Those 26 nestle neatly between the 34 points Salah grabbed us at Norwich and the 22 haul Antonio secured at home to Palace. Three captain successes in the opening four is very very welcome. Salah got us 8 points thanks to his goal at Leeds and the rest was a case for the defence. TAA (12), White and Shaw (both 5). The rest a collections of 1s, 2s and 3s. Oh and a -...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 4

FPL Team Gameweek 4 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 4 So long ago was it that gameweek 3 ended, that your author genuinely couldn’t remember if it was good, bad or indifferent for our team. As it turns out, ‘good’ is the appropriate description, as we were yet again respectably above the average score with our second consecutive 69 – placing us contently at 456,916 overall. OK so not front page news, exactly, but we haven’t totally blown it already (he crosses fingers and toes and touches the nearest wood). Our 15 points above the average score in Gameweek 3 was built upon a captaincy success in the form of Jamaican international and ‘Ballon d’Or in waiting’ Michail Antonio with his 22-point haul. This was supplemented in attack by Toney (6) eve...[Read More]

Site Team Gameweek 3

Site Team Gameweek 3 Welcome to Site Team Gameweek 3 For a team whose captain blanked (didn’t most?) and not (YET) owning Benrahma, to score a 13-above average 69 points – and a total of 163 points after two – we don’t’ feel too bad with the current position. We are 677,270 overall and we shall apply the old adage, “You can’t win FPL after the first couple of Gameweeks but you can lose it”. Now let’s go win it! Gameweek 2 you remember was the captaincy battle between the two FPL behemoths – Mohamed Salah and Bruno Fernandes – when all along we should have gone with Antonio, Trent or *checks notes* Tsimikas ….. Those three led/dragged our team along with scores of 16, 12 and 11. Only DCL and Raphinha (both 7) with goals and Luke Shaw with his two bonus points (no, really) didn’t...[Read More]

Site Team GW2

Site Team Gameweek 2 Welcome to Site Team Gameweek 2 The 2021/22 season is underway and we’ve started off in a very handsome manner indeed; 94 points and a rank of 817,700. Although this wasn’t the opening century achieved by many of our friends, had you offered us 25pts above the average prior to GW1, we’d have snapped your hand off (in true Football Clichés style). Despite the best efforts of our shameful Five (Barnes with 3pts, Toney with 2pts and Bachmann, Shaw and Raphinha all just a solitary 1pt) who tried their damndest to bring down the average, our other six (who had clearly read the briefing) brought home the bacon. Nice. Double Liverpool at the back got us off to a solid start; a clean sheet win at Carrow Road bringing in a solid 12pts between Trent and the self-anointed ‘...[Read More]

Site Team Gameweek 1

Site Team Gameweek 1 Hello and welcome to Site Team Gameweek 1. Seeing as FPL opened about 4 months ago, you would think we would have spent hours formulating our plans for the team, endlessly researching the stats and pre-season appearances of the players and balancing our budget to accommodate the must haves and the dark horses. No. We all forgot about it until the Taskmaster that is Mito, clipped us round the ear and made us do stuff. Well, even then it was just to say if we liked ‘his’ team that he had created for us. ( …and even still we have our suspicions that The Legend played Twitter roulette and copied the first template he found). But guess what? We all, in the main, loved the draft. A little tweak here and there to justify our enormous salaries but by and large we felt great an...[Read More]

FPL Devil’s Advocate

FPL Devil’s Advocate Season 3, Episode 1 Welcome to Devil’s advocate. I have convinced my trusty punching bag to comeback for another article where he puts his cards on the table fpl wise and I “pretend” he has no idea what he is talking about. Last couple of editions he has sent me the screenshot of his team and we start from there. This season though he went rogue. He sent me his team and an explanation for almost every single player on his team before I got to even have a go at them. I think Smash just watched the movie 8 Mile before sending me his team where in the last rap battle Eminem says “this guy ain’t no motherf…ing MC, I know everything he’s bout to say against me” what he didn’t count on though is that unlike Papa Doc...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW38

FF247 FPL Team GW38 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW38 We scored 53 points in GW37 which was apparently 10 points better than the overall average and helped us to a small green arrow. Small mercies and all that, but in all honesty we probably needed something more if we are to finish the season with any respectability. Basically we were indebted to our defence and West Ham for our score – clean sheets from TAA, Dallas and Digne contributed 19 points, whilst Lingard assisting Antonio late on gave us 16 points. Eight points from Captain Bruno was fortunate to say the least given he didn’t even touch the ball! Sadly we left Watkins and his 9 points on the bench. The rest were hopeless and they are lucky there is only one gameweek left. We enter the final gameweek ranked 221,412. Insid...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW37

FF247 FPL Team GW37 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW37 Well what a let down GW36 was! We know we have been on a great run of form and shouldn’t complain but what’s FPL for if we can’t moan when not every single little thing goes in our favour? Don’t answer that! We scored 33 points which was five points BELOW the average and strange territory in light of our recent returns (only 5 red arrows in 21 weeks) and as a result we dropped down to 229,901 overall. We aren’t even going to review the team – two clean sheets and an assist – that’s all she wrote ….. Our GW36 Result… Let’s go see what was decided… Our GW37 Transfer(s) We talked about dealing with Jota right now, we talked about heaving Lingard (due to his drop in form a...[Read More]

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