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FF247 Site FPL Team Gameweek 23

Site FPL Team Gameweek 23 Welcome to the FF247 Site Team Gameweek 23 Our Gameweek 22 Result… It was a bit galling to log in and find that at least two of our committee had scored a ton on their own FPL teams this week and that the majority of the others were at least in the 70’s. We barely scraped above the average (51) with a pretty sad looking 58. Why the sudden disparity? It was simply a case of having the wrong Portugueser. One of them suddenly seems determined to pull Man United out of their slump, the other seems determined to sulk his way through it. Unfortunately we had our money (and armband) tied up in the latter and so couldn’t make a move for the former. As for the rest of the team Trent Alexander-Arnold (10) and Joao Cancelo (11) did what they usually do, Jarrod Bowen (7...[Read More]

FF247 Site FPL Team GW22

FF247 Site FPL Team GW22 Welcome to FF247 Site FPL Team GW22 Our G21 Result… Can you score 77, be 31 points above the average, get a 20k green arrow and still have a grumble about it? Damn right we can…. You see, 50 of those points came from our West Ham duo with 42 alone from Jarrod Bowen. Talk about papering over the cracks! As for the rest, Trent, Jota and Son all got an assist. And that my friends was that, as they say. Oh and we had to use two subs who came in for a grand total of 4. Leaving Ben Davies and his 6 on the bench. He could conceivably have played and scored more than 8 of our other players. Well ok 7 as he probably couldn’t have played in goal (more’s the pity!). All that left us in 120,542nd place. We have £0.3 in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of G...[Read More]

FF247 Christmas Week Bundle – GW’s 20 & 21

FF247 Christmas Week Bundle – GW’s 20 & 21 ARTICLE LAST UPDATED – 31st DEC 8.45pm In order to give our hard working team a bit of time off over the Christmas period, we have decided to wrap our whole festive week up in one article. Sort of. We shall still update our FF247 Site Team on the article each time, but perhaps without the usual amount of detail. The Predicted Line-Ups will still be live at all times. LIVE MATCH CHAT DGW21 This will also effectively function as our Live Match Chat for the duration of the week. DGW21 This one begins on Saturday 1st January, with an 11am deadline (maybe!), and now finishes about a week and a half later on Wednesday 12th. We were down to 8 games, having lost Leicester vs Norwich and Saints vs Newcastle due to injuries Covid, alt...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team Gameweek 16

FF247 FPL Team Gameweek 16 Meh! 45 points for the week and just the two above the average. Meh! Red arrow and a slight drop in the rankings to 183,041 overall. Meh! Captain Salah with just one assist – 12 points – not blanking but not ripping it up. Meh! Nine points from Trent and a couple of 5s from Raphinha and Antonio. Meh! Two blanks leaving the pitch and 3 points coming on from autosub ….. you know where this is going! The screengrab is below but it makes for dismal viewing – imagine beige in an FPL format. Our Gameweek 15 Result… We have £0.9m in the bank and 1 free transfer to use ahead of Gameweek 16. Let’s go see what was decided…. Our Gameweek 16 Transfer(s) We realise that Ivan Toney is missing due to Covid and its isolating/testing technicalities a...[Read More]

Site FPL Team GW15

Site FPL Team GW15 Welcome to Site FPL Team GW15 It’s always frustrating when you’re 0.1 short of your favoured transfer. Worse still, to have to watch said player (Jota) get on the score-sheet and the fallback option (Lukaku) fail to make the starting 11, and then do nothing in the minutes (21) that he did get. Our GW14 score makes for grim reading. Only 3 of our 11 returned; Salah (obviously) Raphinha (fortuitously) and Smith-Rowe (controversially). A paltry 12 points from our other 8 made a bad game-week one to forget – fast. Lucky for us (yay) we’re straight back into it. 57 points total, 1 below the average and a big juicy red arrow that sees us drop to 162k. Not the end of the world. Our GW14 Result… We have £1.8m ITB and 1 FT as we quickly jump to GW15. What did we decid...[Read More]

FF247 Site FPL Team GW14

Site FPL Team GW14 Welcome to the FF247 Site FPL Team GW14 Lacklustre We’d love to rant about all those who let us down this week but in all honesty it’s easier to simply tell you who didn’t. Trent and Toney didn’t, that’s who, and unfortunately that’s all. Even they didn’t break double digits, but a paltry 9 apiece still trounced the rest. Kane couldn’t even be bothered to play because it snowed or something and so White came in, ironically, and his 6 was the next best, which sort of says it all really. Lacklustre. We ended up on 50 points, just 12 above the average, which meant a small red arrow and a new overall rank of 116,759. Our GW13 Result… We have £1.1m in the bank and one free transfer to use ahead of the midweek GW14. Let’s go see what was decided…. Our GW14 Transfer(s) If...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 13

FPL Team Gameweek 13 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 13 A case (again) for the defence! You know when your goalkeeper follows up a penalty save the previous week with an assist this, that you are on a bit of a run eh? Ben Foster (5) has been an unexpected little gem of late and he doesn’t even need clean sheets! Ahead of him, well the golden triumvirate of – in ascending numerical order to build both suspense and grandeur – Joao Cancelo (12), Antonio Rudiger (14) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (15) continue to lead the way, showing up those big fancy expensive attackers (Salah, apart obviously) how it is done. Our only slight regret is that we don’t have four or five of them back there! Don’t be greedy Don’t be greedy Don’t be greedy… The aforementi...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 12

FPL Team Gameweek 12 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 12 It is easy to lose track, during the yawning international break, just how well you may have done in the previous week. A very healthy 31 POINTS above the weekly average was an extremely pleasant surprise for the FF247 bigwigs when we reconvened last night. We had some very well-performing players who combined to help us reach 73 points for the week which took us to 128,011 overall. We are back on track and very pleased. We start off by mentioning the strikers last week. Right, that’s that done. That’s all we really can say about 5 points combined from messrs Antonio, Toney and Vardy. Chuck in the other 2-pointers in Rudiger and Benrahma and that’s the rot out of the way! We are very proud owners of Raphinha (9), Emile ...[Read More]

Fantasy Football Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Gameweek 12 Part 1

Fantasy Football Inside The Mind Of An FPL Player Gameweek 12 Part 1 Having launched this new feature last week it seemed to go down very well with our community. And also with the writing team – so much so that when we asked who was up for it again this week we got so many responses we have had to split it down into two smaller chunks. This is part 1 and part 2 will follow on next week prior to GW12. So, what it’s all about? Well, in essence, each week a selection of our contributors will bring to you their FPL team for the game week ahead. They’ll start by giving a quick recap on the previous game week, what went well, and of course what went not so well! Then look forward to the game week ahead and outline what their initial thoughts are with regards to their starting 11, captainc...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW11

FF247 FPL Team Gameweek 11 Welcome to the FF247 FPL Team for Gameweek 11 So Gameweek 10 is in the books and the lads here at FF247 Towers didn’t clear the avergae bar by much – but we did – and the 49 points versus the 42 average secured a green arrow and a rise to just outside the top quarter million – 251,543 for the pedantic amongst you. We had the midfield to thank in all honesty with you. We mined 33 of our overall total in there thanks to the performances of (captain) Mohamed Salah 10, Raphinha 9, Emile Smith-Rowe 9 and Said Benrahma 5. In fact only Antonio Rudiger with 6, outside of these did anything of note with his clean sheet at Newcastle. The rest are 2s and 1s and have been sent to the naughty step. Our Gameweek 10 Result… Let’s go see what ...[Read More]

Site FPL Team GW10

FF247 FPL Team GW10 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW10. Salah was a bit of a dissapointment last week. He couldn’t even contribute 50% of our points total, despite pitching in with a 48’er… Which, to cut him some slack, is a roundabout way of saying that the rest did ok too. We ended up on 97 which was 41 above the average and we saw a fairly chunky rank jump of about 180k to leave us at 268,292nd overall. Our new signing Vardy was a disappointment as he limped off early, but elsewhere we saw generous returns, including some goals and the odd assist, from Rudiger (9), TAA (10), ESR (13) and Antonio (7). Our GW9 Result… Let’s go see what was decided ahead of GW10… Our GW10 Transfer(s) You’d be forgiven for thinking we have a panel full of Jose Mourinhos here ...[Read More]

FPL Team Gameweek 9

FPL Team Gameweek 9 Welcome to FPL Team Gameweek 9 I’d start Mickey Mouse over Shaw So is the assessment of one of our members who is the only one of us left who actually owns him himself*! It made us chuckle and so it was to be the article title decided earlier in the week, when things were simple and we had an open-and-closed case of bringing in Lukaku with our free transfer and we were only concerned whether we would captian him or Salah and whether we trusted that Rudiger would feature. Ahhh, simpler times …. *At least of time of print. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Gameweek 8 is to be reviewed. For “Gameweek 8” read “Liverpool” Thanks to captain Salah (26) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (6) we limped to an overall score of 46 which was thr...[Read More]

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