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FF247 FPL Team GW25

FF247 FPL Team GW25 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW25 Room 101 You know the concept, you put in the things that annoy you the most; like playing FPL and trying to pick with sound logical reason the Manchester City players who are going to play the most amount of minutes in a double gameweek. And Pep gets you! Across a total potential 180 minutes against Spurs and Everton, our Ruben Dias scored 2 points and was our joint-lowest scoring player. Still, nice to own and captain Ilkay FUNdogan for his 38 points (in just 90 minutes by the way) but as with everyone else, you rarely hear about the things that do go your way and as ever, we’re a greedy lot us FPL managers. So with Gundogan’s 38 and a combined 27 from Pope and Lowton (lads!), we pushed our score to 101 (see what we did there?) and we ha...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW24

FF247 FPL Team GW24 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW24 A strategy?! As some of you may recall this was the week we took the plunge on two Burnley players – Nick Pope and Matt Lowton – as they had a nice little run of games and started those at home to improving but hardly world-beating Brighton. And then 10 minutes from half time, Lewis Dunk happened. Four points from our duo of new signings was hardly a fantastic start to the week (more so when you take into account we had Jack Grealish with a 2 point apology in the lunchtime match). Thankfully Saturday was rounded off with a Coufal clean sheet and then 26 points from Bruno © and DCL at Old Trafford in that brilliant 3-3 draw. Sunday’s big match saw us owning Dias (1), Salah (7) and Gundogan (13) with Bamford grabbing a 6 pointer in the Monda...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW23

FF247 FPL Team GW23 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW23. Our score of 65 in GW22 saw us record our first red arrow in seven weeks, despite us beating the average of 57. This is what a failed captain (Salah), a blanking goalkeeper (McCarthy) and failures on the part of Dallas and Targett (one point apiece) brings. Luckily for us everyone else delivered – the mandatory clean sheet for Dias, assists aplenty for Grealish, Gundogan, Bamford and Antonio while Bingo Bruno was the stand out with the full house of goal, assist(s) and clean sheet. The red arrow takes us back to 967,981 but with 2 free transfers, a wildcard in hand and double game-weeks coming up we’re confident of a strong finish. Our GW22 Result… Let’s go see what was decided… Our GW23 Transfer(s) With two free transfe...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW22

FF247 FPL Team GW22 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW22 Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?! What a week (finally). We finally managed to play Targett and benefitted from him and luckily warded off a late Friday steer towards bringing in Joao Cancelo for a hit. We were close. We scored 73 points and a cool 25 above average having made only a single transfer, which sadly itself didn’t reap instant rewards with our Kane replacement, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, being hampered by a bit of an all-round disappointing Everton performance. One of those weeks where all of our defenders returned. Ruben Dias (8, inc. 2 bonus) and Targett (6) with clean sheets and Stuart Dallas (7). The Northern Irishman scoring his side’s equaliser against Leicester. McCarthy in goal got 3. Gundogan as captain (6) was a bit of a le...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW21

FF247 FPL Team GW21 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW21 meh /mɛ/ informal exclamation: meh expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm. “meh, I’m not impressed so far” 48 points in GW20 and six above the average. ‘Meh’ about covers it. Our team did secure a green arrow in the overall rankings this week moving up to 1,141,741 from 1,201,188 – 59,447 places. Woo. Hoo. We know, we know! “It’s a step in the right direction” / “It’s no red at least” / “The correct side of the average”. Etc. etc. But come on this is boring. We want big scores, flashy jumps. In essence, we want to be the hare not the tortoise! Not looking at it forensically this week – but we had FOUR players with a solitary point in Alex McCarth...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW20

FF247 FPL Team GW20 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team Gameweek 20 Technically 3 18s So with no chips in play, we navigated Gameweek 19 with NINE double gameweek players and eight within the starting eleven (more on that later) and saw fit to ride it out as we were. The headline is we scored 95 points – a respectable 21 points above the average – but that was dwarfed in comparison to some of the big guns within the community who were clearly clarivoyant in their transferring in of John Stones and his 21-point first match and posted scores of upwards of 130. Bravo! The 95 brought us up in the rankings to 1,201,188 overall and knocking on the door of the top million which in broader terms is poor by our own standards but in the context of our 2020/21 season so far, is actually pretty hand...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW19

FF247 FPL Team GW19 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW19 A word to the wise KdB was duty bound to haul in a City descrution of Brighton. Kane and Son likewise against an unprepared Fulham. A clean-sheet for the former’s team was also a given. A Newcastle cleanie plus some Wilson goals against a hapless Sheffield United was a forgone conclusion. Bruno and United would make light of Burnley and it was only a matter of time until we saw his weekly penalty shuffle. And then we all skip happily along to DGW19 with a raft of teams to choose from, we’re all in fine fettle though because we’ve been planning ahead for it for weeks now, safe in the knowledge that even tertiary teams such as Southampton, Leeds and Villa have a double game-week. Villa is a case in point as they did, then t...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW18

FF247 FPL Team GW18 Free Hit The Bollocks Out Of It! Last week saw some highs and lows within the FF247 community. For every grumble at a 40 odd score there seemed to be a success story of an 80 odd. We fell somewhere in the middle as we ended up with 62. A smidgen above the average of 56 and a very modest green arrow of about 15k all pointed to us just about ‘getting away with it’. As for the team itself Captain Kane lead from the front with a 24. Bruno (10), Grealish (7) and JWP (6) kept us afloat elsewhere whilst the most unexpected points came from our sub keeper as Forster clambered off the Covid riddled Saints bench for a 6. The rest made up the numbers, Salah included with 2. Our GW17 Result… We have 2 free transfers and £0.5m in the bank ahead of B(lank)GW18 and a...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW17

FF247 FPL Team GW17 Don’t mention the ‘C’ word We may have finally have caught a break. We may well have caught more than that, but more on that later! We have had some horrible luck this season. But we won’t bemoan that as many have had horrible luck this year in general. Both inside, and more pertinently outside, of FPL. Your author himself managed to buy both Siggy and Son this week, and you can’t get much worse luck than that! In FPL that is. One of our own committee tested positive for the ‘C’ word this week and so we wish him and his family well. Puts things into perspective. He seems well though and he has been warned that if he intends to die then we require 30 days notice in writing. Everything that could have gone against us this season pretty much h...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW16

FF247 FPL Team GW16 With a small window of opportunity between GW’s we thought we had best provide a brief update on our FF247 Site Team plans. And brief it will be. It’s fair to say GW15 didn’t quite go to plan!!! When Grealish, Salah (C), KdB, KWP, Kane and DCL bring home 15 between them and McCarthy, Targett and Bamford get you nearly 55% of your total points then you just know it isn’t your week. All that saw us finish on 37 points and according to a slight drop in rank down to just south of 2m. Our GW15 Result… With two free transfers and £0,3m in the bank let’s go see what was decided… Our GW16 Transfer(s) As a reminder our B/Dgw’s 18 & 19 plan is to Free Hit in the former and possibly Bench Boost in the latter. The...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW15

FF247 FPL Team GW15 The rank is an embarrassment, and that’s coming from me… We wish we could nail the captain We wish we could nail the captain We wish we could nail the captain But 50% of our captains have had 8 points or less….. OK so our lyrical talents need a little brushing up but so does our overall rank in all honesty. Plodding along at just under the 2M mark at Christmas. We feel we are really yet to truly start this season. A drop of 400k places and of course the customary red arrow. We reside at 1,964,141 to be exact and to appease those who like everything on exact record. We scored 53 points in GW14 which was 7 points below the average. If it was not for Mo Salah (eventually), and Jack Grealish scoring us 16 and 10 respectively, then we shudder to think how we would have...[Read More]

FF247 FPL Team GW14

FF247 FPL Team GW14 Welcome to FF247 FPL Team GW14 Lattes all round Look up the word mediocre in a picture dictionary and you’ll find one of our team from GW13… at least there was none of the mayhem of recent game-weeks and we actually captained whom we said we would captain. You know things haven’t gone well when your defence is the star of the show! Up top, our forwards combined for a grand total of 9pts. Our midfield trio weighed in with a staggering 13pts, which included our captain KdB and new signing Jack Grealish. At the back, Coufal picked up a clean sheet and two baps, Targett a clean sheet, Chilwell an assist and a bap. Dann (who came off the bench for Mahrez) and McCarthy should just go play in midfield or up top. All this saw us score a whopping 46pts, four above the aver...[Read More]

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