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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 17

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 17

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 17

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 17 article. Parachutes at the ready people, we are in free fall! Well ok, it’s not that bad to be fair but we did suffer our second consecutive slump in the rankings landing at 70,792nd with a total score last week of a poorly 43, 5 below the average. So what went wrong and which players do we need to take aside and have a word with and which ones do we need to take outside and dispose of?! Captain Kane against struggling Hull was a no brainer. With two braces in his previous two home games he would surely get at least that and more in this one. He brought home a captains duck of 4, and so set the tone for the rest of our numpties… Our top scorer was Walker with 11, followed by Sanchez with 7 and Pieters with 6. The rest all managed 3 or less. We shall put it down as just one of those weeks and move swiftly on. Everybody back inside. No Firmino, not you…

Transfer – Sold Roberto Firmino and Bought Christian Eriksen
Having already picked our ‘victim’ you would think it would be a simple process to land at the logical conclusion for a replacement this week now wouldn’t you… Think again! A debate which began on Wednesday still raged on Friday evening. Raged may be putting it politely. As a committee we do generally agree on most things and certainly it has been a settled voting process this season with most things agreed without incident. And then this week happened. If we could screen shot the entire conversation we would as it would be comedy gold. We can’t, there isn’t a web page big enough to accommodate it all, but as a snapshot this was the process we went through in terms of actual suggestions, the debate itself we can’t really convey as it was so long and arduous –

Sell Firmino & Iheanacho, buy Eriksen & Carroll
This got 2 votes but was largely dismissed by the others. For now anyway…

Sell Firmino, buy Eriksen
This was popular but was ultimately not as popular as…

Sell Firmino, buy Lallana
This one was a winner! Job done. Or so we thought…

Sell Firmino, buy Eriksen
A late bid was submitted to re-examine both the evidence and the voting process. There’s only 5 votes FFS! No wonder the Americans struggle to keep tabs on stuff. It was re-examined and despite no ludicrous claims of Russian intervention it was found to be flawed and Eriksen was back in charge. Or was he…

Sell Firmino & Iheanacho, buy Eriksen & Carroll
Full circle and Carroll popped his ugly head up again! We had to consider this as a new suggestion really as it was days later and with more team information than when it was originally mooted. And to our surprise it got a majority vote initially. Full steam ahead then you’d think… Think again! Votes may be votes but when one member passionately disagrees we listen. And listen we did. So much so we nearly dozed off. But ultimately he had a point and with new evidence to the contrary submitted we did a re-vote and decided that Carroll for a hit was perhaps a stretch too far given that we din’t even know for sure if he would start this week. Not that we were much the wiser with Iheanacho, with a much tougher fixture on his hands.

Keep Firmino, sell Iheancho, buy Carroll
Seriously! Not that it wasn’t a serious suggestion or indeed a potentially viable one but having somehow and improbably overturned the previous ‘hit for Carroll’ vote this committee member then decided to announce a 6th option! We’d gone too far though, Firmino was already blindfolded and tied to a post.

And we were tired. 3 days of debating. To end up at probably the most logical decision of the season. It’s good to talk though, eh…


Our Captain is… Diego Costa Harry Kane
Yep, another long one! It started as Diego, went to Kane, back to Costa and ended up with Harry. Costa won the popular vote, Kane won the underhanded one. It’s a debate many will be having with themselves this week and trust us we had it too. Many, many, many times. Both have their merits – Kane had scored two in both of his two games at home prior to Hull, Costa has delivered points more consistently. We landed on Kane eventually but it was a long process and we could well have gone for Costa. If only we had a picture of a fence…

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 17

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