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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 18

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 18

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 18

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 18 article. Another week and another tumble down the overall. After scoring 37 points we should have not expected anything good to come from it. That score put us in the 3.5 million range for the gameweek and dropped us 37k in the overall. This now leaves us in 117k and adds to our recent struggles. That is three red arrows on the bounce and just think, it could have been worse. During the transfer decision last week we had a fight over buying Andy in for a hit. Thankfully we didn’t, otherwise this could have really been embarrassing to narrate. It is not common that you find great success when your keeper is your highest scorer and we were not the exception. Pickford came to play, Walker got involved and got a nice six points, but other than them there isn’t much to write glowingly about. Sanchez got an assist and settled on 5, Costa got a goal but got himself suspended so that wasn’t ideal. We had one guy score zero, two score one and three score two. Not very impressive and we fully admit that. But as you know a captain can save or sink a gameweek. Quick someone throw us a life preserver!! Another one of the battles we had last GW was over the captaincy. Members of the committee made passionate cases for Kane and slowly but surely swayed demanded the vote in his favour. Costa had won the original vote in slightly controversial fashion, but he had won. However the decision didn’t sit well with some members and before posting our article one member gathered enough signatures for a revote. This time we chose Kane and sealed our fate. Trust has been broken, not sure if time can heal the wounds on the site committee. It will be a long time…sorry, I was just notified there was only a four point difference between the two captain choices. Hmmm, maybe we just move on to the team for this week then.

Transfer – Sold Harry Kane and Bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic
The transfer decision was not the all out brawl it was last week. There was an early push for Costa to go out to make room for Zlatan, but once we realised that it would require a hit to do so, Kane was eagerly brought up as the person to sell. Two point Harry was the exact amount we needed when coupled with our funds in the bank to get Zlatan for no hit. So this transfer was quickly ratified. However there was a second person brought up as a possible hit to fix our Itchy problem. Take a guess…it was Andy. That committee member will be missed. ;) He was right though about us having problems in our squad, ones that we will hopefully address very soon if they don’t miraculously work themselves out this GW. In part keeping Costa saves us down the line. We would have wanted our Diego quickly back in the fold if we sold him, so we decided to just bench him for a week. So welcome to the team Zlatan, we are expecting big things from you old boy.



Our Captain is… anybody but Harry Kane!
It is Zlatan Ibrahimovic this week for us. Not only does he carry the pressure of his debut for us, but now we have added to that with the captaincy. Hopefully he doesn’t crumble like his predecessor under the weight of expectations. The Swede is in great form, scoring in five of his last six games and grabbing three double digit hauls. If that wasn’t enough to convince someone of his qualifications then there is the matter of his fixture. United hosts 18th place Sunderland. The Black Kitties have showed some combativeness in the last two weeks, but they are still a team who is more likely to paw at you than scratch. They still sit in a relegation spot and as recently as GW16 lost to Swansea 3-0. So based on form and their fixture we went Zlatan.

If anyone is interested in following the site teams progress then you can do so here and we wish you all the best of luck this week with your own teams.

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  1. 37
    Smash10 says:

    I have asked something similar before but are Costa and Aguero price frozen as of tonight?

  2. 38
  3. 39
    gorson14 says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thinking about Iheanacho + Hazard out and Ibrahimovi? and Lallana in! What about others? Siggy captain?
    Please help me!

    Good day!

  4. 40
  5. 41
    Neo says:

    Amat at home vs WHam or De Roon away against Burnley?

  6. 42
    constantine says:

    So, last moment change done.. hazard cappo

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