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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 28

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 28

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 28

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 28. Hmmmm, well the score was ok and I guess that’s all that matters! In financial terms it would be called a “low quality beat” as 54 of our 69 points came from three players – namely Sadio Mane’s goal and assist vs Arsenal, Erik Pieters’ unexpected two clean sheets and Sergio Aguero’s triple captain score of 27. We felt let down by Kun to be honest, it could have been so much better, especially in the Sunderland match. All in all it was ok and a 69 is always welcome. Sadly the other 8 idiots were a complete shambles – Sterling didn’t even bother turning up for the 2nd half of the DGW, Ibra started the ball rolling with a missed penalty and no-one else scored more than two points. We did see a small green arrow, and we mean small as we climbed 1,094 places to 51,460. Let’s move on from a double game-week to a blank game-week!

Our transfers this week are: Sold Sterling, Aguero and Ibrahimovic and bought Sigurdsson, Lukaku and Llorente
The cull has begun! The blank game-week has been attacked, an eight point hit has been taken. The transfers were surprisingly agreed very easily by the committee (well, two of them were at least!) The sale of the trio makes sense – they all blank this week, City’s next three fixtures are vs Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea while Ibra has a little rest coming up. Gylfi speaks for himself, he has scored or assisted in each of his last six and faces Hull, Bournemouth and Boro in his next three. Lukaku is of course also in great form, will be a popular captain choice this week and plays West Brom and Hull, both at home in GW28 and 29. Llorente was a slightly harder sale – is he worth another 4pt hit? The vote decided yes, the fixtures are there as per Siggy and he is also in good form – let’s just hope he can continue that form and justify his inclusion. It was actually the least convinced member of the committee who produced the stats to justify Llorente – Hull have the 5th worst record over the past six matches for conceding shots in the box, with Bournemouth seventh.

Our GW28 team in full

Our captain this week is: Romelu Lukaku
It was a close vote between Big Rom and Sadio Mane with Lukaku winning 3-2. Having been overtaken by Kane in the race for the Golden Boot, we hope that the Everton striker uses Kane’s blank week to reclaim the top spot and make it five home matches in a row in which he scores! Mane is our vice captain.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 28

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The Tracker in full…

FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 27

FT Diff

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  1. 25
    Waxys says:

    How does this team look?

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 25.1
      ChrisOllie25 says:

      upgrade wilson, browning, holdjberg and change sterling

    • 25.2
      Andy says:

      You ain’t seriously bringing in Caballero and Hazard for a minus eight this week, haven’t we also had the never take a hit on a GK conversation before as well? Play Jakupovic before hitting on a GK.

    • 25.3
      Rosco77 says:

      For this game week? Pretty shit mate, you have 4 players so if those are your moves I think you need to rethink them asap.

      If you want to create the prettiest FPL team then I salute your attention to all things aesthetic. If however you want to be successful in FPL then you need to start thinking less about a team that looks good in Championship manager and more about getting a squad who can gain you real points in FPL.
      I may sound like a bit of a duck with the above but I say it with good intentions, people treat your posts as a bit of a joke, but you’re here and you’re asking for opinions so here’s one to consider.
      I don’t know who you’re moving out but if you’re making 3 transfers this week, then for the love of god please make them players who at least have a game!

      • Rosco77 says:

        Excuse my iPhone auto correcting the shit out of my post but I’m sure you get my intentions!!

        • inittowinit says:

          To kick the shit out of him? Yeah I think we got it loud and clear :D Honestly don’t know why people bother responding. I do occasionally but it’s just to tickle his tummy. He never gets it though :)

        • Waxys says:

          Very funny initt I’m sure you have everyone roaring in laughter.

      • Waxys says:

        No no not for this week I always plan long term. City have been good defensively haven’t conceded for a while.

      • Waxys says:

        I’ve had amazing fantasy success. These transfers aren’t for this week of course but for the long term.

        • Neo says:

          Waxys, understand that you need to raise $ but are there other ways to do it? The rest make complete sense that it’s pointless to take hits when they aren’t going to score you points now.

          I know City looks good on paper defensively but if you’ve caught any of their recent games, their defending is still horrendous and they look like conceding every time they get counter attacked – reconsider Caballero

        • Waxys says:

          It’s only a -2 hit if you think about it to bring in hazard. Cabarello actually has very good returns check out his points. City have really turned things around . I suppose another option is Grant or Mignolet to raise funds. And yes there’s other ways but i don’t see too much benefit over having an expensive goalie like de gea.

        • Neo says:

          What’s your original team and are you doing these moves to fund Mane? Like I mentioned, yes Caba has good returns recently but their defence is really shaky. If $ is the issue, you should even go Robles before City for more solid defensive cover for the same price

          And -2 if you bring in Hazard..? Sorry but I don’t follow because isn’t he not playing this week?

        • Waxys says:

          My team is set for this week I bought in Mane. This pic I showed is my plan for the following fixtures sorry if I didn’t make that very clear. Next week I have a free transfer so it’s only a -4 hit to bring in caballero and Hazard in exchange for de gea and Walcott who has given me dismal returns.

  2. 26
    ChrisOllie25 says:

    Jaku Heaton
    Alonso Brunt Pieters Chambers Amat
    Mane Alli Siggy Sterling King
    Costa Kun Diomande.

    1 FT 0.2 in the bank. Only have 5 players for this week ignoring Amat. What transfers should I make?

  3. 27
    Neo says:

    Thinking of a -8 for Philips to Coutinho and Kun to Llorente/Carroll. Extra funds would be used to bring in Alonso the following. Sound?

    Click on image to enlarge:

  4. 28
    banjomaker says:

    I’ve got 12.7 ITB going in to GW29!! :) For the first time ever I’m understanding the term ‘retail therapy’.

  5. 29
    S2k_LFC says:

    Evening all…
    Decisions decisions decisions..

    So Iv got llorente in for kun..
    What others do you reckon I should do?

    – Cortiniho for phillips/sterling
    – maybe a defender too

    Thinking a -8 hit might be needed

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 29.1
      saloba11 says:

      sterling philips out coutinho king in

    • 29.2
      Brookyboy says:

      How have you managed over recent weeks with that defence ? Holgate to Coleman,Phillips to Lanzini or Coutinho and i’d take a one week punt on Defoe to Carrol then swap him to Kane next week.

      • saloba11 says:

        id rather take hits on attackers. you can bring in walker for amat next week.

        • Brookyboy says:

          But if he brings in Coleman this week,for what is in effect -2 he has a good chance of a cs and attacking returns,it sorts his defensive problem out and he can use his ft next week to bring kane in.

        • S2k_LFC says:

          Yep the defence is pretty shocking…

          Iv gone for sterling & phillips out
          Lanzini & corts in

          Anyone considering mane or Cortiniho as Cap…or is it a no brainer with lukaku? ?

      • Andy says:

        Aye, a playing defender is needed as if it’s avoided you’ll still need one next week so now’s a good time to bring one in, I’d actually stick with only one hit though as if Philips is a no show again next week Davies won’t be a long term solution as he’s playing fairly deep now, I’d save the bulk of the cash saved for bringing Sanchez back in over a forward now as you’ll never get him for less than the 11.5 that he’s at and with Arsenal still having 2 DGW’s to go he’ll no doubt be essential again.

  6. 30
    swampster says:

    Hi guys, Lansing or King for the next three game weeks as 4th mid?

  7. 31
    S2k_LFC says:

    Who to choose as captain….

    Tough choice…

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