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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 29

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 29

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 29

Welcome to the Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 27. It was an ‘ok’ week, we scored 47pts (39 net after the 8pt hit) vs an average of just 19 – so we cannot grumble, it could of been better, it could of been worse. Thanks to Captain Lukaku for his 24pt return to help maintain our decent ranking. The only other contributors in the much reduced game-week was Coleman’s clean sheet and Siggy’s assist and 2bps. Everyone else was 2,1 or 0 in Amat’s case! Phillips didn’t turn up and Llorente cried off just before half time. West Ham shared 5 goals with Bournemouth with Carroll doing nothing. Useless prick. Anyway, we saw a green arrow, climbing 5,841 places to 45,619.

Our transfer this week is: Selling Phillips and buying Eden Hazard
Phew, he’s gone. Probably just as he has regained his fitness with Pulis talking Phillips up at the presser! You watch he’ll go and tear Arsenal a new one now. Never mind, it feels good to set him free and welcome Eden Hazard. Away to Stoke isn’t easy but Hazard is a class act and is in good form, looking back to his best. It also means that finally we have some Chelsea cover as they look to close the title and given the Blues host Palace next week we feel nicely set up.
*we will caveat all of the above and say that we bought Mr Hazard prior to a certain Mr Dinnery tweeting that he may not have travelled. Twitter seems light on the issue other than Ben sticking his neck out so we are playing him regardless. Given as we bought him already and all that…

The Team in full this week…

Our captain is: Romelu Lukaku
No problems with this decision, probably the easiest one the panel has made this season. Home to Hull is about as good as it gets, Lukaku is in great form going for the Golden Boot and has scored in his least five home matches. Easy eh? What could go wrong?!
Just in case, new boy Eden is our vice. If he plays…

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 29

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The Tracker in full…

FPL Fixtures Analysis Gameweek 27

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  1. Gents

    Team for GW29 – good to go?

    • Mitro,

      If the AOA chip is gone which I assume it is, then I think Llorente has an easier game than Son. It really is how Spurs react to losing Kane. Wouldn’t surprise me if they struggle on Sunday.

      I guess you just brought Son in though so I understand if you won’t want to bench him. But that would be my steer.

  2. Would you consider a hit for Coutinho to Sanchez? Personally am facing that problem myself given Coutinho/Mane in the same midfield though the 2 can wreck hell with City’s defence given the fatigue they had from midweek

  3. Hello team..any suggestions? Going with Aguero cappo.

    • I personally wouldn’t, too huge a risk to bet against LKK. City are probably fatigued given that they travelled away in midweek

  4. Had to take another hit to bring in Sanchez for holgate with he news that walker is unlikely to play. would have been left with only 10 players so worth the hit.

  5. My team. FT used, replaced Snodgrass with Sanchez. You guys reckon I am ready?


    As those of you who have read the above article will know our transfer this week was to bring in Hazard. Unfortunately we made this move prior to the news that Hazard may not have travelled with the Chelsea squad for the Stoke game.
    Because of this news we have therefore decided to take a 4pt hit to bring Josh King in for Darren Fletcher.

    • Awww. This pretty much means Fletcher will have a big score today. And why not Sanchez for Hazard?

      • We didn’t just buy Hazard for one game.

        • Indeed, you bought him for no game. :p


    • Kop

      Sensible. Good move.

      Are you starting Hazard though or going with King from the start?

      Seeing as it’s only rumoured just now.

      • It was a rumor, it is pretty serious now.

      • Starting Haz. However I’ll be surprised if he starts.

        • I just read he did not travel to Stoke. So how could he start? From webcam? :p

        • Well that’s why we bought King.

  7. Shit, Alexis not main striker for Arsenal but Welly is. :(

  8. How does Dawson dare to steal McAauley’s goals? Schoking. Surely they’ll correct that.

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