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Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 37

Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 37

Welcome to Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 37. After the Negredo saga it seems like we regained some of our mojo. This week the team managed 79 points which was 33 points above the average. Our game-week rank was 150k and this allowed us to move back inside 40k after sitting at 58k last GW. We like to extend a big thank you to our defenders and the Chilean, who really scored well for us. Thirty points from our back four, helped in particular by our double CFC clean sheet. We also had a Saints defender and had shrewdly invested in a City keeper, bet that is not said often. Our mids did not do exceptionally well, but they did a job for us and the most important thing was we picked the right captain. Alexis with his 14 doubled was aided by King’s 5 and Hazard & Son combining for five more. Our front line grabbed us 11 points, so that was a let down, but in the end they were not just picked for this past week, but the upcoming one, so hopefully they can redeem themselves there. Ok, enough about the past, onto our transfer, chip use and captain selection for this upcoming game-week.

DGW37 Transfer – Gabriel OUT, Holding IN
And so when the time comes, as it will to us all eventually…

I have just instructed my solicitors that the following must be inscribed on my tombstone – “and he also spent 6 hours of his precious time on this earth discussing the possible Arsenal defence on WhatsApp ahead of DGW37 2016/17″…

Joking aside though, that actually happened! And guess what, after said 6 hours there was still no answer. To the point that some random Man United reserve right back emerged as a serious contender. Even though nobody even knew his name! Turns out he is called Tuanzebe or something but imagine us pitching up and trying to sell that one to you?! That was until someone suggested getting Anichebe for a hit as an enabler. Even our new friend Tuan started to look good again at that stage!

The issue of course was that we had Gabriel who looks highly unlikely to see much, if any, pitch time again anytime soon. But with no money to spare our options were limited to say the least. It was basically a £4.8m or less replacement, and of course preferably someone with a DGW. We discussed single game-week players, we discussed pretty much every player with a heartbeat. We discussed the Arsenal defence to the extent of who was left footed and who wasn’t. We ran scenarios. We ran projections. Some ran away. All were caught and brought back, but who can criticise them for trying!

We don’t often take any chances, hence the 6 hour discussion probably. But this week we may just have to. We discussed waiting until the Arsene press conference but even if we did it is unlikely he would present us with any more answers than we have already. Holding was the logical answer all along and so we are taking a chance that he gets both games. He will surely get at least one anyway and both fixtures look favourable so it is a chance we are willing to take.

We are playing our Bench Boost this week too. Although probably not quite as effectively as we would have liked!

The team in full…

CAPTAIN – Alexis Sanchez
Had he not sprung to life the other night then this could well have been another discussion but that’s what a goal does for you. He was ushered in with little fuss. There was a late cry for Jesus but Sanchez had already passed the threshold.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football 247 Site Team Gameweek 37

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The Fixture Tracker in full…

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  1. 13
    banjomaker says:

    I know this is partly covered in the article, but could I do a quick poll please? I have 1 FT and 0.0 ITB.

    1) Save the FT (and hope Huth plays)
    2) Huth to Gibbs
    3) Huth to Holding
    4) Huth to someone else?


  2. 14
    Leprechaun says:

    Ok, I’ve gone for Holding too! 4pt hit!
    Who is it again that gets the blame if this doesn’t work? :)

    Playing BB
    Cech, Pickford
    Cahill, Stephens, Yoshida, Holgate & Holding
    Hazard, Sanchez, Son, Ndidi, Sané
    Vardy, Kane, Jesus

    Captain choice is tricky. Theses are my 3 favourites, in no particular order
    Who do you guys vote for?
    1. Sanchez – good fixtures, chasing 4th place (again!)
    2. Jesus – good fixtures
    3. Kane – fixtures are not so easy but he is chasing the Golden Boot

    Cheers all!

  3. 16
    colonial says:

    I would get Caballero Monreal & Sane in

  4. 17
    specialK says:

    Only a few games left and I think I am in pretty good nick going into this DGW, thanks in large part to some fantastic advice from Cookie. Thanks so much! I have 1 FT and 0.4 ITB – not even sure if there is a move here worthwhile?

  5. 18
    S2k_LFC says:

    Afternoon gents

    Great write up as always…

    Bench boost time for me this weekend as I am only 15 points off the top man in the minI league…

    What do you guys think I need to do to my team…
    0FT left
    But willing to take -4 hit for a good option

    Obvious option maybe gk but any ideas would be great

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