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Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 7

Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 7 2017/18

Welcome to Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 7. Hola Amigos! I was asked to step away from my day job for a moment, of hiding in the Colombian mountains growing…eh…medicine, to try and help this wonderful community with their FPL captain choices, by the way, just shoot me a message if any of you need any…eh…medicine. Unlike most weeks or seasons that I can remember, this 2017/18 season has morphed into, ‘which forward do I captain?’ It is hard to fault anyone for owning three 10 million or above priced strikers, however that also makes it hard to pick the correct captain week in and week out, because we are spoiled for choice. There is something to be said for owning only one good pot (where have you gone Luis Suarez?), but that’s not the case this season, most of us have 3-4 pots that could do the job. So should we go with the in-form guy or the one with the better fixtures? Possibly the one with a touch of both? Well hopefully I can help you decipher it a little and nudge you in the correct way. Having said that, I want to send a shout out to the pessimistic managers out there, because I know you won’t blame me as you know it’s really your crap luck that will make my outstanding picks feel like a night in bed with a laxative and a sleeping pill in your system.

P.S. If I make great choices, I will get stuck writing this on a weekly basis, so just remember that. ;)

4. Jamie Vardy (Bournemouth, A)

With so many choices some would wonder why I would stick this toothpick in here, well he has scored in 3 straight and the team he is facing this week doesn’t have a clean sheet this season. If Leicester is going to score it will most likely be through him as he scored over half their goals for the season so far. Pay no attention to that pen he missed last week, he was probably just trying to get you off him this week. Vardy has scored vs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and a stingy Huddersfield side so far. With The Cherries desperate for points and being a way below average defensive side, one would expect this merchant of speed to have his chances to bang in one or two.

Those who should go with Vardy: If you are defiant, if you enjoy saying hello with your middle finger, if you are a terrible FPL manager and he is actually your most expensive forward because you blew all your money on the drapes (defenders and mids).

3. Alexis and Lacazette (Brighton, H)

I fully understand what the ownership levels on Alexis are, so I am aware that he is unlikely to be a popular choice, even by those that do happen to own him. I watched him closely vs West Brom the other night and although his passing seemed a bit off, he still looked like he could score and he doesn’t feel that far away from being the double digit Chilean we know and love. Alexis came close to scoring with 3 free kicks versus The Baggies, one of those hit the crossbar which led to the Lacazette goal. If some of you remember last season, it was a good way into the season where if he scored a goal it meant double digit points every time. As good as the other options are, he is the most explosive to me, because he gets points for clean sheets and his goals are worth more than a forward. Plus unlike the others, he doesn’t depend on good service, he is the service. Yeah, I know this was supposed to be an article on which of your forwards to captain, but I get distracted easily and I own Sanchez, so it made me feel better to include him.

If you feel that Alexis is not worth the price tag or not in good enough form yet, perhaps a French forward will interest you. Lacazette is starting to heat up a little and it has reached the point where he might start to become a weekly consideration for captaincy or at the very least when Arsenal plays at home. Alexandre has scored all 4 of his goals at the Emirates against weak opposition and lo and behold, guess what they have on the cards for GW7? Brighton. They visit The Gunners in what is likely to provide Lacazette with a good opportunity to pad his home stats. Now if we could only get him more shots on goal per game, that be wonderful.

Those who should go with Alexis: If you are Mito, if you generally are attracted to small South Americans but can’t stand Kun, if you just can’t decide between all your great forwards so you want to spare their feelings.

Those who should go with Lacazette: If you are a glass half full kind of person and you feel is normal to basically score on every other shot, if you are a Crystal Palace fan and you want to see Brighton hammered as badly as the Eagles are going to be.

2. Harry Kane (Huddersfield, A)
Do I really have to make this case? At this stage there is virtually no angle that hasn’t been covered on why he is a good choice. But for the sake of meeting a quota of words underneath his image, we could mention a few things. We all have heard about the ridiculous amount of shots he has taken compared to his peers. Plus, if you have watched any of the games, the only thing you would find surprising is that he only has 4 goals. I think most of us would agree that it would be easier to score a goal than hit the woodwork. Well, he has hit said woodwork 5 times in 6 games, which means on top of the other good chances he has missed, Harry could easily be running away with the golden boot already if he had better luck so far. Strangely enough, I feel the need to mention that he plays away and apparently that’s a positive now, go figure. If you include his game vs Dortmund he has 3 braces in his last 4 matches. So I think it is safe to say he looks like he is now past his struggles and is likely to start making life easy for us when picking a captain, assuming he is playing away of course. ;)

Those who should go with Kane: If you are conservative by nature, if you enjoy his MOTM interviews without subtitles, if you dislike Cookie.

1. Romelu Lukaku (Crystal Palace, H)

Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku, let’s face it, making him captain is simply worth it just based on how you can tweet or chant his name as he brings in the points. Mr. Consistency is not something I usually associated with him in the past, as those TrollKaku memories lingered for a long time, but I be hard pressed to question his dependable nature now. Romelu has scored in five of the six fixtures this season and the one he didn’t, was because of a missed pen. Yet, there is still many out there that are holding out, refuse to give in, don’t want to believe in the Belgian Beast. So much so, that he had net transfers out the last two weeks, even though he hasn’t failed his fantasy owners recently. As mentioned in the intro, some look for form, other fixtures, but in general we all look for the perfect storm if possible. And do we ever have it here. Lu-Ka-Ku can’t stop scoring, United is at home and they play last place Palace who have given up the most goals in PL so far and just got pasted by the noisy neighbour the previous game by a 5-0 score line. You really have to make an effort to not think Romelu is the best option this GW, but then again some people don’t believe in Global Warming, so go on. Of course, if we search around and look into those deep painful corners of our FPL memory, we can remember a scenario where Lukaku left us for dead after we deposited our hopes in him, so maybe is not that far fetched.

Those who should go with Lu-Ka-Ku: If you have a short memory, if you lost your memory, if this is your first year in FPL and you haven’t been left scarred.

Quick thought on Aguero and Morata sure I can see the reasoning for going with one of these two. Kun has 5goals, 3assists and 5 bonus points in the last 3 games and Morata has 5goals, an assist and 6 bonus points in the last four. There are cases to be made for both. City are the top scoring team in the league and have scored 16 goals in the last 3, so they are truly scoring for fun. Morata is coming off a hat trick where he showed that he is more than a one trick pony and is skilled enough to score goals in different ways other than just using his head. My problem with Kun is that with the exception of the season that the Chelsea players quit on Jose, this has been a tight affair that usually favours Chelsea. Excluding the throw away season, City has only scored 4 goals in 6 fixtures at Stamford Bridge since 2010/11 and never scored more than a goal getting held scoreless twice. Morata actually seems like a slightly better bet to me if the history of this fixture is anything to go by in terms of who scores more and wins, but why risk it if I own a Lukaku or Kane?

Thanks for reading Fantasy Football Captain Picks Gameweek 7

This article was written by Mito21.

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    Lukaku didn’t take the peno. Should the worry me????

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    Martial looking very good again tonight. If it wasn’t for game time concerns he’d be a bargain at 8.0.

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