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FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 2

FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 2

Welcome to FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 2. Well that went rather well. If you’d offered us 86pts ahead of GW1 we’d have bitten your arm off. All those weeks of research & deliberation certainly paid off!!! However it could & should have been 87pts. Late on Friday afternoon a decision was made to replace Cedric with Stephens, the words ‘I’ll do it now’ were uttered but as you’ll see we still own Cedric. But enough about Cedricgate, let’s take a quick look at where the points came from. Our defence did us proud with de Gea, Cedric & Kompany all picking up 6pts. It was however Ben Davies who turned out to be our star at the back with the Welsh international picking up an impressive 14pts. Unfortunately our midfield didn’t perform quite as well with Willian, KDB, Carroll and Ince managing just 15pts between the four of them. In fairness, we knew when we picked it that the midfield was the weakest facet of the team but we will be hoping for more, particularly from KDB, over the coming weeks. Up front, captain fantastic Romelu Lukaku did the business for us on Sunday afternoon after Firmino had gotten our game-week off to a good start on Saturday. Harry Kane was something of a disappointment but his performance suggested that he’ll be amongst the goals soon.

The team in full

FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 2

Kane        Lukaku (C)        Firmino(VC)

Willian     Groß     De Bryune     Ince

Cedric        Kompany        Davies

De Gea

Subs: Elliot, Carroll, Suttner, Long

Our Transfer/s for GW2…
We have decided to save our transfer this week. There are no glaring issues or indeed any injuries or suspensions to deal with and we are fairly happy with our lot so we shall save it and see what next week brings with one in hand.

Our Captain… Romelu Lukaku
The only real argument against Big Rom this week was the early fixture but is that really an argument?! Yeah sure, if he blanks then it’s a long weekend but if he has the best fixture on the back of some great form then it’s not really an argument it’s more like your Mrs saying she won’t buy that dress on Saturday on the off chance that a better one appears on Sunday in the sales, only for that to not happen. And we all know how Sunday then turns out…

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 2

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Gameweek Tracker GW2-11

FT Diff

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  1. 25
    Vinci says:

    God, having 2 FT leaves so many possibilities!
    I badly need some ManU coverage. I do not want to loose Kane, but I am willing to loose one of my Pool boys (especially with their busy schedule) and one of my City guy (preferably, Jesus).

    1- Salah–>Pogba/Mhiki and keep one FT ;
    2- Jesus, Willian–>Lukaku, Moony (great forwards, weak mid) ;
    3- Jesus, KDB–>Lukaku, Silva, 0.9ITB (sideways transfer);
    4- Jesus, Firmino–>Lukaku, Mounie/Chicharito (weaker 3rd forward);
    5- Salah, Firmino–>Pogba/Mhiki, Mounie/Chicharito
    6- Jesus, Firmino, Willian–>Lukaku, Pogba/Mhiki, Mounie, -4, 0.2ITB (weaker 3rd forward and hit);
    7- Jesus, KDB–>Lukaku, Pogba/Mhiki (no city);

    Please help me! :)

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