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Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 13

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 13

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 13

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 13. Thirteen… #shivers Is twelve the new thirteen? Last weeks abysmal mess from the majority of the top picks would perhaps suggest so. Lukaku (4 pts as captain), Kun (4), Coutinho (4) and Sanchez (2) all disappointed. If you lumped on Hazard then you’d be somewhat delighted, but still subdued, with a massive 8 from him. As it transpired the correct answer was either Costa or Defoe who brought home 18 and 22 respectively. All in all it was a disappointingly low scoring week with just 20 goals in total and nearly a quarter of those were in just one game. It almost felt like the fun had been sucked out of our game as one player after another simply failed to produce. The International Break probably has a lot to answer for in this respect. But let’s try and inject a bit of fun back into it all and have a Captaincy Face Off! Having successfully guided our MLS site team to 2nd and then 13th in consecutive seasons this pair clearly know how to run a successful fantasy team together but we’ve split them up this week and have asked them to pick their FPL captains. It’s US (sort of) vs UK. Based on a snake draft pick format Mito went first and grabbed Sanchez, Init took Kun and Coutinho, Mito then picked Ibra and KDB leaving Init with Firmino. Let’s see how they justify their picks and how it pans out afterwards as well. Expect much campaigning prior to the games and probably even more banter after…

Inittowint GW13 Captain Picks
Sergio Aguero (Burnley, away)

Perma Captain they said. City will be an unstoppable force with Pep, they said. In truth Kun is making it difficult to justify that £13.2m price tag right now as he’s sat in 11th place for overall points scored. Defoe is in 5th and costs almost £6m less. Capoue is 9th and costs less than £5m… Only 2 people in the top 10 overall rankings own him, which probably says it all really. That said he’s still a top captaincy contender most weeks and tops the captaincy poll almost every time. But why? Probably because we know he can explode at any given point and we are all fearful of not owning / captaining him when it happens. If /  when, whatever. This week it is Burnley away. So why pick him? Well, having just witnessed the pasting they got from that great attacking force that is West Brom then it’s difficult to see Burnley keeping a genuinely great attacking force at bay. Sure enough that was away from home and they are notoriously bad the second they leave Lancashire but you still have to fear for them from a confidence point of view if nothing else. Games such as ‘vs Burnley’ used to be a no brainer when it came to picking Kun as your captain but with blanks in four of his last six games then we can understand the hesitation. He did also notch a 13 just prior to those and a 16 within them to remind us of his potential. Mito will tell you that he’s likely to be rested / he’s burnt out / he’s not Columbian, but listen to him at your peril.

Philippe Coutinho (Sunderland, home)

Having previously swept (nearly) all-comers aside, Liverpool found the Saints at their stubborn best at the weekend, and were finally thwarted having scored twelve in their previous three games. We’d be inclined to put that one down as a blip though and we back the league’s top scorers to get straight back on the bandwagon this weekend against Sunderland. Yes the Moyes effect is finally starting to take hold at the ‘Stadium of Perpetual Relegation Scraps Narrowly Avoided By Switching Managers Twice Every Season’. Big Sam will be back to see them safe once Moyes reverts to type in a few weeks and his grand plan of resurrecting the corpse of Anichebe fails when the big softie suffers yet another life threatening injury at the hands of someone half his size. I digress, back to why Coutinho should be your captain this week. As well as Kun. Does saying ‘home to Sunderland’ suffice? It probably should when he plays for the swashbuckling Liverpool. He’s also the 3rd top points scorer overall and quite frankly is looking like an early leading contender for player of the season.

Roberto Firmino (Sunderland, home)

Having previously swept (nearly) all-comers aside, Liverpool found the Saints at their stubborn best at the weekend, and were finally thwarted having scored twelve…. Ah ok, sorry we already did that. So why Roberto and not Philippe? Probably just because you may own him and not him, in all honesty. You could probably throw Mane into the ‘Liverpool Midfield Lottery’ as well, such as it is. We all know the conundrum here – they have about five midfielders all capable of scoring well in any game, and one of them doesn’t even play in midfield, he’s playing left back and happens to be the one on pens. Just imagine how many points he’d have had if he’d been around in the days of Suarez and Gerrard diving all over the shop… Back to Roberto, he’s essentially being tasked as being the focal point of the forward-less attack, the false 9 if you will. It’s served him well as he’s the games 7th top scorer with five goals and five assists in the eleven games in which he has featured. Better teams than Sunderland have arrived at Anfield this season with ‘a plan’ only to be royally Klopped. You absolutely should captain one of the pair this week, as well as Kun.

Mito GW13 Captain Picks
Well hello there, Mito here to make a case for three top, top selections. Unlike Init I won’t be using my picks to settle old scores with Moyes, Suarez and Gerrard. I will be presenting a well informed, ahhh…who we kidding? I might throw a person or two under the bus. Let us know in the comments who you are with! Are you #TeamRooster or are you #TeamBear, think there is only one choice really. One wakes you up at 5am for no apparent reason and one parties with you to 5am for no apparent reason. Well onto my reasoning-ish for my captain picks.

Alexis Sanchez (Bournemouth, home)

Go big or go home! Well in terms of points, not his actual size. When this hot Chilean gets it going, he really knows how to drive up the score. If you believe he is going to grab a goal, then simply go with him. Why? Well, when he has scored a goal in games this season he has went on to post double figure scores in said games. He averaged over 13 points in those contests. Plus he plays Bournemouth who can be wishy-washy on defence. They allowed 3 and 4 goals to the Manchester sides and gave up 2 in losses to Sunderland and Boro who until facing The Cherries were on prolonged winless streaks. So if any team has proven that they can breathe life into someone or just bend over for them, it is certainly Bournemouth. So I would ask you to strongly consider Alexis because of his opposition for one, but also if you like your captain choices with huge upside. A captain with a side of danger? Perhaps, but that’s how we roll on #TeamBear

Zlatan (West Ham, home)

For those wondering why I used that picture for Zlatan, simple, I got that from Init’s Facebook page. As you all know he is an Everton fan, so he simply refuses to wear red, but he still got his way when purchasing his Ibra apparel, Everton blue on his favourite player ever, lucky Init. However, if Init’s fandom isn’t enough to convince you that Ibra is more than just his man, but also a worthy captain choice, let me hit you with some facts, a couple of made up ones and round it off with a completely bias opinion. The Swedish lord of goal as he is known on this site for now on, that by the way was a decree ordered, not sure I have the authority, but I am going with it. In his last game Ibra popped up with a brace, so perhaps that is some evidence that he might start putting away more of his chances. And does he ever get chances!! Which some might see as a negative (not Init, he loves him) considering how many clear ones he has missed, but I see it as a positive. Because at the very least he is getting the opportunities, which is all you can really ask for. Fact is, if you knew he would have 3-4 clear chances at the weekend, well you probably be inclined to just go with him. He is currently averaging the most shots per game in the league and more than in any of his time at Barca, Milan or PSG. We all know of his goal scoring record in those places, so one would think that it is only a matter of time before he starts putting even more away at United. If none of that is enough to convince you, then let me remind you that he plays the second worse defence in the league. So let the Swedish lord of goal lead your squad to a massive haul, just like Init’s team.

Kevin De Bruyne (Burnley, away)

“Who you captain?” Asks a friend of yours, you respond “KDB” and you stare right through them, that’s right, nothing else really needs to be said. They know what you mean, they know why you did it…because it just sounds cool, no other reasons matter. But just in case ‘you are that guy’ I guess I will list a couple. Maybe, you simply don’t like to risk the biscuit with Alexis or are not infatuated with Zlatan like Init, in that case let me introduce you to my KDB agent. This Guy is more dependable than Guy Sanchez (By the way, big thanks to Guy for a great Fixtures article) and since we are on the subject, is Guy really his first name? Well…who cares, moving along to why the Lord of the assist (not a decree) should come under consideration. Unlike his #TeamBear mates, he is consistent. In 8 of his 11 games this season he has either scored or assisted (not necessarily Kun) and he has an assist in three straight games now. He is only second in the league to Payet in creating shots for others and is currently leading the league with 9 FPL assists. Those 9 are 3 more than any Coutinho or any of his ilk. His away form is something to write home about, 1 goal and 6 assists in 5 away games is certainly another point in his favour on top of his paltry 7.3 points per 90. What is there not to love about KDB? In particular now that we seen West Brom destroy their next opponent. If The Baggies can tear you to shreds, imagine what this Belgian and his mates (except Kun, he’s burnt out, likely to be rested and frankly not even Colombian/Belgian) are going to do to them?

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 13. This article was written by Mito & Inittowinit

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