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Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 14

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 14

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 14

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 14. Well hello there, Mito here *pauses for applause* thanks mom, can always count on her. I rarely come out of the Grab, Avoid or Bore Off bubble I stay in and for good reason. Picking players to tip, captain choices or recommending teams for people to invest in seems like a lot of responsibility when you consider how serious some managers take their FPL teams. However after participating in the captaincy article last week, I decided the public needed me or at least that is what my wife told me. Hmmm, odd how happy she was yesterday when I was sitting at the computer coming up with the article, probably just a coincidence. You know there is a tradition at FF247 and it goes something like this, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! So after my triumphant appearance on Captaincy Face-Off last game-week, it had to be me again on this article.
Editors Note: We always rotate this article and the person slotted in for this week needed someone to fill in this week and Mito volunteered.
I thought about saying no, but in all honesty, I didn’t want to let the guys down. Well ok, now that I have introduced myself and presented the facts on why it is me again on this article, let us get to it, shall we not? So without further ado, let us get to some of the choices and the reasoning (I say that loosely) behind them.

Harry Kane vs Swansea (H)
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Harry will probably lead all the polls this week and for good reason. Not only had he scored in four straight prior to the CFC game, he plays Swansea at home. Assuming that most of you will disregard the Chelsea game, the thinking is this should be the best match-up for any of the possible top choices for this game-week. Swansea have conceded 2 or more goals in 9 out of 13 games this season, with 5 of those being 3 or more. Now I know Spurs are not exactly a scoring machine like some of the other EPL sides, but that’s why I presented Swansea, because if anyone can help up your goal scoring tally, it is this Welsh side. Out of the last 10 goals that Tottenham have scored, Kane has scored five of them, so if you expect a couple of goals from Spurs this weekend, you should probably also expect Harry to partake. Add the fact that he is on penalties and the occasional set piece, that last part though is just Spurs showing that they understand humour. So if you bought the Englishman and plan to captain him, good on you, if you haven’t bought him errr….ok, I will try and sound convincing on some other options later in the article. Come on you Spurs just Harry, could care less about Spurs.

Alexis Sanchez vs West Ham (A)
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Alexis you did me proud boy!! If you were wondering what or who Alexis is pointing at in the image, it was ME! My number one choice from last week did me right. In many ways I could almost write the same piece on him and why he is as good a choice for captaincy this week as last. Change the team they are playing and pad the stats a bit more after his 14 point haul last game and we arrive at many of the same conclusions. Basically, if you think Alexis will score vs West Ham, just go with him. Every single time he has scored this season he has hit double figure points. If you are worried about the location of the game, don’t be. Three of his major hauls came away from the Emirates. So he has proven that he can deliver anywhere. Alexis is now only one point behind Hazard for the overall points lead and considering their fixtures this weekend, he could catapult himself into first place. As far as his opponent goes, while they seem to be showing some improvement, this is still a team that allowed Watford and Southampton to combine for 7 goals on them at London Stadium. One more thing going for him (us) is that he doesn’t take pens or is simply not allowed near them, because they always give us negative points. If you don’t own Harry, I would consider this a great choice also, if you don’t own him or Kane, well, sounds like an interesting FPL strategy. Hope they payout for last place. ;)

Charlie Austin vs Crystal Palace (A)
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Charlie you have made it to the big time. Finally made it to a captaincy article! He could have been in one in the past, but I couldn’t be bothered to check and the only thing that really matters is that he is in now. Austin doesn’t carry the weight of the previous two choices, but he certainly carries the most laughable fixture. Lord Pardew couldn’t stop Guy Sanchez from scoring a brace right about now, so how is he going to stop Charlie? Maybe not the most explosive fella in terms of points, but he does what he can considering his body type. Austin is on pens and unlike Alexis he knows how to hit them, so that’s a plus. Another positive is that in the games he has started and scored, he has grabbed 10 of the possible 12 bonus points. So I guess having a family member working for FPL works in his favour. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not knocking him for it. Because my philosophy in life is –If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying– WoW! I know, you are welcome to use that line anytime you like. Back to Charlie, listen there are better options above him and probably some in the best of the rest section below him, but none of them play Palace. Them fools have allowed 16 goals in their last 4 games and allowed at the very least one goal in every game this season. So I am putting some faith in a poacher who plays a team who can’t defend and just allowed Swansea five. So if you are feeling slightly punty and you feel that Palace will again be their silly selves, you and Charlie could be a perfect match.

Best of the Rest
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Why am I breaking our traditional captaincy format? Well, simply put, I felt there was a lot of other options, maybe not necessarily great ones, yet still worthy of a mention. In some cases the fixture turned me off, but their talent made it impossible for me to completely ignore. The most obvious ones are the ones involved in the City vs CFC clash this weekend. On the City side we have Sergio Aguero who is coming off a brace at the weekend. Punishing those who sold him and allowing those who knew better to act childish. We sellers have feelings!! *Wipes tears – he grabbed 4 goals vs CFC last season, but that was not this Conte led side. One other concern is, he only seems to be punishing bad sides and strangely enough all away from the Etihad. Guess he likes playing with fans in the stands. Another possible choice is Kevin De Bruyne. Yeah KdB, I am crazy like that. Just don’t think Pep will dare sit him this upcoming week. When this fella plays he usually does something, with his 9 FPL assists and 2 goals despite starting only 10 of 13, he could be the sneaky pick of the week. Besides after picking him last week as one of my three choices, he owes me.

Chelsea also has two options we must consider. Eden Hazard currently leads FPL in points and he at the very least deserves some consideration before you captain Kane. His six hauls of 8 points or more shows he can prove to be a good choice for the double up, but you would be choosing his talent over the fixture and location. Haz has really loved home cooking with 5 of his 6 better hauls coming at said place. One can’t speak of Hazard and leave Diego Costa out of the conversation. The Brazilian born Spaniard has either scored or assisted in 11 of his 13 fixtures. Possibly the best part of his game for owners is, his capacity to continue to troll non-owners by not picking up that fifth yellow. So apparently he scores or gets a yellow when he wants to.

The best of the rest, of the rest. Zlatan has now scored in his last two fixtures and is starting to regain his early season form. He plays Everton away though and even though the Toffees haven’t looked great, they seem to be tight at home allowing only 4 goals at Goodison Park, so be aware. Jermain Defoe makes this best of the rest, of the rest, because he plays Leicester. The Foxes are still seemingly drunk from their title celebration from last season, particularly when they play away. So the Fossil could add to his impressive tally this weekend versus a team that seems disinterested.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 14. This article was written by Mito21

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    2ft and 0.9itb what would your guys changes be still sitting 7th in my mini league 50pts behind the leader

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