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Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 29

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 29

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 29

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 29. This weekend sees one of the best days of the year, St. Patricks Day!! The one day of the year we all get to release our true alcoholic side with it being totally acceptable, and just in time too! Last weekend we saw only four matches and the likes of Can, Schneiderlin and Mawson hitting the back of the net with the bigger names not getting the points. Most teams only scraped together eight or nine players so it was to be expected that scores would be low and with an average of 15 points that clearly happened. We could all do with a massive performance from our captain but this is my first Captain Pick’s article so we’ll see how I do!!

5. Josh King and Gylfi Sigurdsson (Bournemouth vs Swansea)

This is for the gamblers out there as this could either be a goal-fest of a game or a drab one. King scored a hat-trick in the last game bringing his total to seven goals in the last five games and is definitely a man in form and up against a Swansea team who, though they are improving, did show their weaknesses against Hull at the weekend. King did miss a penalty against West Ham but so did Benik Afobe so either Eddie Howe will just put that down to bad luck or he will give someone else a chance! However, I would still choose King for his possible set piece chances and the fact he is playing OOP as the striker. On the other side of the field is old FPL favourite Siggy. The Icelander is Swansea’s best player by far and with his set piece duties it is a rare occasion when he isn’t amongst the points. Siggy can chip away at a Bournemouth team who haven’t kept a clean sheet since the reverse of this fixture in December. This may be an omen for the Swans or maybe the loss of Ake has affected their solidity. Siggy’s main target, Llorente, has a slight knock but early reports suggest he should make it for Saturday, we will just have to see what Mr. Clement says but I’ll let Cookie deal with that!!

4. Alexis Sanchez (away vs West Brom)

Arsenal have been terrible of late losing 10-2 on aggregate to Bayern Munich and three losses in their last four league games has brought us to the annual festivities which include Arsenal fans moaning about their season imploding, calling for signings in the summer and also the annual cries of “Wenger Out”. The Frenchmen has spent 20 years at Arsenal and maybe it is time for a fresh face but as of right now the man is still in charge. There has been rumours that some of Arsenal’s big names are not happy at the club and it is evident in the face of Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean looks clearly frustrated at the Emirates so why am I including him in this Captain article? Well the simple answer is he is Arsenal’s best player! This became clear to any doubters when he came on at half-time against Liverpool to set up Welbeck for Arsenal’s only goal. Sanchez has scored seventeen goals this term and assisted ten meaning Sanchez has been involved in 49% of Arsenal’s goals this season. Against a West Brom team that must have found Tony Pulis’ terrible twin brother who can’t keep a clean sheet to save his life, Sanchez should bag a decent haul for any fantasy players this week. Assuming he can be bothered!

3. Sergio Aguero (home vs Liverpool)

City’s last five league games have seen four wins and a draw with 10 goals scored and only 1 conceded. Aguero has only returned to the City starting line-up due to Jesus’ untimely injury. This has made Kun the main man at the top of the City attack and I can’t see him not starting against Liverpool. Kun is one of the best strikers in the league and against a Liverpool team that makes Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde look consistent then the little Argentine needs to be considered. No one knows what Liverpool will show up to the Etihad on Sunday and with Liverpool conceding at least one goal per game and City scoring just under two, it could be a busy day for Mignolet. With both defences lookign likely to concede at any given moment, goals are expected in the game and who wouldn’t want to skipper Aguero in a goal feast?!

2. Romelu Lukaku (home vs Hull)

Everton have been in brilliant form as of late and apart from a loss to Spurs two weeks ago, they are undefeated in the league in 2017. Hull have been a resurgent side since the appointment of Marco Silva only conceding ten goals but I fancy Everton to get the win here with the big Belgian the star man. The form Lukaku is in is formidable, he has scored seven goals and gotten one assist in his last five games. This includes a four goal rout against Bournemouth a few weeks back. Hull should have plenty of problems handling Lukaku and the rest of the Everton team at the weekend with the likes of Coleman bombing down the wing to whip in crosses and Barkley looking to be back to somehwere near his best. Big Rom has scored in each of the last five matches at Goodison and I’d fancy Lukaku to grab at least something out of the game. As his manager says of him, “Romelu always scores at least one here”.

1. Eden Hazard & Diego Costa (away vs Stoke)

Chelsea are well on their way to winning the double this year being 10 points clear at the top and winning a spot in the semi-finals of the FA Cup last night. The last five league games for Chelsea have seen three wins and two draws with ten goals scored and Hazard and Costa grabbing two goals and two assists each. Chelsea score an average of 2.11 goals per game and at home this stretches a little to 2.77 so Chelsea are potent at home. Hazard takes at least 2 shots a game and Costa takes 3 with half of them on target so you could expect something from the pair. Coming up against Stoke usually would be a tough game but Chelsea are beating everyone this season and with Stoke letting in 1.43 goals per game I see Chelsea continuing their stroll to the title.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 29. This article was written by MattX

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  1. Morning guys, had a good week last week and now up to 100k overall. Can I get some opinion on my team. I’ve used my FT for Costa and with 6.9m itb

    1. Should I do Tom Carroll to Hazard/Alli. This would mean I’m likely to play 3-5-2 and drop Andy C. Don’t really fancy him

    2. Coutinho to Alli/Hazard/Sanchez for a hit


    • Coys,

      Well done on the increase in ranking.
      Haz and Alli are good but you probably don’t need to take a hit this week

      • Thanks Leprechaun. I have a slender lead on my ML and closest rival has Hazard. I guess my main concern now is Hazard running riot against Stoke

        • In that case a covering move to get Hazard probably makes sense

        • Saw a stat that says Klopp has won 5 against Pep in all comp. Not sure if I could survive this GW without a hit and with 2 pool mids >.<

  2. Any advice?
    I’d like to sell Nyom and Kane and buy Valencia and Costa/Deeney/Vardy/Defoe/Gabiadinni (I will probably sell Lukaku after this round and buy one more out of these players)?!
    Also, I’d like to sell Allen and buy Son, or Alli (Son, more like it), but if I do that, I don’t know what should be my formation?!

  3. I want to sell coutinho and Lorente
    options hazard ali costa sanchez Sigurdsion vardy mahrez

    Is Lesicter good now?
    I have Ericsson is ali needed?
    Sanchez still must? Or who from chelsea?

  4. Lol just because lukaku refuses to sign a new contract doesn’t mean that he will be benched or he will lose his form. He still has 2 years left on his contract other than contractual obligations, he’ll play at his best until Everton to sell him for a hefty profit.. Everton will not drop their best player until they have to, mark my words. I for one will be captaining Lukaku.

  5. hi guys
    azpi smith brunt
    mane sterling philips king
    llorente kane lukaku
    bench: jakupovic nyom amat deroon

    with kane philips out and llorente doubtfull, i think i haveto take a hit to move 2 of them out.
    option 1- kane and llorente>costa and aguero or someone else?
    option 2- kane and philips>costa and sanchez or hazard or alli or son?
    whitch one is the best option?

    Any advices plz?

    • Transfer out Valdes he hasn’t been a world class goalie for a while now

      • i cant trsfr out valdes when i have my main striker out for a while! I have to trsfr kane out first of all, then if llorente is going to be ok, i have to trsfr philips out in order to have a strong midfild. Valdes can wait in my opinion..

    • Also Llorente has the ok he will play.

    • Nail,

      I would favour Costa &Sanchez in for Kane &Philipps.
      Reason is you get 2 quality players and save money on price drops

  6. Guys, looking for a Harry Kane replacement. Not sure whether to go for a cheaper route such as gabby or deeney which then allows me to upgrade tom Carroll for either hazard or Sanchez or go for aguero until zlatan is back. Thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Heres my squad.

      • You already have 2 top strikers so I’d say Gabbi as a 3rd is a good decision.
        If you do decide to upgrade Carroll that may give you a headache over who to start each week. King is obviously the budget player who could make way by sitting on the bench but he’s also one of the most in form.

        • +1

  7. Hey Guys heres the updated chart I put up yesterday, Init if you cant take the jpeg from this post let me know where to send it to and what format is best for use!

    • Top class work that Rosco, thanks very much mate.

      • Cheers Milburn, hope I haven’t missed any or cocked any up but i can amend it if anyone spots anything!

    • Thanks a lot for the compiled sheet Rosco. From this, Arsenal and Utd seem the most important teams. Also, Spurs cover could do good in future.

    • No probs mate, think Chelsea look a very good prospect too although most of us will have at least a couple of those already, same goes for spurs. I think any of those 8 teams with 2 DGW to play will have merits and we’ll just have to weigh up who to get depending on where the DGW’s fall. All very exciting stuff though!

    • Don’t worry Rosco!

      I found it, thank you :)

  8. Planning to keep FT until next when I need to look at Spurs/Chelsea/Man U cover
    Team Pickford Cahill Coleman McAuley Barkley Mane Siggy Sterling Llorente Lukaku Aguero Subs Heaton Smith Amat Snoddy Any thoughts on team and who to bring in next week, thinking Aguero/Mane to Costa/Alli would be appreciated. .2 itb

    • gramps – I’m that same boat, that is, I have a decent XI for gw29 and so leaning to save it for better assessement ahead of gw30, after the IB. The main reason is precisely that I don’t know which big guns I want back from Alli/Haz/Sanchez/Costa/Kun or even some Leicester boys maybe. A lot can change in two weeks so I can’t really suggest anyone now for gw30. I could argue that losing Mane could be a mistake mind you. He’s the 4th best record for goals scored and the 3rd best ratio for PPM between mids. Him and Alli offer the best value for money in that 8.5-»10 bracket. Can you manage to do Barkley-»Alli & Aguero-» Costa? I would prefer that, yes.

      • Cheers DMC. Kun/Costa should release funds to lose Barkley – you are probably right about Mane and 3 from Everton is too many.

  9. Guys, Views on Sanchez Vs Walcott!! need help

    • Walcott is dismal since his return from injury

  10. Hey guys
    Already taken a hit to get to this team. Do I take another for coutinho or stick with what I’ve got. I’d go coutinho to alli.

    • If you’ve already take a -4 I’d probably hold this week and prioritise a spurs mid next week after seeing how they set up and perform without Kane this weekend.


    Watching this goal makes me wonder how effective Rooney would be as a stirker with martial and rashford paying on the wings in light of ibra’s absensne, or have injuries such as the infamous Bayern incident really taken their toll on him :(

    • I’d have to agree with Cookie on this Waxys. You need to focus more on how players and teams are performing NOW as opposed to how they played in their prime. Rooney was a great player but as an FPL forward option there are so many better options and in some cases cheaper than Rooney.

    • @Waxys I agree with you mate.

      Hoping you are just looking for myside bias. ;)

  12. Thinking of replacing one of my cheapo defenders with Spurs cover. Do we think Davies spot is safe for the short term with Rose still out? Or play it safe with Vert? Or another more pressing issue?

    1 Ft, 1.6 itb
    Grant, Jaku
    Alonso, Baines, Nyom, Chambers, Amat
    Mane, Siggy, Pedro, Lanzini, Phillips
    Kun, Lukaku, Gray

    • I would only consider Almiron and Martinez.

      I figure I get this out of the way now. ;)

      • :big-lol:

        It’s a Wednesday so I’m still about…. promise to listen this time mate.

    • Any other insight on this one? ……besides Mito’s omnisicient MLS advice? Cheers.

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