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Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 33

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 33

Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 33

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 33. I’ve always admired the positivity of hitchhikers; after all, every time I drive past one, they’re holding their thumbs up. So yesterday, instead of merely slowing down to reciprocate the gesture, I decided to stop and accommodate one on my journey. My fellow traveller on this occasion turned out to be none other than a certain David Moyles* (*Name changed to protect real identity). Among the many topics we discussed were borderline red cards, vigilante retribution against female journalists and, fortunately for this tame segue, who to captain in FPL Gameweek 33.

5. Alexis Sanchez (Middlesbrough v Arsenal)

The DGW’s loom ever nearer, and many managers have long since started stockpiling in advance. One popular asset is Alexis Sanchez, who will likely feature in most teams come the latter stages. Those that already have him however will be lamenting his recent output (7pts in 3 games), yet perhaps heartened by a visible improvement in his application on the pitch (a respectable 4 goal attempts against Palace in a dire team display). “Aye, he’s been a wee bit cheeky this season.”, reflects David as we pull out onto the A1, “He should watch himself or he might get a slap, even though he’s a 4ft 5in Chilean.”

Cause for hope lies in opponents Middlesbrough, a team with all the attacking ambition of Mahatma Gandhi on valium. So expect free shooting practice for the Gunners. One may flag up Boro’s gutsy goalless draw in October as a cautionary tale, but it will be interesting to see how the pressure of their current relegation battle manifests itself against the bruised egos of Wenger’s men.

4. Sergio Aguero (Southampton v Man City)

The absence of early FPL pin-up Jesus, still poised on the sidelines for his reportedly imminent second coming, has seen a resurrection in the fortunes of City’s original messiah. 5 goals and 2 assists in his previous 6 games has been the most consistent spell of a relatively unsettled season by Sergio Aguero’s lofty standards. He’s had more shots; shots inside the box; and shots on target, than any of his peers during this rich vein of form. However, St. Mary’s will be as tough a place as any right now, as evidenced by their resilient rearguard display at The Hawthorns last weekend.

There are still concerns about the Argentine’s long-term prospects at the Etihad, but surely even if Jesus does return before the end of the season, Pep knows he’d get crucified in the press for dropping Aguero, who will surely remain nailed on.

3. Harry Kane (Spurs v Bournemouth)

Vincent Janssen’s dismal contribution while goals flew in around him, during the demolition of Watford, was less like a deer caught in headlights, and more like the unwitting subject of a humiliation-ritual, blinded in a bukkake crossfire. So despite being only 3rd here mainly due to a lack of recent game time, a half-match-fit Harry Kane is a more than acceptable passenger for the Spurs artillery to carry into battle right now.

Limited to 29 minutes last Saturday lunchtime, Kane curiously still managed to fire off as many shots as Eriksen, Alli and Janssen. He didn’t win the raffle that time, but with an overall goal conversion rate (26.76%) higher than even Lukaku, he may only need a few chances against a Jekyll and Hyde Bournemouth team to officially announce his return from injury.

2. Dele Alli (Spurs v Bournemouth)

If there were two players David Moyles wouldn’t advise admonishing, he said, it would be Dele Alli and Heung-Min Son. “I was in Tescos and saw the two pranksters do something a wee bit cheeky in the baked goods aisle, so I went up to them and raised my hand to give them a good slap. The little rascals had me stuck in a 3 way handshake routine for 25 f***ing minutes.”

As alluded to earlier, Tottenham are playing like an orchestra with a multitude of virtuosos right now. ‘Alli, Eriksen & Son’ may sound like a family-owned electrician firm from the 1980’s but the trio have been live-wires in 2016/17, with and without ‘Arry’s spark. An average of 8.83 points over his last 6 outings suggests a fitting climax to a spectacular season for the recently turned 21-year-old.

1. Romelu Lukaku (Everton v Burnley)

11 goals in 9 games. Nice. Just when the big Belgian’s wheels looked to be skidding beneath him, he came up with a classy double salvo against Leicester to restore traction in what has been a blistering campaign for the Premier League’s chart-topping marksman.

Well, Burnley still haven’t won away from home, and while it’s commendable that they plugged the leaks with meritorious stalemates at Sunderland and Middlesbrough, those are two of the easiest road trips they could’ve wished for to break their duck.

The Toffees, on the other hand, have the 3rd best home record, blemished only by December’s Merseyside derby defeat. Romelu clearly enjoys life in front of the Grand Old Lady too, with 12 of his last 13 goals coming at Goodison. I doubt even David Moyles ever felt that at home.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Captain Picks Gameweek 33. This article was written by Bryan Munich

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  1. Thoughts on selling Sanchez for a hit to get in Kane?

    • Depends what your team look like?

      • Would give me Coutinho and Kane over Sanchez and Lorente

        Yes bring back gw36 (somehow)

    • Who would you replace Sanchez with as I’d be careful not to make the midfield too weak

    • Dreamers – I assume you would be bringing him back in for GW36 when you WC? (I was thinking of doing the same earlier in the week)

  2. Thinking of doing walker, Davies, siggy to holgate, coutinho and Zaha,

    2ft and 0.6itb. Can anyone see better use of money

    • I think u need Ibra for the dgw

      • Yeah I will, it’s just when and how to get him in

        • But don’t you need him next gw? And will u have any money left if u do these ?

        • That’s true. I’ll have to make sure I have money over

    • Yep. Vardy and Siggy out for Kane and Zaha.

      • Kinda want to see Kane form first though could do ibra instead this week

  3. Yeah I will, it’s just when and how to get him in

  4. guys, now that all the double gameweeks have been confirmed so some strange reason i dont think its wise for me to play my bench boost in gw37. I understand the logic if u have ur wild card but I dont and dont really regret using it when i did. I feel trying to squence in as many dgw players will result on not getting the essential players and as recent gameweeks have shown many players are being rested. This happened with sterling and stone in man city dgw in gw28. i feel i stead g.w 34 may offer a better opportunity to use bench boost and have only 4/5 dgw players but all players likely to play. this will then allow me to set up my team with remaining gameweek with 11 essential players and rest bench warmers. also dgw 37 would allow to captain sanchez or aguero instead of somieone like zlatan in gw34 again city and burnley away.

    • In other words, you’re doomed!

      • go on then example why instead of off the cuff statement!

      • He he +1 ;)

      • at the moment i have to lowish priced player who both dont have any upcoming dgw but have not intention to sell. Holgate and king. Holagate is at home to watford in gw 37 while king is at home to burnley. my second keeper is jacu who again doesnt have a dgw but away to crystal palace. bringing in an another keeper will cost me a hit and would require an upgrade when money would be best used on attackers. So basically im likely to have a maximum of 12 players with dgw. Usiny bench boost is unlikely to benefit me more than playing it in gw 34 those players i listed have just as good or better fixtures. King home to burnley, holgate away to west ham jaku home to watford. This would then allow me to focus on having 11 premium dgw players for gw37 and better triple captain option. Maybe where i differ to the rest is that i wont have the benefit of wildcard.

        • Saloba – yeah mate was just highlighting the difference it really makes not having a WC to negotiate these times. Your reasoning seems fine from a non-WC perspective.
          In your situation I’m not sure I’d BB in any other than 37 but I didn’t look at it in that way in detail.

        • no worries mate bit sensitive not having my wildcard. Should work a treat for you.

  5. Hi guys, do any of you know anything about Crystal Palace’s Martin Kelly? Is he nailed on to start do you reckon? Cheers!

    • Playing cos of injury to others

      • Cheers Dreamers – looks like I should miss him then with a couple players probably returning soon.

        • Think in a recent game Tomkins started, Dann came on for him n then Delany for him ( all injury based subs )

  6. Cheers Bry, I think I’ll give a ride to your hitchhiker friend Romelu this week. Let’s see if I get to my destiny safe or if I’ll be stabbed and left to die on the road. Great read btw.

    • DMC, he’s a big fella, I hope you don’t drive a Lada!

  7. Haven’t looked at this properly but, for those that have, should we be looking at 3 saints + 3 gooners for our WC in 36? They do have 5 games on the last 3 weeks of the season. And their last one is also at home. Or would that be overkill?

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