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Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 16

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 16

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 16

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 16. It’s a quick turnaround this week and in terms of ‘tips’ this week if you read no further, or indeed read nothing else this week, do yourself a favour and read the next sentence only. The deadline for GW16 is Tuesday 13th December at 6.45pm UK time. Many won’t realise or even be aware of it. We always see posts or tweets after a midweek deadline from people saying they didn’t know or forgot. Let’s just hope that happens in your mini league! Lots of people walking around their offices this week whistling quietly and touching their nose. And then asking very loudly who their co-worker captained ‘this week’, two minutes after the deadline. Sly lot you. Anyway onto GW16 itself and we shall start with some housekeeping just to manage peoples expectations really. This article will deal with some tips for midweek. After that we will post the site team at some time on Monday evening or Tuesday morning and that will be it for the week really before Live Match chat kicks in again and we can all enjoy the action itself. There will be no Around The Grounds ahead of GW16 as it takes forever to compile and it’s unfair to ask Cookie to do 3 in a week! We will endeavour to tweet the relevant news as it comes through so keep your eyes on that feed but if you have anything specific you need to know then just ask in the comments section. You will get an answer. After that it’s another short turnaround prior to GW17 and we intend to post a Tips / Captains combo article as well as the Site Team and there will be the usual Around The Grounds on Friday. Here’s our take on GW16 for now anyway. We are going to split this one quite simply into attackers and defenders and recommend either teams who we would be looking at for GW16 alone based upon either their opponents or their own stats in terms of scoring or defending. Capiche?! Probably not, but bear with us, it’ll make sense. Hopefully…

The following stats and analysis relate purely to goals scored or conceded either at home or away, depending on which one the team is doing in GW16.

Goalkeepers / Defenders
So what we want from this section is to know which teams have the best defensive record when playing either at home or away. And how that relates to their opponents scoring one…

4Spurs have the best defensive record in this respect this week having only conceded 4 at home all season. And those were in just 3 games meaning they have kept 4 clean sheets at The Lane. Their opponents Hull have only scored 5 on the road which ranks them 18th for that particular stat. Yes we’d buy a Spurs defender with confidence this week. Screw it, buy two!

5Arsenal and Everton have both only conceded 5 but we wouldn’t be so confident on either keeping a clean sheet this time around and this is why – Arsenal have the best away record for goals scored with a whopping 18 and Everton themselves have scored 10 at home, not the best by a long stretch but they haven’t failed to score in a home game this season.

7Chelsea and Middlesbrough have the next best records but what of their opponents scoring prowess? Well Chelsea face Sunderland who have scored 10 at home this season and have only failed to score in 1 of those 7 games and that was against Everton. The only other real opponent of note was Arsenal and they did score but lost 1-4. As for ‘Boro they face Liverpool who have the 2nd best away record with 16 so we would dismiss them out of hand really.

Midfielders / Forwards
So what we want from this section is to know which teams have the best scoring record when playing either at home or away. And how that relates to their opponents defence…

18Arsenal have the best record this week as we have mentioned previously with 18 goals on the road. We don’t know what to make of this as Everton have only conceded 5 at home and that includes keeping both Spurs and Man United down to a goal apiece. They’ve had 6 games at home and kept 2 clean sheets. It probably won’t be a goal fest is the best we can offer really.

16Liverpool come in 2nd place with 16 scored away. Thy have had 8 games away and failed to score in 2 at Burnley and Saints but have also notched 4 goals twice and 3 once. Their opponents ‘Boro rank highly on the defensive home stats as we have said but you always fancy Liverpool to score in any given game. Their only problem is whether it’s more than the opposition!

14Bournemouth and Spurs. Bournemouth are probably a surprise inclusion here but evidently they like a home goal! The stats are possibly slightly skewed as they have scored 10 of those 14 in just 2 games (6 vs Hull and 4 vs Liverpool). They have however failed to score in just 1 of their 7 home games this season. Their opponents Leicester have been appalling away from home with 18 conceded so far. Whether they turned a corner last week though remains to be seen. Spurs seem a no brainer this week as they have a good home record and their opponents Hull have conceded 17 on the road. Spurs have scored in every home game, Hull have only kept one team out and that was Swansea, back when they were bad. Or at least worse than they are now!

12Chelsea are surprisingly low on this one given that they are now the team that everybody fears. They’ve only failed to score in 1 away game though and that was at Arsenal back when they were still trying to find their identity. Said identity has been well and truly established since though and they have won 5 out of 7 away. Efficiency has probably been the key word away from home rather then potency as a 1 goal margin has been their preference so far in most games. That may change this week as their opponents Sunderland have the joint worst home record with 14 conceded.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 16. This article was written by inittowinit

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  1. 61
    Jonathan says:

    Hello all,

    Fer+Origi out

    Chamberlain+Carroll in


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    lsd1980s says:

    Hi guys,
    Hoping to get some advice on my team

    Ben Mee, Koscielny, Azipilucueta
    Eriksen, Hazard, Mahrez, Allen
    Kane, Costa, Origi

    Bench: Jaku, Capoue, Amat, Smith

    Just took a hit to get Mahrez and Origi in.
    Hoping to make up some ground in the Christmas season…
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    ChrisOllie25 says:

    Alonso or Toby?

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