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Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25

Welcome to Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25. I asked Init to do a foreword for me, now you may ask why I would need such a thing in this article. Well, when I was given the task of writing TIPS (my first time ever) I quickly realized that I don’t have 3000 words in me like the previous writers did. So I figured I cheat and get 500 from the rooster. Listen fellas, as I always say and I quote myself “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”
However, Init wrote it and apparently the dog ate it, because as you can see, there is no foreword. So now I am forced to write an intro for this article that I wasn’t planning on. Tough stuff, I know. In reviewing Tips from the past, it is obvious that we usually hold to a certain pattern in how it is laid out with the occasional diversion. Right… so seeing that I am usually ask to write when the site is in need of a diversion (case in point, Bore off articles and Ramblings) then you well know, this is not going to be like the regular Tips. It will be a mix of things, a little bit of this and little bit of that. Just know before you continue reading that I majored in B and did a minor in S. To be honest, I have no idea what I will write about, but as I go along I hope I come up with something useful. But if I don’t, I distracted you, so as far as I am concerned and excuse me for quoting another legend “Mission Accomplished”

Random thought
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Why? Why? Why? Is a question I consistently ask myself when I see some of the decisions that are made by FPL managers. Yet, I know that just because a transfer shouldn’t be made, it doesn’t then follow that the manager who does it, is punished accordingly. In fact, in many cases it is those who play the game logically who drown in their own tears. My best season ever, was the season I took hits for fun. In part because I played the fixture (not plural) instead of the fixtures (long term) and yes, sometimes I got burned for it, but that season I was seemingly lucky, or was I? ‘Probably’ is the short answer, yet we know this game does reward the daring also and sometimes not just every once in a while, but more than one would expect. Over the years I have sought to change my style and have tried to find a medium between daring and conservative. It is my belief that most of us strive for this. We all try to avoid looking the fool while simultaneously striving to appear the genius who took the chance and got it right.
What is it that I am trying to get at? Maybe I should offer both sides of a debate on a player or team but this would be construed as fence sitting which would only add to the dilemma that we consistently deal with on an individual basis. We just don’t know which way we want to go sometimes. Many of our decisions are based on past experiences with a player or team. Some of us are easily influenced by the mob and tend to follow along with what everyone else is doing. We mistake a good score from a player as being ‘in form’ when it was simply the law of averages finally having its say. So what to do then? Well, I will offer some of my thoughts and I am sure I will be right on some and completely wrong on others. But what the heck, Mr Gorbachev tear down this fence! It is time I took a stand and let the chips fall where they may. If this goes tits up, I blame Init, because if he would have wrote the foreword I probably would have went down a different path. So let me channel my old lucky self from a few seasons ago and make some calls.

Topics – Jesus, Siggy, who to buy on teams with no blanks and some quick hitters on certain players.

J-Zeus is the most transferred player at the time of the writing of this article. Many find that surprising considering his upcoming blank, but veterans of this game know that managers will do that for several reasons. They could be uninformed about the blank, they could be jumping on a bandwagon or they simply find it too tempting to pass up despite the blank. After GW22, I wrote a little about Jesus and the part I prefer to show (old rule: only present what you got right, the rest is irrelevant ;) ) was “This kid will deliver if given the opportunity, he has already shown the capacity to do so on the big stage. He is currently a starter on the Selecao and that is a big accomplishment for someone his age. Expect a high octane player who can play virtually anywhere across the front line. He is a very good dribbler and he will get assists. His style demands attention and he will set up a mate when 2nd defenders over commit. Now we just need Pep to give him a real go and FPL to lower his price and change his position.” Ok, so there was an assumption there that Pep would not play J-Zeus up top and bench Kun. That was my main concern with him, as I did not want a winger in one of my three forward spots.

The dilemma: Jesus has a blank or two on the horizon
My answer: I would not buy and it pains me to say that. The temptation is real, the next 3 fixtures look sweet, but unless City lose to Huddersfield, it will mean they will have a blank in 28 also, so I am staying away. If City wins in the FA Cup, you have basically bought a part-time player who will only compound GW28 for you. On top of the fact that he be playing every other GW until 28, he then be facing LFC, Arsenal and CFC commencing in 29. If City lose to Huddersfield I will reevaluate, as City would see Sunderland and Stoke in 27 and 28, but until I know the FA result, I don’t think Jesus should be considered. For those that did it, good luck to you and remember to save a seat for uncle Mito if City lose in the FA.

Siggy (Swansea players), sorry I don’t have a whole paragraph worth of babble like I did on Gabriel. So I will get right to it.
The Dilemma: What dilemma?
My answer: I don’t even understand what the question is here. Yes, I be buying and would be comfortable with it. Is not just that he has been delivering, but with the exception of CFC in GW26, he faces a who’s who of teams with little to no defending talent. Is it possible that Swansea might make an appearance in the fixtures article under the favourable section? Well that is not up to me, but if it was, I probably just put Siggy on there instead of Swansea and say he was a top 3 best bet. My man has no blanks on the horizon to boot, so he is a buy for me. Think I will go get him now, since I am on the subject.

West Brom players
The Dilemma: Who to buy?
My answer: Off the bat, I say get Brunt. His offensive influence is undeniable, even if I still believe he can’t defend. McAuley is owned by a significant amount of people in comparison to Brunt and even this week he is being bought by more. This however is not a play for a differential, this is simply a play for who has numbers that are more repeatable. Brunt is more likely to continue contributing on the offensive end than Gareth in my opinion. McAuley has 4 goals and 1 assist this season, that is equal to the combined amount he had over the last 3 seasons before this one. Brunt sits much higher up the pitch, he gets forward and takes a fair share of the corners for West Brom. So yeah, I prefer some of that over someone who only goes up on set pieces. Any clean sheets The Baggies bag is a plus, but they have started to get some, so maybe they can pick up another or two before their fixtures turn sour. The other player I would go with is Matty Phillips. I know he is on a bit of a cold streak and Morrison is the new in style Baggie. Phillips is prone to these turns of FPL form and my hope is that I am still around when it comes back to him. I would ride it out with him through 28 and see if I don’t catch him on a good day before then. If money is a concern, Morrison is not a terrible bet, I just prefer Phillips because he does sit higher and I simply think he is the more talented player. As far as any other players from the Albion, I think I would pass. Two is the amount I am comfortable with purchasing over the coming weeks, if you don’t already have them. I am not sure I would want more than that when all the big teams are definitely back in GW29 and West Brom’s fixtures take a turn for the worse.

Everton players
The Dilemma: Who to buy?
My answer: Lu-Ka-Ku… Lu-Ka-Ku… Lu-Ka-Ku is the most obvious buy of all the players who will definitely have no blanks. Sure he is the child of inconsistency, but are you willing to sit by idly while others have him play Sunderland, Boro, Hull and West Brom in 4 of the next 5? Moving along, personally I have added both Baines and Seamus to my personal team. So it be kind of of hypocritical to then turn and say get a different player. Not that being a hypocrite is beyond me. But on this occasion I actually agree with myself. I am not going to continue to guess which of these two is going to get the points, I had Coleman and then Baines started going off, I bought Baines and Coleman started. So you know what, I would buy both not only for their attacking returns, but their fixtures in terms of possible clean sheets. Some will wonder why not Barkley instead of the double up in the back? Well, I don’t mind the double up or even the crazy triple up if the fixture is right and their fixtures are right. Also I have other options in the Barkley midfield price range I prefer more.

Hull and Bournemouth players
The Dilemma: Should we buy from here to help with the blanks?
My answer: Oh stop, sure I will hear from someone who will be on the “King is playing out of position” train and he should be considered. I did consider him and came to the conclusion that he is a no. Is not just that we need to figure out how to get the most cover for the blanks from the best possible players, but we also need to make sure that we are not left really bad off, filled with players who we don’t want and would need to take a hit to get rid off to buy back the big stars who have a blank or two in the coming weeks. There has to be a balance to the team that allows you to be ready for 28, but more importantly ready for 29 and beyond. If you already have a player from one of these squads than no harm done, but it is the future transfers I am more worried about.

West Ham players
The Dilemma: Who to buy?
My answer: Whoa, not sure on this one, but I promised to take a stand and that is what I will do. Ok, now that I have sat back down, I am going to say I be willing to consider Antonio or Snodgrass. Both are what amounts to attacking mids with The Hammers. Antonio is placed along Andy in a 4-4-2, but if you watch a little you quickly notice that Michail is given the sacrificial lamb job of the two. Nevertheless, he is still quite capable of garnering returns as his stats bear out. Most of his goals have come from a right mid attacking position this season. Snodgrass for those with a bit less money. He might outscore Antonio over the coming weeks, so is not really a downgrade. Just a matter of preference and how your budget looks. I like both, depending on how the FA cup games play out, I might give one a go if I am need of a mid to fill out the team. If Andy is passed fit for the weekend many will consider him, I say pass. One, his fitness always is a concern and even if he manages to make it through the next 4 games, be aware that if he is subbed out with 15-20 minutes remaining in a game like he was in the previous two games before he left with tightness in his groin last game, you are basically losing about 60-80 minutes over four games. Which could start to come close to being a full game missed in terms of minutes over a four game span. Isn’t the idea to have cover for the blanks? Well, Andy might play all 4, but he will sneak what almost amounts to a blank if substitution patterns hold.

Quick Hitters
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Diego Costa – If you look at his recent returns, it says you can live without. But if you look at his next six fixtures it says you can’t. He has either scored or assisted against his next six opponents.

Alexis – If he has a double blank, I sell him after Hull. His GW27 fixture is LFC and even though they can have us rolling in laughter when they try and defend, they seem to get it together against the bigger teams.

Ibra – Even if he has a double blank, I will not sell him before Bournemouth. If Lu-Ka-Ku can pop the cherry, Ibra will…

Kane – If you own him ride it out if possible, unless you can afford to waste transfers selling and buying him back, but I would keep. If you don’t have him, I wait until their FA fixture before making any decision on him.

Defoe – Fossil keeps scoring for fun. Don’t matter I am not biting, his fixtures don’t appeal to me over the coming weeks.

Hazard – Similar to Costa in terms of FPL points vs the next few opponents and obviously he has the same exact fixtures. So I be keeping if possible even if they have a blank in 28. His fixtures are friendlier than those of Arsenal and if I had to bench one of him or Alexis to keep through a blank, it be Haz.

Alonso – Oh, heck yeah. Keep if you have and bench him if needed in 28. If you have a transfer to spare and feel comfortable about 28, this could be your guy. Couple of weeks ago I marveled at his points production and compared it to Alexis. I looked again and revised the stats to account for the last couple of games and this is what we got, since GW7 (Alonso’s first start) Marcos has 119 fpl points and Alexis has 122 points. They have both started every game since then, so no benching or injuries skewed the totals.

Well that’s it folks, please be sure to bring up any things I got right over the coming weeks and as for the things I will get wrong as far as I am concerned that part will just be FAKE NEWS.

Thanks for reading Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25. This article was written by Mito21

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  1. 25
    beno1234 says:

    Hey guys,

    Activated my wildcard, what do you think of my team?

    Tried to consider the blanks…

    Costa or Jesus??
    Hazard or Sanchez??


    • 25.1
      beno1234 says:

      I have £1.5m ITB by the way…
      And could swap Phillips to Snodgrass even with Costa I think

    • 25.2
      jogabonito says:

      Costa is a must have imo!

    • 25.3
      Brookyboy says:

      Capoue to Carrol and Kingsley to Robertson gives you 2 more blank gameweek players.I’d be starting Walker before Mcauley.

    • 25.4
      Rosco77 says:

      Agree with Brooky, I’d also suggest if you’re on a WC then Brunt should be the West Brom Defender of choice, if not him id save money and get Nyom. I would also suggest that you’ve overspent at the back so if you go Brunt then consider dropping walker to a 4.5 and upgrading either Defoe or Jesus to Costa.

      • Brookyboy says:

        I agree about Brunt but to throw a spanner in the works i disagree about the defence.Premium defenders like Alonso,Coleman and Walker are assist and bp machines and are outscoring a lot of mids of late and offer terrific value.Theres even an argument for switching to 4-3-3 or rotating between 4-3-3 and 3-4-3.

        • Rosco77 says:

          No I I totally agree with this, if you do decide to do this though I’d downgrade the mid or for line somewhere or you’ll just end up with benching headaches each week!
          If say you for 4 strong defenders I’d then go for say 3 strong mids in the 7-10 mil range and 3 good forwards with 2 5-6 mil mids who rotate or drop a forward down to someone like crouch.

      • beno1234 says:

        I can do Jesus to Costa without downgrading anyone, just thought Jesus was a good punt atm?
        Why Brunt over mcAuley, mcauley loves a header!

        • inittowinit says:

          I’ve not ran the numbers but a quick glance at points scored and minutes played would suggest Brunt is trouncing him at PPM. That said I run with McAuley myself, but that’s only because I consider him something of an FPL charm. I’ll probably still pick him long after he’s retired :)

        • beno1234 says:

          Haha love that init

          A lot of my mini league has McAuley but I need to catch them so maybe Brunt is a slight differential?

        • inittowinit says:

          In all seriousness I’d go with Brunt having looked at his basic stats.

    • 25.5
      Raziel says:

      I really don’t get the Phillips out move, since he has no blanks and WBA have good fixtures. I kept him, I however did ship out Stanislas for Snoddy but only because he has lost his starting spot and did not even play his last fixture. Plus I already have like 7 playing players for GW28, I think.

      • inittowinit says:

        Stan got rested last time they had a midweek fixture too. Maybe he’s just one of those who can’t do 2 in a week. Didn’t exactly work out anyway so he’ll probably come back in this time. Apropos nothing :)

  2. 26
    banjomaker says:

    How am I looking for this GW? Correct choice of defenders?

    I have 0 FT and 3.8 ITB, but I don’t think any hits are worthwhile are they?

    Plan is to get Alonso in there, but I’d like to wait until after the FA cup games to make my moves, with GW 28 in mind.


    • 26.1
      inittowinit says:

      Probably is Banjo. I’d be tempted to double on Everton but I can see why you’d play the odds on that one.

      • banjomaker says:

        Cheers Init. Aside from the cappo armband, the only thing I’m considering is Holgate or Chambers. With Holgate’s gametime a concern, and Everton far from guaranteed a clean sheet I think I’ll play the percentages.

        • inittowinit says:

          Hear you on Holgate. He’s actually had 3 CS’s in his last 3 full games. Must admit I was unaware he’d gone off in the Stoke game. Not even sure why that was now. I’d put money on him being back this week.

        • banjomaker says:

          Now you’re tempting me to change my mind again! This isn’t helping ;)

        • inittowinit says:

          Fantasy football anti help ;) Mitro comes back for it every day so it must work on some level :D

        • inittowinit says:

          How’s twitter life working out for you btw?!

        • banjomaker says:

          Haha I’m still very much finding my feet. I’m yet to tweet anything (I’m yet to fully understand what ‘tweeting’ actually means if I’m honest!). That Ben Dinnery is bloody useful though isn’t he. We’ve exchanged a few messages… does that mean I’ve tweeted ;)

        • inittowinit says:

          Yes! When you sent that first one to me – that was a public tweet! It’s not a messaging service :) All your followers saw that. Ben’s really good. And bloody patient. He will respond to most individual enquiries. He should be up for a sainthood soon all things considered. We on the other hand send Mito on there of a weekend so more like a visit from the devil coming our way :D

        • banjomaker says:

          Hahaha well hark at me… You’d never believe I actually work in IT would you!

        • inittowinit says:

          Yes. Our own IT guy seems oblivious of IT at times too :hippo: #intro :)

        • I thought Kop and Cookie were the IT guys? They seem to know their stuff.

    • 26.2
      Rosco77 says:

      id suggest you’re good for this week, I’d hold any further transfers until after the cup Games. At the minute you have 5 players for GW 28 so if need be I would look to only bring in players who don’t blank in 28 from here on in. I’d hold off on Alonso for now.

      • banjomaker says:

        Thanks Rosco. I’m fairly comfortable with the GW 26 / 28 situation. I’m certainly not going to screw the team for the sake of GW 28. Fingers crossed wolves perform a miracle so we can stack up on Chelsea!

        • Rosco77 says:

          I agree with this, if we’re stuck with 3 matches in 28 I’ll go with around 8 players but won’t be messing up my team for it. I have 4 players currently for 28 so I’ll likely Use my 4FT to make the changes below which as a whole will actually improve my team. If however the cup games give us more games in 28 then I’ll reevaluate next week with 2 FTs

        • banjomaker says:

          I really like the look of your moves, especially as they all improve the team anyway. I think I’ll also be looking at getting in a hull defender for someone. I might temporarily lose Sanchez, if there’s an obvious short term replacement after the fa cup games. I certainly won’t make all my moves between now and then just for GW 28. Hence why I’m tempted to get Alonso in next week, as Chelsea have favourable fixtures in GW 26 & 27.

      • Rosco77 says:

        I think afte the cup games we’ll all have a much clearer idea of how to set up for 28 if indeed we even have to!
        It’s easy for me to say hold off on Alonso as I’ve owned him for 10 weeks and he’s got me 64 points .. I’d say he’s as close to essential as any defender could be!
        With regard to my team, I do like Erickson but Siggy is the main man for Swansea and I have Ali, plus the money I’ll save will allow me to bring in Coleman for Holebas – a big improvement! The other 2 moves just make up the numbers and whilst I don’t expect hull to continue to keep clean sheets, a hull defender is an improvement on Ake who looks unlikely to play!
        I do really want Jesus but I’d have to lose Ibra to do so.. probably hold off on that for now!
        Good thing is if we do get a lot of blanks from the big teams in 28 then that makes for a bumper DGW later in the season!

        • banjomaker says:

          Yea I’ve been stratching my head about Jesus too. I don’t think doing anything before GW 28 is out the way is feasible, after which city have a few tough fixtures. If he’s still playing he’ll absolutely be in my team from GW 32 for the rest of the season.

  3. 27
    Mitro says:


    What time is ATG? ;)

    Everyone decided on there cappo yet?

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