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FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 8

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 8

FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 8

Welcome to the FF247 Fantasy Football Site Team Gameweek 8. A strange gameweek which feels like a lifetime ago. The average was 51, we smashed that with 63 and two our of our own contributed 2/3 of those points! Our Spurs duo of Captain Kane and Mr Reliable Davies did us proud and frankly shamed most of the others. Another clean sheet from DDG was complimented nicely by an assist from Choupo-Moting… the rest really should look away in shame. Even the Alonso owners have switched their phones off in fear that some will try and advocate selling him this week! Would they really though, with such a favourable run of games ahead? This turn in fixtures would have tested even their resolve, surely? But we do have a panel of extremes, from the flakey to the downright stubborn. So was it a fight to the death or did the weak ones simply roll over? Let’s go find out what occurred in the weekly soap opera that is the FF247 site team meeting…

Final Score for GW7

Transfer for GW8 – we have sold Willian and bought Raheem Sterling
It would appear that the committee were so exhausted from the shenanigans of the last few weeks that the first suggested transfer was agreed by everyone almost immediately. We do have a Sterling hater in our midst but even he was hard pressed to argue and his only retort to the Sterling move was to suggest outing Firmino to Vardy but it was more of a whimper than a suggestion. So why Sterling? Well apart from being the only worthwhile City midfielder we could afford, we felt we needed City coverage, their fixtures are great, they are scoring for fun, the players stats are excellent and the belief is that he will benefit from Aguero’s (maybe brief) absence. Let’s hope so!

Look, we know, we’re not daft… It’s not an ideal line-up this week. And it’s a team that is probably on the cusp of needing a Wildcard. Some may say way overdue! But we feel that it can just about survive this week. And that may be good timing with Kun probably coming back next week and Hazard getting a good run out this week to prove his worth.

The team in full
And so this is how we line up ahead of GW8…

Our captain is Harry Kane
Fifteen goals in his last ten matches, six in his last four for Spurs, 2 goals for England over the last fortnight including one at Wembley, this was the easiest choice ever. We suspect Kane will top most Captain polls this week and there is no obvious reason to swim against this tide.

If you wish to follow the teams progress more closely you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading FF247 Fantasy Football Team Gameweek 8

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Gameweek Tracker GW8-11

FT Diff

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  1. 13
    colonial says:

    It would seem sensible if Aguero is fit to play for Jesus to play 60/70 mins and Aguero to take over. Then both ready for CL next week – EASY!!

  2. 14
    Horse says:

    I must say I’m quite jealous of people not on wildcard this game week. It’s been a nightmare! Anyway here is my latest draft

    Eliott Pope
    Luiz Davies Otamendi Cedric Wimmer
    Hazard Sterling Choupa 4,5 4.5
    Kane Kanu Vardy


    • 14.1
      Brookyboy says:

      Same here Horse,this game is supposed to be fun !! I’ve currently got Jesus over Kaku,Silva over Sterling and Richarlson over Choupo with some cash in the bank to switch Jesus to Aguero next week.Youre defence is stronger though.

      • Brookyboy says:

        In fact,not sure how you’ve afforded that team I’m about .9m short !! Though I have lost value on Lukaku and missed Sterling’s price rise !

      • Horse says:

        Hey Brooky.
        I had a lovely Jesus team sorted out until Kun rose from the dead yesterday.
        No I am thinking of sticking with Lukaku.
        No doubt we will hear later that Marata is match fit and Sterling has picked up a knock.

        How did I get the money?
        I got lucky with various 50:50
        Salah over Mane Erik over Alli Micky T (who I got in GW1) over Pogba and sold the lot. :)

        • Brookyboy says:

          Nice.With the doubts about Jesus’s minutes after returning from international duty and Agueros impending return I’m considering just keeping Lukaku in there for Jesus then doing a straight swap to Aguero in 2 weeks.I guess after the pressers we will know more. My heads a bleeding shed at the mo !

        • Horse says:

          @Brooky. Yep I will be pleased when this GW finally starts and the WC is out of the way.
          Just noticed we’re in the same H2H league.
          Super tight league with some very good players.
          You’re up against Mitro/Pancho this GW and I am against Rosco/Dreamers

  3. 15
    Horse says:

    Should be Lukaku rather than Kanu. Both got big feet

  4. 16
    TheDarkKnight says:

    Does anybody think it’s a good idea to captain Batshuayi (Palace at Home) this week?

    If not I was thinking Sterling (Stoke at home)

    Or if you think any of my other options would be better:
    Mkhitaryan (Liverpool away)
    Alli (Bournemouth at home)
    Lukaku (Liverpool away)
    Lacazette (Watford away)

    Need advice please chaps!

  5. 17
    TheDarkKnight says:

    So from the above who would you suggest I captain this week?

  6. 18
    db says:

    Does anyone think Elliot has more chance of a clean sheet vs Southampton than de gea vs Liverpool?
    Also Obiang vs Burnley away (presuming he’s fit/plays or doucoure vs Arsenal at home?

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