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FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum

FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum

FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum

Welcome to FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum: What to do? Who to buy? But… if I sell him, I just know it is going to come back to haunt me. If I get this other guy, what happens if the other top striker goes off?! I am afraid of Aguero, but Costa has been so consistent. How about Zlatan? He is on fire right now. There is also some fella named Harry that pops up and gets some nice points for managers. What to do?

Well, sometimes FPL is about gut feel. Sure you can lean on the stats and go with the majority in many cases, but this might not be one of those moments. The top 4 strikers (when fit or not kicking David Luiz) have made this difficult. We also can’t overlook the cheaper options. Because they have also caused us to doubt if it is really wise to invest in the highest priced forwards when there are players out there who will do a similar job for a lot less. And who doesn’t love a bargain! So with some of those thoughts in mind, let us see if we can start figuring out who we should be carrying from the big front 3 and which 3 or maybe 2 with a cheaper third striker. Remember though, this is not week 1. We don’t all have the same money, so some situations are just simply different based on a team’s value. Hopefully though we can sort of start drawing some conclusions on who it is we prefer and which top striker/s we are going to temp fate against.

Now that we are halfway through our FPL season, some of us have some cash to throw around. On average these strikers cost 11.8 each, obviously Kun inflates that number. If you were to invest in a heavy 3 front line with Aguero in it, you probably be looking to spend around 34 million, depending on how early you owned some of the forwards beforehand. 33 million if you ignored Kun and went with the other three give or take 0.1 to 0.3, also depending on which strikers you have built value in. That seems almost ludicrous to spend that much considering some of the mids and defenders you also want. Except if you think back to GW1…

Hmmm, that looks like 31 million there. That screenshot is of the FF247 site team front line on GW1. That was before we built any value on any players or made any extra cash on the transfer market. Our team is worth about 102.0 million now. That is not a lot compared to a good many teams. Just looking around our FF247 Contributors League I see all the teams rolling in cash. Some reaching into the high 104s, but most hanging around 103 or so. So this means that most of us are anywhere from 2-4 million richer than we were at the start. Some will be a bit behind and some will have money out the wazoo, but on average most of us land in that 102-104 range. So if we think back to GW1, where 30 to 31 million was being spent on our front 3 and now we have added some cash after 20 gameweeks… not hard to see where one could easily justify spending the extra money on a third big striker. In some cases your front 3 will be eating close to the same percentage of your overall money than your strikers were in GW1. Now am I saying that this is the way to go or what you should definitely do? No, absolutely not. I am simply giving ammunition to those that feel that this is the way forward.

The exploits of mid priced to bargain mids has also given those that want to go heavy up top a reason to think it won’t hurt their team as much as one would think. Alli, Matty Phillips and Lallana to name a few, mean managers could save money in the midfield and transfer it to their striker fund. If you feel comfortable with these type of players going forward then it certainly makes the dream front line a very real possibility. If you are one of the unlucky managers that are strapped for cash, defenders can also help the fund if one is willing to go cheap at the back. However be aware that the cheap options at the back are not as obvious. Out of the top 20 scoring defenders in FPL, only one is worth less than 5.0 million. Ok, after rambling on for a bit, how about we actually take a closer look at the fantastic four now.

Diego Costa
The ever lovable Diego Costa has been in fantastic form this season and all this while behaving relatively well. We can forgive him for slapping Pedro around a bit vs Spurs, he deserved it. Should you contemplate building a super strike force without this guy in your team? I probably wouldn’t, unless you want this slightly reformed bad boy with the whip in his hands and… sorry, I didn’t mean to get you all hot and bothered. What I was trying to say before you drifted off was, Diego is probably the one that should definitely make your squad. Why? Well, he is the cheapest of the four, he returns the most points per 90 and he plays on the best team. His consistency speaks for itself, 15 of 19 games he has returned either a goal or an assist. Plus he has one more thing going for him, that Kun and Ibra don’t. He will not have a blank in GW26 for sure. Kane won’t either, but we will address Harry later. He also has a big leg up on Kun and Kane (equal with Ibra) when it comes to grabbing assists. There are moments in games when we think ‘where did Harry go, or Kun hasn’t touched it yet’, that is rarely ever the case with Costa. He is highly involved in the Chelsea attack and he makes his presence felt during a game. He doesn’t wait for the game to come to him. Which is the probably the main reason he continually delivers. He can’t help but get himself involved. The only possible drawbacks with him are his shots per game (compared to Kun and Ibra) and his lack of set piece duties. That last one hurts him in particular because the other three are on pens and in Ibra’s case also free kicks.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The high flying Swede is proving that age is just a number and that being offside doesn’t matter when you have Mike Dean and his crew on your side. Many were sceptical on Ibra before the season started, but I think it is fair to say that he has certainly squashed a lot of that doubt by now. Zlatan has a 6.47 PP90 which is not too far away from Costa. Among the four he boasts the most key passes per game on average and has 5 FPL assists which ties him with Costa. His price tag is close to the halfway mark between Kun and the other two. He is easily the most in-form of the four, with 5 goals and 4 assists in his last 5 games. By comparison Kun, Kane and Costa have 3 goals each and only 1 assist combined, so a noticeable difference there. He also boasts the easiest fixtures over the next 5 in my opinion. Liverpool at home is not easy for United, but they are very ‘attackable’, so he should have his chances. The other 4 fixtures as you will see in the strikers tracker below, are very appealing and will make him a candidate for captaincy on a couple of occasions. His shots per game, which are only second to Kun in the EPL, and consistent ability to create for others says that his production should keep him owned by many. Surely he can’t keep his ridiculous productive current form, but the underlying stats say that he should keep producing decent numbers at the very least. One more plus for Kung Fu Ibra, he doesn’t get subbed off like the other 3. He has played 90 minutes in every game he has started this season, Kane has come off early 10 times, Kun and Costa 5 times each. This matters a lot more than one would think. While checking the frequency of total goals scored in 10 minute intervals per team, I found that 10 teams combined with their opponents to score the most amount of goals in the 81st through 90th minute interval above all the other minute spans. Basically it just means in times of desperation people send extra players forward which opens up space. If Ibra is still on the pitch, that helps.

Sergio Aguero

What can you say about the Sideshow Bob killer that hasn’t already be said? The guy has a great look to him, his son has Maradona in his blood and he got to do something we all wish we could, just once layout David Luiz. As much as we try and ignore or pretend he is not essential, he gives us reminders here and there that he can burn us alive at any minute for not owning him. Sure this season you feel like you can leave this hag at the house and trot out your mistresses to the bar. Maybe she won’t notice that you smell like alcohol and ladies perfume (she will) but she stores it in the memory bank. A couple of weeks later when you are feeling good about yourself and having fun with the side chicks you come home and your clothes are in the street, the door locks have been changed and your life is over. Not sure what that has to do with Aguero, but if I had to try, I say be careful, If you mess with Kun or your missus, you may end up with your balls chopped off. Aguero is basically the ball and chain of FPL. His PP90 this season is 6.55, which is slightly behind Costa and ahead of the other two. He averages the most shots per game and for all the virtues the other 3 have, if we had to bet who is the most likely to score 20 points, it be him. He is the most explosive, but there are also problems with owning the Argie. Pep… that’s one, no assists all season is two and his price tag is the third. If we feel the other 3 are offering comparable numbers, why pay more? Probably the same reason you have a life insurance, peace of mind! Ideally we would all like to own him, ideally he would cost less. This is the biggest decision you will have to make. Because you can sell him and buy anyone, you can’t however sell anyone in the game and get him in without having money in the bank or using a second transfer to facilitate it. His next 2 fixtures whisper softly don’t worry, yet you never know when this hag will be lurking at the club ready to make a scene and make you look a fool.

Harry Kane

Spurs looked splendid, they took Chelsea down a notch and they have now scored 15 goals in their last 5. So why I am a bit sceptical on Harry? Well, his price tag puts him in the high end. He costs more than Diego and is not too far behind Ibra and those two have shown their worth this season. Kane can also show his on his day, but the picture of Alli and Eriksen was a way of highlighting his biggest FPL problem at this moment. The two Spurs mids are going through their best run of form, possibly ever. Alli is scoring the goals, Eriksen is providing the assists and chipping in with goals. Harry is still getting some of the action, but in a world where we can cover a team with a teammate who costs a lot less and still expect the same or more points, it is hard to justify the Englishman. Perhaps if he makes that penalty we be singing a different tune and the opinion be different, or if he scored vs CFC. However we are fickle and I am certainly not the exception. His 2.8 SPG is the lowest among the four and his mate Eriksen is producing more on average per game than he is. He is getting involved in helping create for Spurs, but them key passes and underlying stats haven’t led to him tallying up many assists. His 6.27 PP90 is the lowest among the four and as stated in the Ibra part, he is the most likely to be subbed out this season.

Tracker for the next couple of game-weeks. I stopped at GW25, because of the possible blanks in store for Zlatan and Aguero in 26.

Conclusion: I lined them up in the way I would take them. Doesn’t mean that is the way you should also. Costa is near 1 million less than Ibra and he has no possible blank on the horizon. Plus his next two fixtures are juicy for a striker. Ibra is in top form and only the price tag, next 2 fixtures when compared to Costa and a possible blank in GW26 deterred me from picking him first. Kun is third because I hope us non-owners can get away with not owning him the next two games and as Costa’s fixtures turn harder in GW23 we could then go in and make the swap. Kane is 4th for many reasons and don’t think we need to address those again.

Do we need 3 top strkers? Not sure you do, but I would love to own my top 3 picks if money was no problem. The rise of Giroud and the great value that Defoe has provided all season make it less daring as long as they continue to produce. So what will / would you do? Let us know on the boards below.

Thanks for reading FPL Ramblings Part 2 The Striker Conundrum. This article was written by Mito21

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  1. 13

    Thanks for the kind words fellas! Certainly makes FPL a lot more fun when people have different options and opinions. Hopefully teams will be all over the place in the coming weeks.

  2. 14
    Silvers says:

    Town is quite tonight normally is in Jan these breaks are a killer thk I’ll take a hit ;)

  3. 15

    Zabaleta playing further up the pitch again.

  4. 16
    kickers says:

    Nice read! Leaving aguero out though due pep factor. Dilemma is mids for me. Would you do the following
    Van dijk-baines
    Allen -??? Philips maybe got 6.9 to play with.

    Would be -4 hit. Or I could just leave the van dijk move. Watching sterling tonight looks good but would be unsure of rotation

    Click on image to enlarge:

  5. 17
    Pancho says:

    Thoughts on this team? I’d be working towards it over the next few weeks

    Click on image to enlarge:

  6. 18
    Vinci says:

    Great article!
    Personally, I want for the golden alternative: Costa-Ibra-Kun.
    I hesitated a long time about Kun. But I decided for it because, strangely enough, I believe that he is a differential in my case.

    I am lucky enough to have built some team value (a bit over 105), so I figure that if he fires, many managers will have a hard time including him in their team. And in the meantime I hope that I will have seen big fat green arrows!
    The obvious downside is that, rich as I may be, I still had to compromise on the 4th and 5th mids, and go for a cheap defense. So it can easily backfire… Actually, I really need Kun to deliver (and Pep to select him) shortly!

    Click on image to enlarge:

  7. 19
    Smash10 says:

    Stones goal and assist lol

  8. 20
    Andy says:

    Cheers Mito, cracking read that, so Citeh with a 5-0 hammering of West Ham in the FA cup, I think a decent result against Everton next Sunday will set in motion a fair few of the knee jerk posse with no attacking coverage, a Stones goal as well the little tinker that he is.

  9. 21
    man u man says:

    Guys could you rmt please.
    Jones chambers ake
    Stan haz lallana sanchez
    Ibra costa kun.
    Subs grant carrick nyom amat
    Love some feedback. Cheers guys.
    Ps love the excellent articles.

  10. 22
    DMC says:

    Brilliant rambling Mito! This really means food for thought. Damn hard to ignore Kun, he seems to be hiting the ground running and I’m not even put off by his next two.
    This will get even worse in terms of temptation with the budget mids rambling I suppose. It’s going to be a very long week!

    • 22.1
      Raziel says:

      Nice thing about Kun is that I have him now and you just know he will explode 1 day and score 3 or 4 and everybody will get him and move around their entire team to get him in. I love it. ;)

  11. 23
    Raziel says:

    I got Ibra/Costa/Kun.

    Happy City destroyed WHU with 5-0. Looks like Stones scored and kept a cs? Is he the new Baines? :p

  12. 24
    igy4 says:

    I’ve been considering, like most, whether or not to activate the wildcard. I’ve got 1FT after already making a change this week, Cedric to McAuley and 0 itb. I can’t decide whether my current team is fine as is or whether any of the changes are worth it? Any advice would be grateful!

    Click on image to enlarge:

    • 24.1
      igy4 says:

      Two proposed teams could look like this!

      Click on image to enlarge:

    • 24.2

      @Igy, I probably keep your current team, would like double CFC vs Hull after that Gw I might start to transition to Kun and a different mid. Possibly by selling Haz and Defoe/Costa. Guess the question you have to ask yourself is, Is Raz right? :)

      Will Kun bury us alive? I am willing to bet Raz’s human he….probably…don’t know, who am I kidding. If you end up getting him best of luck, but not too much. ;)

    • 24.3
      inittowinit says:

      It’s an A Card essentially then? Personally I’m happy to sit out Kun for the next 2 or 3 at least. Big decision looms ahead of Swansea but is this big decision ahead of Burnley all over again?

      • igy4 says:

        Yeah I really can’t decide whether to destabilise my team in order to get Kun in. I think my midfield would be pretty poor in order to do so! Another option if Hazard continues to return little points is swap him to Alli, upgrade Lallana to Coutinho when he is fit and invest the rest in a better defender for Williams, such as Walker. Just can’t decide!

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