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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2016-17

FPL is finally open and ready for business and so are we with a new edition of Bore Off. This will only be one of the many articles we will try and bring you over the coming weeks, all leading to GW1 and the beginning of another season. For any new members we welcome you to the site and we hope you enjoy this article. For the veterans, you know the drill. Cookie (United fan) hates Liverpool, Init (Everton fan) hates Liverpool and Kop (Liverpool fan) hates Liverpool. Think that is a fair assessment of all three. Well ok, having seen the prices and some of the options I have called back The Three Amigos from their summer vacation to get some early observations from them for questions that many of us are wondering about.
Who should we turn to at City? Is Cesc worth considering? And Giroud…of course, don’t matter what the question is about, it’s Giroud. So without further ado, let us get to our question and answer segment quickly so we can let Cookie go back to watching Love Island and complaining about Theo being out.

Fantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football NewsFantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football NewsFantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football News


Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18. This article was compiled by Mito21

The Fixture Tracker…

Fantasy Premier League 2017

Fantasy Premier League 2017

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  1. 7
    DMC says:

    Great stuff amigos and your host Mito.

  2. 8
    yellowkanoha says:

    Hi guys! glad to be here again , been winning my ML 2 season in row since found this site 3yrs ago..defitenely my favorite fantasy site..

    This is my first draft,rmt plz :-) :-

    0.5 itb
    elliot or 4.5 gk
    rangel or 4.5 df
    loftus-cheek or colback/5.0 m
    or any area to improve

  3. 9
    Silvers says:

    Congrats to Federer on winning his eight Wimbledon , Legend.

  4. 10
    Silvers says:

    Morning all anyone about I’ve been having a looking at some stats on Cap picks most used last season by the top 50 players were Sanchez , Kun , Luk , Kane Ibra & Haz on that note I feel we need one if not two of San ,Kun , Luk , Kane in are teams I would also say out of those four Kun , San , are the most explosive with Kane not far behind.

    I thk with San not to happy & probably playing further back , Peps dislike for Kun ,& Luk supply line that leaves Kane I was going with Alli but I’m beginning to thk I need Kane any thoughts on this ??????

    • 10.1

      I brought Kane in on Saturday morning Silvers. Changed to him from Alli due to the fact that Kane hasn’t done anything to deserve not to be picked and I needed KDB in there as I think he’s the most assured for City.

      I have no concerns for Lukaku and wouldn’t convince anyone that Aguero isn’t worth taking. I just can’t have them all.

      • Silvers says:

        Cheers GP I already have KBR , would you have Mane , Court or Salah , considering taking a punt on Saleh .

        It interest me Mourinho saying he is going with two up front so could try and fit Ras in there instead of Luk

        • I’ve had Salah since first draft Silvers.

        • Silvers says:

          Gp Salah is in now I have to find 1m for Kane Christ knows where that’s coming from????

          I like your team bit over kill with two Mutd players never score a lot of goals I like the Waters pick if he can secure a spot

        • I think signing Lukaku is evidence enough that Mourinho knows they didn’t score the goals they should have. I expect better things this season.

          Walters should be assured of a place I’d reckon – perhaps even up front if Gray goes. Burnley and Newcastle pair off nicely across the first twelve weeks so Gayle/Walters is a good rotation.

          I like your squad – pretty decent options on the bench as well.

  5. 11
    Kop Warrior says:

    Cheers Mito.

    Some great questions as always…shame about some of the answers :)

  6. 12
    PunkDragon says:

    I have Kane; so,
    1. Alli or Ozil (can’t afford Sanchez)
    2. Pogba or Willian? If I use Willian, I can afford Lindelhoof instead of McAuley
    Cheers FF247

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