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Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18

Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2016-17

FPL is finally open and ready for business and so are we with a new edition of Bore Off. This will only be one of the many articles we will try and bring you over the coming weeks, all leading to GW1 and the beginning of another season. For any new members we welcome you to the site and we hope you enjoy this article. For the veterans, you know the drill. Cookie (United fan) hates Liverpool, Init (Everton fan) hates Liverpool and Kop (Liverpool fan) hates Liverpool. Think that is a fair assessment of all three. Well ok, having seen the prices and some of the options I have called back The Three Amigos from their summer vacation to get some early observations from them for questions that many of us are wondering about.
Who should we turn to at City? Is Cesc worth considering? And Giroud…of course, don’t matter what the question is about, it’s Giroud. So without further ado, let us get to our question and answer segment quickly so we can let Cookie go back to watching Love Island and complaining about Theo being out.

Fantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football NewsFantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football NewsFantasy Premier League 2017-18 - FPL Tips - Fantasy Football News


Thanks for reading Grab, Avoid or Bore Off! – Fantasy Premier League 2017-18. This article was compiled by Mito21

The Fixture Tracker…

Fantasy Premier League 2017

Fantasy Premier League 2017

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  1. 43
    Silvers says:

    Ok been playing around RMT just seeing what I can do to get 3 decent Fwds in ;)

    • 43.1
      banjomaker says:

      Mouthwatering front line, but I’d be looking for a little more balance myself.

    • 43.2
    • 43.3
      Silvers says:

      Here what your saying Banjo & Mito but I probably will stick with my back 7 for the first 12 GW they look fine all cable of scoring apart from Mee also good fixtures so potential clean shts.

      Most players will go with two big Fwds so your left with at least three MF players 6.5m & less then we will have to take a punt on a fwd probably at 6.5m tops.

      There is a good option possibly of taking Alonso , suggested by Mito as a 4th MF but we could also consider taking Belerin if Ars use wing backs I like this idea will be keeping close eye pre season.

      Mito how are you distributing your cash would be interested.

      Cheers again guys.

      • Bellerin has to fight it out with Ox so that’s not guaranteed.

        As far as distribution goes I am not sure, but if we base it on the Top 50 from last season to get an idea it be something like this.

        8.5-9.0 on GKS
        25.0 on defenders
        38.0-38.5 on mids
        27.5-28.0 on forwards

        • The tricky part about following any particular guideline is that it doesn’t really account for their judgment in week1. The top 50 were great because of what they did over 38 weeks, not just a pre-season decision. I would never try to make my team fit a certain guideline except for the 100 million one.

          I try and stay cheap at the back and front load as much as possible, but I usually don’t start out great, so maybe I need to invest a bit more on defence. Knowing me though, I will tilt all the funds I can into the attack.

        • Smash10 says:

          Guidelines are probably different every year. Depends where the bargains are

        • Silvers says:

          Mito & Smash Yes there are good options at the back particularly interested in Dawson his stats are very good & a good set of fixtures to start I also like this Dunk fellow he will score at least 4 this season hold me to that if you want. Cedric because of fixtures & Tripper will be in everybody team to season.
          I’m debating going with Fab in goal made more save than any other keeper last season not many clean shts but enough , should be slightly better this season with Elliot to save cash undecided.

          There seem to be a fairly consistent spend over the teams from the top 50 teams Of all time.

          What I’m not confident of is Kane & Luk or Kun & Luk I might even go Kun & Kane with Pogba who I thk will have a good season with a Radom pick for third fwd looking at maybe Murray if J Rod doesn’t show ;)

        • Smash10 says:

          Yeah good points there Silvers. I see value in defence. Fabianski might get more save points this year. Personally I’m not convinced they will stay up this year. I’m still struggling with the midfielders. Chelsea really need to sign a striker quickly, will Spurs be affected by Wembley, how will the Sanchez saga affect Arsenal and still not convinced about United. It’s impossible to have all the strikers but that’s where I see the big points being this year

  2. 44
    sg325is says:

    thoughts on my team? i want to get Jesus into the squad, likely have to cut Ozil. I like the Gunners opening fixtures and the no CL bit this year.

    • 44.1

      @sg325, Well hard to look at your bench for extra cash, so it has to be one big money guy or a combo of players.

      Guessing you need 4.5 since you are talking about cutting Ozil and not just switching straight up for Luka or Laca.

      Based on that assumption, you will probably have to drop Ozil to Carroll or Ozil to a 6.0 mid like Ritchie or Ince and then downgrade Kola to a 4.5 defender.

      So it be something like

      Jesus, Ritchie and 4.5 defender
      Jrod, Ozil and Kola

      That’s a tough one

  3. 45
    banjomaker says:

    What are people’s thoughts on two 4.5 mids rotating? With RLC & Carroll being the obvious contenders?

    Doing so enables a 28m budget on the other 3, i.e. two 9.5 and one 9.0.

    Without it you can have two premium mids and two for 7m (which I’m struggling with!).


    • 45.1


      I haven’t considered it and I’m not sure I would. I think you’re playing with fire personally, usually you get what you pay for.

    • 45.2
      AT says:

      Wouldn’t want either in my starting eleven. Sound back-up, but nothing more. One goal and two assists for Carroll is hardly mouthwatering stuff and RLC lacks game time and his PL2 stats aren’t impressive fantasy-wise.

    • 45.3
      banjomaker says:

      Thanks guys. I knew that deep down, just needed to hear it!

      Which two mids would you be going with here?


      Please don’t suggest Tadic or Redmond ;)

      • Dusan or Nathan?

        Not completely sure on the Cesc minutes now with Babayoko in the fold. I would say Pogba and Phillips or Pereyra if he is fit.

        • banjomaker says:

          I still can’t get over how shite pogba was last season. If I’m spending 8.0 on one I think I’d look for Chelsea cover, maybe Pedro. Isn’t Babayoko defensive? I thought Fabregas was safe until hazard returns? Phillips could be a good shout, as he’s got favourable fixtures. He did go massively off the boil last season though.

        • Pogba has to be better this season, it almost be impossible to be worse from a FPL point of view. Think he makes my team. Phillips did really go to shite, but so did all of West Brom once they were safe. Pedro sounds fine to me, if I was picking 2 8.0 guys it be him and Pogba.

          Cesc might be safe, but if Kante and Babayoko start at holding and Rudiger starts at the back, it could mean Alonso and Azpi at the wing backs which would mean that Conte would have to decide between Cesc or Willian for Hazard’s spot.

        • Smash10 says:

          I don’t even think Mourinho knows where to play Pogba. Now Ibra has gone there is a possibility he might be on free kicks and pens now though. I’m not sure how advanced he’s been in pre season though

      • Smash10 says:

        Rambo and Fab. Rambo will play if he stays fit. That tends to be more the problem. Not convinced Herrera will do much. Really not sure on Pogba if he plays deep he won’t do a lot but then there’s a possibility where he could be further forward and if United start scoring he could be a good buy. A lot depends on the United system. Lanzini could be a decent shout

  4. 46
    itaibarnoy says:

    hi guys! this is my second draft and i would love it if you could rate my team and tell me if there is something to improve on or imbalance!
    picked two 4.5 defs as i dont want to get price drops on players like rangel as he wont start.
    holgate i belive is going to start instead of the injured coleman at the start of the season. (correct me if i’m wrong)
    picked carroll over RLC as he has less ownership and lower chance of price drops.
    picked salah over coutinho as when mane returns from injury cout is set to be in adeeper role.
    willian will start i belive instead of the injured hazard.
    J-rod is cheap and looked pretty impressive with a goal in preseason.
    considering downgrading redmond to wardprows and investing in a 6.5 attacker or a better defender.
    thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. 47
    Gene says:

    Chicarito to West Ham.

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